Buying a used/pre-owned phones Online or Offline: factors to be considered

When you love the latest or trending gadgets like me but money is serving as an impediment to acquiring them, you will always think of a plan "B". Yes, the plan B to using a device when you have a tight budget is by buying a used(also known as pre-owned) ones. You can also opt for verified refurbish if you have a reputable seller. Without prolonging things, let us go straight to the business of today. As usual, I love my African people. My, post … [Read more...]

Major Mobile Phones Software Problems and to Fix or Prevent them

In my last article, I talked about how to prevent or repair your phone if it is having any hardware issue. As we all know that no computer hardware can function effectively without a corresponding software, software is the runtime/framework through which hardware operates. Your hardware will most definitely be an expensive decoration without a software.  Against this backdrop, I will give concise details of what software problems your device may … [Read more...]

PHONES HARDWARES: Problems, Causes, Symptoms, Fix and Prevention

If you are reading this article, it is either you have a smartphone or a computer or both. We have millions of people around the world who own a phone without a computer. In this generation, you can hardly do without a phone no matter how cheap it is. The article of today will centre on the first aid of any phone hardware problems. I mean the DIY or major phones hardware issues. Prevention they say is better than cure, I will also talk about how … [Read more...]

Main factors to consider before buying a Smartphone[Special Focus; developing countries]

The mobile home in this generation has become an indispensable phenomenon. It will be so boring talking about the usefulness of a smartphone in our everyday life. We all know that there are no single criteria of choosing a mobile phone. In my article of today, I will be discussing strictly the factors you ought to consider before buying a mobile phone. Many people buy a phone that does not give them the desired utility. I will sub-divided this … [Read more...]

4 Effective ways Of running Android app On Windows, Mac or Linux

The android ecosystem is popular for its versatility, openness and flexibility.  I mean just about any developer can develop an application and publish it on the play store. This particular feature of the android OS enables the availability of a plethora of android apps many of which are not available on other platforms like windows or iOS. There is no denying the fact that sometimes it looks selfish when you are enjoying a video alone on your … [Read more...]