Download .PDF EBook For Major Tips, Tricks & Tweaks on Windows 7 / 8

        Introduction: Am offering you a free all in one ebook that will launch you into a world of tips, tricks and useful tweaks for windows seven of which some of them are available for windows 8. All tips & tricks on windows 7 is now in a single ebook. This 113 page free ebook is titled "Windows 7 Tips & Tricks"; it is for people who want to experience the wonderful operating system prior to the release of the windows … [Read more...]

Various Ways Of Optimizing Ur Computer to Make it Run Faster

    We have so many people who own a very powerful computers and yet the are receiving what i will tag less that expectation from their computers in terms of general performance.. this article will centre majorly on how to tweak your pc to perform better or run fasters HOW TO OPTIMIZE WINDOWS XP AND WINDOWS 7 /8 TO MAKE IT FASTER Remove Annoying Delete Confirmation Messages Although not strictly a performance tweak I love this fix as it … [Read more...]

Create A Bootable Usb To Install Windows on Your Pc Via A USB STICK

In my previous post i wrote about how you can burn your windows .iso to a dvd.. In this post however, you will learn the steps to perform in other to be able to write or copy your windows installation files into a USB FLASH DRIVE and creat a bootable usb drive to be used in installing windows on your computer. This is made easy and possible with a free to use (as a personal user) software named WinToFlash 0.7.0054 Beta   WHY SHOULD I … [Read more...]

Solution to “xlive.dll is missing” When trying to start a PC Game

    Often at times we come across the following errors "xlive.dll is missing"   when trying to play one pc game or the other. For example i was trying to play my newly bought favorite  Crash Time 4 Syndicate and all i got was the annoying message "xlive.dll is missing". Out of my curiosity i started searching for a solution and i wasn't willing to give up that game so my research landed me to a software that solved my problem. This software acted … [Read more...]


  This post is necessitated by the prevalent problems encountered by people who tried to install multilinks Nigeria blue broadband anydata modem. Now am not saying that nobody has been able to install it sucessfully, all am saying is that i want to provide a simpler way of installing it especially for those who doesn't have access to the installation CD    that comes with the modem. Now if you are unable to install the modem you newly bought … [Read more...]