I will first have to apologize for the delay of this article. The truth is tat i was preoccupied with how exactly to write it, i mean what to including and what to omit. Now i have resolved to simply write about various buying guides on a usb dongle as well as hints on how to unlock (a 3g / 4g modem that can be unlocked) a usb internet modem.     WHAT IS A 3G / 4G USB INTERNET MODEM? A 3G modem is a device that allows a … [Read more...]

How To Configure HAME 3G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router

Hame 3G/ wifi router is gradually gaining ground across Africa because of it's usefulness. In this tutorial, i will be explaining(with the help of clear pictures) how to configure your hame router for first use. This article will also benefit users of other types of wifi routers. Read along with me.   FOCUS OF THIS TUTORIAL How to secure your hame's password so that you will be free from hackers or  any unwanted persons, How to make … [Read more...]

Now In Stock HAME A16S With Built-in 3G Wi-Fi Router,SIM Card Slot & RJ45 Adapter + Powerbank

This is not a tutorial but an announcement. In one of my previous articles,  i highlighted the numerous advantages of having a wifi or 3g router as your companion if you are an internet user. The advantages of a mobile broadband router or a wifi router is there for all to see as long as you make use of more than one device to connect to the internet. To read about the full details  of what a router does, please read my tutorial here. Now … [Read more...]

About 3G Wireless Routers – Uses, Importance & Where to Buy

In this tutorial, you will leaen almost everything you need to know about a 3g / wifi router. You will also learn the reason why almost every individual needs a router. As long as you own an electronic device such as a computer, a smartphone, an iks / internet decoder, a game console... you need a router. I will be breaking this down into sub topics. Many people believes that only those who want to grant internet access to their decoders, or … [Read more...]

How To Get 2GB o Data Bundle With #1400 From Glo{BB 10 Phones Only}

Am now digressing abit away from satellite tutorials. Of course it is a known fact that both internet and satellite works together, after all you cannot watch any premium channel without an internet connection. What am about posting is not a cheat,it is simply a discovery borne out of my enthusiasm to free myself from the exploitation of airtel(well if you are not aware, airtel blackberry package has become so pathetic that if you subscribe with … [Read more...]