About 3G Wireless Routers – Uses, Importance & Where to Buy

In this tutorial, you will leaen almost everything you need to know about a 3g / wifi router. You will also learn the reason why almost every individual needs a router. As long as you own an electronic device such as a computer, a smartphone, an iks / internet decoder, a game console... you need a router. I will be breaking this down into sub topics. Many people believes that only those who want to grant internet access to their decoders, or … [Read more...]

How To Get 2GB o Data Bundle With #1400 From Glo{BB 10 Phones Only}

Am now digressing abit away from satellite tutorials. Of course it is a known fact that both internet and satellite works together, after all you cannot watch any premium channel without an internet connection. What am about posting is not a cheat,it is simply a discovery borne out of my enthusiasm to free myself from the exploitation of airtel(well if you are not aware, airtel blackberry package has become so pathetic that if you subscribe with … [Read more...]

How to Buy Credits & Unlock Your Huawei E303 & Similar Modems without A paypal Account

It is no longer news that DC-Unlocker Client is the best pc software to unlock your modems and datacards. However while new products brings fought new improvement and security, the same is not the case with the new series of huawei datacards. Those who want to unlock this new series off usb modems(so that it can be used with other sim)   are required to purchase the dc-unlocker credit with US dollars before they can unlock this modem. Before i … [Read more...]

Download Generic Pc Suite for All Mobile Phones(Windows & Mac)

It has been an enormous task for some mobile phones to see how to manage the contents on their phones we have different tpes of phones that cannot establish a successful connection between their phones and the computer. This may be because the phone does not have the required software or (and) drivers installed on the computer. While some major phone manufacturers also have pc software released for their mobile phones, e.g Nokia (Nokia pc suite), … [Read more...]