Ntel Unlimited 4g Network – The Cheapest & Fastest

In my previous post here , i talked extensively about the cheapest 3.75g network in Nigeria. In the article of today, I shall be introducing you to the world of the cheapest 4g network in Nigeria.We already have at least four 4g networks in Nigeria, namely; Swift, smile, cobranet, spectranet... . All these newtork make use of no sim card and they are limited to Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Benin....Some of this networks, do not qualify to be … [Read more...]

How To Extract / Decompress A Compressed Files

It is not uncommonn for you to be searching the internet for a file of a particular format / extension... and all you get is either .7z, .zip or .rar. In 99% or the cases, you already got what you want, just that, the real file has been archive / compressed  or let me call it protected or hidden. archived files contain other files of which what is insided can be exactly what you need. For examply, Windows Os directly uses .exe and .msi; if you … [Read more...]

Ancloud P5 Android Quad Core Iptv Media Box – Just What You Need!!!

I tender my unreserved apologies for delaying this wonderful article / review. It was due to nagging commitments here and there which i have indeed tackled successfully. I received my copy of this wonderful premium iptv set-top box sometimes last week and ever since then, i have burnt sizeable internet data bundle and am yet to get tired / fed up of this miniature media beast of a box. I stretched this box to its limits and it was up to the … [Read more...]


I will first have to apologize for the delay of this article. The truth is tat i was preoccupied with how exactly to write it, i mean what to including and what to omit. Now i have resolved to simply write about various buying guides on a usb dongle as well as hints on how to unlock (a 3g / 4g modem that can be unlocked) a usb internet modem.     WHAT IS A 3G / 4G USB INTERNET MODEM? A 3G modem is a device that allows a … [Read more...]

How To Configure HAME 3G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router

Hame 3G/ wifi router is gradually gaining ground across Africa because of it's usefulness. In this tutorial, i will be explaining(with the help of clear pictures) how to configure your hame router for first use. This article will also benefit users of other types of wifi routers. Read along with me.   FOCUS OF THIS TUTORIAL How to secure your hame's password so that you will be free from hackers or  any unwanted persons, How to make … [Read more...]