[Download] Opera Mobile Emulator & Get The Mobile Feeling on desktop

In this post i shall be introducing you opera mobile emulator A   Desktop browser that works exactly like opera mobile on your phone the latest version which is version 12 is out and you can download it here. Meanwhile read below what it offers: Opera Mobile Emulator is the desktop version of Opera’s smart phone browser. The Opera Mobile Emulator renders pages as close as you can get to how it would look on a real phone. It can be paired … [Read more...]

How to Connect your phone to Computer to access the internet via Nokia suite/ pc suite or bluetooth

The saying goes "One man's food is another man's poison.The post am about  making is basically for newbies.Like the title suggest, this article covers majorly how to connect your Nokia phones (this must be a phone that has usb modem or bluetooth) to the computer  to access the internet via pc suite or Nokia ovi suite or Bluetooth. In a related development, this article will give you a fore knowledge on how to connect any phone to the phone's … [Read more...]

Trick to Bye-pass Your Freedom Time limit / restriction and use more than the Allocated 6 hours per day

Necessity is the Mother of invention so the saying goes.When you are pushed to the wall you will develop a defensive mechanism. Your freedom client is one of the best if not the best tunneling software for pc. But there is one annoying thing about your freedom client and this is the fact that they only offer 6hours per day and 15 hours per week which  is too small. i have try all legal means to use more than this hours but all proved abortive. … [Read more...]