[How to]Move your iTunes Library to an External Drive or USB Stick

Often at times, you might want to save some disk space on your mac or pc hard drive. If you are an Apple iOS device user, one of the easiest ways is for you to change your iTunes library. I mean you need to move your iTunes location to another directory apart from the directory where your iTunes is installed. In my case, I saved mine onto my Seagate external hard drive. I did mine for two reasons,; 1. security(in case my harddrive crashed and 2; … [Read more...]

51 Best tips, tweaks & Tricks for all Mac Computer Users

I am an apple addict(even though financial constraints is preventing me from acquiring all their latest devices) In one of my previous articles, I wrote about ways by which mac os or mac computers are better than windows(this is subject to a debate though). Today am going to be unleashing some tricks that should be mastered by every mac book users.   The Mac is amazing. With the help of its shrewdly designed software, it can … [Read more...]

How you can backup your iPhone / Ipad/iPod to external drives on Mac OS X

This is a valuable tutorial for those who are using MacBook with SSD Drives mine came with just a 128gb drive and am having more than 45gb worth of data on my iPhone. Obviously, this is not going to be enough for my needs as I will need to store some other files on my mac. I also have windows installed on my mac which consumes additional space. On the good side, i have a 1tb external hard drive which is having more than 400gb of free spae. I … [Read more...]

[LM] May 2017 Updates & Gossips on Satellite Tv and other happenings

Some events happened in April some were pleasant while others were not too good especially for those using dongles. I had my own share of this as in April just four days ago my facebook page was deleted by facebook reasons. The image below explained it all. The most annoying part of it is that it happened when I have stopped promoting anything dongles, it happens due to a sponsored article on this site and it happened without warning and … [Read more...]

How to recover files you think are gone forever from your hard disk/SD Card or usb

In this article, I will provide names with links to some free applications that you can use to recover lost on your USB flash drive, Micro or mini SD card, computer hard disk or external hard drives or other mdeia cards. The beauty of this is that these software will still work even after formatting the storage device. It will aslo recover files that has been deleted from your recycle bin.  This software are very easy to use and they all have the … [Read more...]