Mac Computers Vs Windows Computers-11 Reasons why Mac is Better

To some, the Mac(macintosh) is strange because they have been so used to a computer running windows operating system. I am one the very few African who is very familiar wit the two operating systems. In this article, I will try and convince you beyond reasonable doubt why you should rather buy a mac computer if the price is not a constraint for you. I switched from windows to mac in the year 2013 due to security and battery life constraints, even … [Read more...]

4 Effective ways Of running Android app On Windows, Mac or Linux

The android ecosystem is popular for its versatility, openness and flexibility.  I mean just about any developer can develop an application and publish it on the play store. This particular feature of the android OS enables the availability of a plethora of android apps many of which are not available on other platforms like windows or iOS. There is no denying the fact that sometimes it looks selfish when you are enjoying a video alone on your … [Read more...]

Mega Iptv / Downloads with The cheapest Internet Bundles in Nigeria

Just as we are enjoying the unbelievably cheap glo internet data bundle, Mtn rolled out a super weekend package on all its mobile plans and believe you me, it is first of its kind. Let us talked about the fact that you do not need a special subscription to get this package. I mean you only need to subscribe normally as usual and you will be given the appropriate weekend data bonus for your data plan. The name of this promo package is called … [Read more...]

Xender : The fastest App to transfer any file between Smartphones

I am here to pass an information that is not new. This is about an app that some maybe having on their smartphones already. I can't help but talk about this app because of its versatility and cross-platform support. The application am about to review here is so amazing and it goes by name "Xender" Xender App is the  hottest application over the App Stores.It should be indispensable for every iOS / iPHONE that is not Jailbroken. Yeah! Now it is … [Read more...]

MTN Nigeria Data Bundles Now Joint Cheapest In The Country

One thing that still sets mtn Nigeria apart from the pack is coverage and reliability. It is no gainsaying that when mtn Nigeria erss, it affects the majority and when they are doing well, majority also feel the positive impact. As much as glo offers slightly cheaper services overall, glo reliability and network coverage has become a cog in the wheels of their progress. That notwithstanding, glo has been the only network which has consistently … [Read more...]