Why you need a durable high-quality Usb charging cable[Possibly reversible]

We are yet to see popular Android phone manufacturers who will supply their phones with a reversible micro USB cable. I practically push my devices to break point extremes. Over the years, I have found no joy using my OEM cables. The OEM cables get damaged within a few months. This post shall address issues like; safe alternative cables to manufacturer's micro USB cable, problems of stock micro USB cable, the reversible cable effect and finally … [Read more...]

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[2017]WhatsApp tips, tweaks and tricks that every user must know

The popularity of WhatsApp continues soaring so high. About 1 billion users currently use WhatsApp worldwide. This app is definitely the most popular messaging app in the world. Very often, WhatsApp usually releases updates. My tricks and minor ha*ks are fully updated to be useful even in the coming years. Some of the things I am going to mention are already popular while others may be new to you. There is definitely no exhaustive list anywhere … [Read more...]

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About 7 years after the first device using a 4g LTE network was launch, and just about the time the developed countries of the world are planning to start preparing to launch the 5g network, Nigeria still continues to be plagued with an unstable 3G network. We can say it in full confidence that 4G LTE in Nigeria is still a far-fetched luxury. The coverage area is extremely low and the execution or let us call it propagation highly unstable. Only … [Read more...]

Check out these 14 useful iPhone features that you might not know

The iPhone has a lot of hidden features, which may not know even the most advanced users. Here are some of them (available in iOS version 10.3 and higher). View weather forecast for the next few hours without having to run a special application If you are looking for a place on the map, you can immediately see the weather on it in the next few hours. Just open the Maps application, find the right place, and then press and hold the … [Read more...]

14 Universal Reasons why Apple iPhones is better than Android

The truth is that, if you ask a layman to choose between an android phone or an Apple iPhone, he will most likely go for an android because of issues that bother on stuff like(file manager, Bluetooth obex transfer and size of free apps available on google play store). However, if you ask a geek or a rich man(who is classy and flamboyant), an athlete or a celebrity, they will unanimously opt for an apple iPhone. The question now is; despites all … [Read more...]