4 Effective ways Of running Android app On Windows, Mac or Linux

The android ecosystem is popular for its versatility, openness and flexibility.  I mean just about any developer can develop an application and publish it on the play store. This particular feature of the android OS enables the availability of a plethora of android apps many of which are not available on other platforms like windows or iOS. There is no denying the fact that sometimes it looks selfish when you are enjoying a video alone on your … [Read more...]

Clear Google Account On an Android phone Without a Reset

For all new and existing android users, we are aware of the fact that when you are setting up your android phone for first use or after a reset, you will be asked to enter an email which will serve as your primary email. However, for one reason or the other, you may want to change your android phone's email /account. In my own case, I wanted to replace the email with the new one I just opened. Unfortunately, whenever you attempt to remove your … [Read more...]

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files from Your Android 100% free

Similar and exact looking files occupy a lot of storage space on your device. It hampers device speed and performance significantly. These files can generate due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup etc. In this article, we can discuss the reasons behind the accumulation of duplicate data and ways to remove it. Reasons behind duplicate data Data sharing is something we practice all the time. Your system … [Read more...]

How To Secure Your SmartPhones From Virus / Hackers / Theft

My post today shall cover some useful tips on securing your smartphones. While my focus shall be on the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world(I mean iOS and Android), my recommendations will be useful for every smartphone out there. This tutorial shall cover areas like; how to have all your data intact in case your phone is compromised, how to recover(some high-end phones by default and others via 3rd party app) your phone in the … [Read more...]

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage On Your Android & Iphone

I remember in those days when i used to use 10megabyte of data for ike 5 days only for whatsapp chatting. Nowadays even 10gb is not enough for me(Note, not because i am wasteful with data, but because i do alot of download online) In this article, I will walk us through some practices we may need to cut down on or avoid altogether if we want to get real value for every dime spent on mobile data subscription. I have more complaints from android … [Read more...]