Hackers bypassed Galaxy S8 iris scanner through photo and a lens exploits

The issue of mobile security and protection is a big deal. Hardly had the galaxy s8 being released that we are already faced with issues of security threats on the device. The scanner can be hacked according to some German hackers. A group of German experts in the field of cyber security Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has bypassed protection of the iris scanner in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 using the owner's eye photos and lenses. Phone … [Read more...]

14 Universal Reasons why Apple iPhones is better than Android

The truth is that, if you ask a layman to choose between an android phone or an Apple iPhone, he will most likely go for an android because of issues that bother on stuff like(file manager, Bluetooth obex transfer and size of free apps available on google play store). However, if you ask a geek or a rich man(who is classy and flamboyant), an athlete or a celebrity, they will unanimously opt for an apple iPhone. The question now is; despites all … [Read more...]

8 reasons why you might not upgrade your galaxy s7 edge to s8 / s8 plus

I do not think I have anyone around me who loves Samsung galaxy phones better than I. I have been upgrading consistently from the very first flagship(Galaxy S) In April 21st or so, the galaxy s8 and s8 plus were launched. However, for the first time since I started using Samsung, I am not moved to hustle for resources on how to upgrade to the next flagship. My reasons this time around is not all about money. In fact, if i have the money, I will … [Read more...]

Download and install stock / OEM firmware on LG G6 Stock

LG phones are similar to that of Samsung. The major difference is that Samsung phones are more popular and kind of offer better customer service. On the other hand, Samsung phones are costlier than Lg phones. In this article, i will be talking about how you can manually install the stock/original firmware on your LG G6 smartphone.   BRIEF DESCRIPTION ABOUT THE FIRMWARE   This is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. As we all know … [Read more...]

10 high-end, quality, cheaper alternatives to Samsung, Sony & Htc phones

Even though am a fan of one of the brand names mobile phone manufacturer(specifically Samsung even though have use sony, LG and htc at one point all the other). I still gie maximum respect to those Chinese guys who have made life bearable to everyone out there who either can not afford and expensive phone or who considers and expensive phone unnecessary. Were I not to be a tech-blogger, I wouldn't have cared about brand-name phones. Android would … [Read more...]