How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files from Your Android 100% free

Similar and exact looking files occupy a lot of storage space on your device. It hampers device speed and performance significantly. These files can generate due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup etc. In this article, we can discuss the reasons behind the accumulation of duplicate data and ways to remove it. Reasons behind duplicate data Data sharing is something we practice all the time. Your system … [Read more...]

How To Secure Your SmartPhones From Virus / Hackers / Theft

My post today shall cover some useful tips on securing your smartphones. While my focus shall be on the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world(I mean iOS and Android), my recommendations will be useful for every smartphone out there. This tutorial shall cover areas like; how to have all your data intact in case your phone is compromised, how to recover(some high-end phones by default and others via 3rd party app) your phone in the … [Read more...]

OBDII Scan Tools Can Save you Unnecessary Expenses On your Vehicles

It is my custom that whatever I talk about, i provide the most comprehensive tutorial / details or analysis possible. Today's article is not going to be an exception. The world is changing, technology is evolving gone are the days when you hit a metal to pop things out, we have tools that can remove the most stubborn etal fittings. In the world of today, especially now that more people are using millennium cars, any mechanic that is not updated … [Read more...]

[Magical] Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband Bracelet

You are welcome to  yet another eyeopening article on lemmy morgan. Today, am going to talk about a device that has nothing to do with satellite but that is equally very useful. This device has to do with our health and keeping track with our health is the most important. I am introducing a smart watch / bracelet that can monitor your heart rate, calories  among other functions.   WHY IS THIS BRACELET SPECIAL? Those who have … [Read more...]

Now You Can Get Smartwatches, VR Headsets, and Other Gadgets Here

If you've been a follower of this blog, you've probably seen me review one or two gadgets. Unfortunately, these gadgets are not readily available for sale here in Nigeria and the cost of shipping at the moment makes it impossible to purchase from foreign sites. Also, the present exchange rate that has already hit the roof would make anyone think twice before using a Naira debit card on a foreign online store. Now, you can directly get these … [Read more...]