Download Single Multi Chat App for Android (Supports Facebook chat, GTalk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo! e.t.c)

Google talk is the official messenger installed on Android devices. However most Android users will be happly to have a multiprotocol  Instant like nimbuzz which have this kind of chat applications on a single platform. Like me i have IDs in at least four social networks that supports chatting namely Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk Facebook. it is therefore so annoying having so many applications scattered on your phone to take care of your chatting needs.That … [Read more...]

[Download] Best Antivirus Suite for Android phones(ESET Mobile Security with Anti Theft & Anti-Malware Protection)

ESET  Antivirus Company is a household name when it comes to protection against virus and malwares. However the good news is that this wonderful security suite has now been extended to The Android platform. It now supports tablets and the user interface has been so developed in such away that it is easier to configure. Those who have used eset antivirus on pc just like me will know how effective and efficient this antivirus is i have been … [Read more...]