Why you need a durable high-quality Usb charging cable[Possibly reversible]

We are yet to see popular Android phone manufacturers who will supply their phones with a reversible micro USB cable. I practically push my devices to break point extremes. Over the years, I have found no joy using my OEM cables. The OEM cables get damaged within a few months. This post shall address issues like; safe alternative cables to manufacturer's micro USB cable, problems of stock micro USB cable, the reversible cable effect and finally … [Read more...]

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[2017]WhatsApp tips, tweaks and tricks that every user must know

The popularity of WhatsApp continues soaring so high. About 1 billion users currently use WhatsApp worldwide. This app is definitely the most popular messaging app in the world. Very often, WhatsApp usually releases updates. My tricks and minor ha*ks are fully updated to be useful even in the coming years. Some of the things I am going to mention are already popular while others may be new to you. There is definitely no exhaustive list anywhere … [Read more...]

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Solutions to Samsung galaxy s6/s7 problems[Software & hardware]

This article will address issues that bother on how to solve Samsung Galaxy microphone problems. If the instructs that will be provided are followed judiciously, it can also help to solve the problems on any Android device. The problem of a microphone on any smartphone may be either software or hardware related. I am a living victim of a microphone that goes bad due to a software a software glitch. In today's article, I shall not only tell you … [Read more...]

Android Apk DVBFinder satfinder / compass combo – How it works

Prior to when I shall introduce the first Bluetooth satfinder to the the house, Let me quickly introduce an Apk that can be used to track a satellite tv position via GPS / location. This application works best with Gsky v5, V7 and v8 as a dvbfinder satellite finder.  However, it can serve as a perfect Compass satfinder for you while using it on any android phone with A GPS(this is no big deal as virtually every android has a gps otherwise known … [Read more...]

Hackers bypassed Galaxy S8 iris scanner through photo and a lens exploits

The issue of mobile security and protection is a big deal. Hardly had the galaxy s8 being released that we are already faced with issues of security threats on the device. The scanner can be hacked according to some German hackers. A group of German experts in the field of cyber security Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has bypassed protection of the iris scanner in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 using the owner's eye photos and lenses. Phone … [Read more...]