Can We Continue To Trust Qsat Spycam/Iks Accounts?

As the saying goes; “the truth is bitter, but it is better to say / tell it as it is”   Qsat team in their prime tried so well and no doubt about this. However, others like azsky also did amazingly well. When the heat became so unbearable, other quitted while qsat struggled to carry on. The area where qsat thrived and fared well above their contemporaries is in opening dstv and canalasat 22w. Dstv fully succeeded in blocking qsat since about a year Ago. As for canalsat, even when dst* was working fine on qsat avatarcam / spycam code, canalsat has never worked without freezing for one month. About three weeks ago, qsat released some software that opened canal for a few days before it stopped(canalsat has stopped working totally on qsat for some weeks now) Now my analysis will be meted out in form of rhetorical questions thus:

do not trust qsat


The following is subject to criticism, corrections and recommendation my submission is based on experience and knowledge as well as the will to address the issue of my fans / clients who always contact me to ask for where and how to buy spycam codes whenever qsat performs their ephemeral abracadabra.  Personally, I want to assert that qsat team cannot do a reliable and long lasting canalsat solution. Also, they cannot attempt dst* solutions anymore. My reasons are as followed:

  • To begin with, no unofficial iks or sks satellite solutions can suceede for long as lonng as it opens channels that broadcast soccer accross all legues on a dish sized between 60cm to 90cm. It will be blocked with a couple of weeks. Guaranteed. 
  • Dstv and canalsat now use sophisticated anti-tapping / anti-hacking security tools that is bolstered by their smartcard providers. It takes just a minute and combination of buttons to block a setup that qsat team or any other team who have dstv unofficial solution spends months and thousands of dollars implementing. For this major reason alone, only the endusers or call us the final consumers lose. Qsat will sell accounts even when they know the access maybe blocked within 1 week of launching.
  • The second reason why the end has come for dstv and canalsat real solutions on qsat is because they use small dish. I mean, how can we all expect dstv or and canalsat to continue folding their hands when everybody is using small dish that cost between(#1,500 to #2,500) to get their signal and pay a token for and official account to get their signal which cost millions of dollars to acquire. A very good example is hotbird that is still working consistently after several years simply because the dish requirement is big and not everyone has the money or the space to install such dish.This is smple logic. It can’t work again. Immediately azsky quited the scene, the end came officially for dstv unofficial solutions.
  • Thirdly, the era of gprs dongles is over obviously we now have more expensive alternatives which will serve a while. As for iptv, it was available before iks and it will outlast and solutions. Iptv can either be free or paid. while the paid are unofficial, the free are at your own inconveniences. Free iptv is like rooting your android phone or jailbreaking your iphone in other to install unofficial applications that can void the warranty of our phones. But free iptv will continue and will outlast paid ones eventually.
  • My fourth point is majorly based on Nigeria situation or any African country that is hit by the dip in global oil prices. The price at which spycam accounts are currently sold is too high for just mytv and tvsat that it currently opens. I mean, why will one even wish to use unofficial mytv account when in Nigeria a mytv full package subscription cost just #800( that is like $3.5)
  • My Fifth point is that qsat team are not even willing to help the situation. They do not give anything for free. the sell 3 months account when they know it would not last two weeks simply because they want to make money. They price they sell it is generally cheap if and only if it last up to 1month of stability. But that is not to be. If there is a solution to canalsat(because dstv is forgone as far as am concerned. never possible to hack them again at least on 36e. Even on the so-called 68.e it doesn’t last long), qsat team should give everyone at least 2 weeks of unrestricted access before they start selling the accounts. azsky did this before, they gave people one month free before you pay.
  • Dstv Nigeria and that of Ghana now have a sport package for EPL and laliga that is like thrice cheaper than what you needed to pay previously before you can watch any epl match. This alone is a deal breaker for qsat adventures.
  • Qsat team are more money-conscious than ensuring good service delivery. by virtue of this, they rush things so as to make as fast money as possible. Do not be suprise if there is another software release of new decoder release in the future.
  • Finally, I said all of this because the mails have been receiving of recent is enormous and they are all about “i want to buy qsat account”  My person will not simply allow me to sell the account for them without asking them why they want it. At the end of the day, i realised that 90% of those who are willing to buy qsat accounts currently does not know it has stopped opening canalsat channels. Also, even when it is opening it, we all know it would eventually go off faster than expected.


While you have the liberty of choosing what you want to watch, you will be doing yourself more harm than good when you choose ignorantly. for example, if you only love epl and laiga, and you buy a cccam that opens just mytv or tvsat, you have wasted your money because dstv compact plus(or if you are in a  french west African country .. canalsport package would have given you value for your money). In a similar fashion, you shouldn’t use anything iptv if the cost of internet subscription or fast internet is a luxury for you. Next time you read an article about qsat working on any satellite that is capable of broadcasting soccer across all leagues on a small dish, please remember this article. This also applies to cccam accounts. The reaosn why tvsat, mytv and seaafrica are still working is because; 1. no premium sport channels on it, the price at which you buy the cccam is cheap so even if it get blocked, you can easily shrug it off. On this note, i leave you with my usual signature; factors to be considered before choosing a satellite package


  1. I just hope you can help me with Qsat iptv code before you shut your door on Qsat or a channel through which i can get it. Thanks

  2. Pls do u ‘ve auto roll software for 4922a

  3. open the smartcard in ur dstv and watch free

  4. Oga lemmy, could you pls educate me the advantages and the features of Alpha box decoders over others? thanks sir.

    • @karikari: none that I know of. Except if you are talking about alpha box x6 with has the capacity of scanning t2 channels. Other than that, alpha box is inferior to other good decoders

  5. Please can someone help me with DSTV frequency.

  6. qsat is always a answer.Remember the CAMS.Even dstv and canalsat respects the QUEEN.

  7. Dr. Morgan. You have said it. Q-sat team are interested in monetary affairs. Specially those who are using q-sat +. They have left us in the middle of the sea. No new software for q-sat + to upgrade the decoder.

  8. Thanks BRO Lemmy for this timely info. I quitted using this account of a thing for about a now. This info has given me ample reasons to reject it more

  9. Mr Lemmy, I wished qsat team should be able to read this article in order for them to proof you wrong by upgrading to standard

  10. Please Lemmy how much is dstv premium in Nigeria

  11. Lemme you’ve said it all, I think dstv compact @6000/month is good enough… though with the exception of Champions League football at least half bread is better than none.

  12. Hi lemmy, please kindly let me know if dstv compact airs or show champions league matches . Thanks

  13. Qsat q23g 26g and q28g is working fine in southern Africa

  14. Mr. Morgan you say it all in this yur article, dis article is best of all in dis year. Qsat teams can not fool us again because we are now wise. May God continue to blessed yu. Amen

  15. Oga lemmy any hope again on q11 auto roll software ?

  16. Pls lemmy when srt 4922 will release autorole power vu software, alots of strong user worried about it

  17. Its a bomb shell to hear this… Qsat is naturally dead. Even this article from Lemmy has again officially announced qsat obituary. The future is now with iptv…. If someone is desperately in need of qsat q23 mine is available for sale even @ reasonable give-away price. Thanks jae Lemmy

  18. Akinbode Fadeyi. says:

    Its a bomb shell to hear this… Qsat is naturally dead. Even this article from Lemmy has again officially announced qsat obituary. The future is now with iptv…. If someone is desperately in need of qsat q23 mine is available for sale even @ reasonable give-away price. Thanks jae Lemmy

    • @akinbode: yes qsat is logically dead to dstv and canalplus. They may come up with something brilliant in the future. Definitely no long term solutions for canal and dstv

  19. Lemmy I hv sound/audio problem with some hotbird channels e.g TLC HD, Discovery life, HBO2,HBO3 etc. My Qsat q23g don’t support AC3 digital audio formats. Any solution pls?

  20. Mr Morgan pls I want you to teach me how to load software for strong decoder SRT 4950h pls

  21. Thanks bross

  22. Oga lemmy,this article is one of ur best dis year to me.thank u for d clearofication.

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