We are indirectly going back to the olden days in terms of satellite technology. I remember when I was growing up in the mid-80s. All I knew then was only the very rich or very big companies or hotels having a  huge satellite dish which was then ground mount. This was before the advent of DSTV. Dstv practically herald the introduction of small dishes. One you are used to a big dish, you wouldn’t want to have much to do with small dish anymore.In this article, I will be telling you about a big dish, it’s advantages, how to procure them and the best types.

completed dish


Personally, I have a bias that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. My definition of a big dish starts from 1.4meters(140cm) and bigger. This is my reasons; what is the difference between a 90cm dish and 1meter dish? Very little. If you buy a 1 meter dish (except maybe you bought it for a specific purpose) in an environment where you have the space to install even a 4 meter dish, you are simply shortchanging yourself and reducing your enjoyment. So if you have a space for a bigger dish, buy the biggest dish you can afford even if it is 1.2meter. However, if money and space are not, a constraint. go as big as 4 meters but do not go bigger than 4meter for a residential area.


  • We have Pan or Metal Dish. examples are all 60cm /90cm dishes a picture of a pan dish is below “this material is best suited for a small dish or a huge dish for industrial or company use. Once a Pan dish gets bigger than 1.8meters, it becomes ridiculously heavy. It is mostly used on small dishes or a dish that will not be tampered with for a long time.

pan dish

  • We have Mesh Dish: These are the most beautiful set of dishes. However, there are not the best in terms of signal reception.Apart from this, a mesh dish should not go bigger than 2.5meters(250cm) Example is in the piture below

2meter mesh dish

  • KU Band and C Band Satellite Dishes: This is type based on the lnbf you use as well as lnb holders. It serves a different purpose and the material used in constructing a dish has no bearing on the lnb. pictures below the first image below is a ku-band and the second c-band:








  • A dish Constructed with fibre Materials: This is the most popular in Developing countries of Africa especially Nigeria. It is the easiest to construct locally. It is the lightest. It has one of the best reception if not the best. It is the lightest. This will be the centre of our discussion today. A picture of this is below:

Making a fibre dish in Nigeriafibre dish







  • We have the whole Dish: this is suitable when the place where you want to install the dish is very close. Or when the size is not too big.The Picture is  shown below:

Making a fibre dish in Nigeria

  • Then we have detachable Dish: This is the opposite of “whole dish” it takes more time to construct, and it is more expensive. it can be easily transported to far distances a picture below:

detachable satellite dish


  •      We have ground mount for houses where space management is not an issue. for ground mount, the dish literally stays on the ground/floor

This is a ground mount satellite dish

  • Pole Mounted Big Satellite dish: The is when the dish is installed on a raised platform especially a pole. Some can make the pole to be taller than humans so that you can walk up and down underneath it. This is the best option when space is an issue in your house.


dish on a poleimages (1)



There are numerous advantages of a big dish over its smaller counterpart I will be listing them below:

  • It is overall cheaper than managing multiple small dishes. The only time you feel the huge impact of price is during the initial setup. After that, you live to enjoy your big dish. With a big dish, considering the uncountable FTA and test transmission channels available on a big dish, you may do without paytv and may not also need to worry about unofficial  /illegal means of watching pay-TV. Unless you are particular about English commentary, you may not miss your dongles or pay-TV. Note: You can guarantee that a particular match will be shown ive on FTA but you can guarantee that on a paytv subscription. You have sports but you may not have dedicated sports channels on FTA except you are watching channels on test transmission.
  • IT IS MORE CONVENIENT: When you buy a big dish and you Motorise it or you use multiple lnbfs on it, the satisfaction and comfort you derive is incomparable. You will practically do not need the attention of your installer unless there is a storm in your area. I will drop pictures or a motorised dish and that of multiple lnb. You can use multiple Lnb for satellite degrees that are not too far apart and even some that are far apart while you motorise a dish so that it can rotate to your tracked satellite for example from west to east. For more information about installing a big dish and even motorising it, please contact your local satellite installer. Lemmy Morgan is here to enlightening and not to impoverish.

heavy duty jack dishmultiple lnb dishmultiple LNB dish on hotbird5multiple LNB in Nigeria






  • Ease of mind and reliability: Do not let us deceive ourselves, the only set of people currently enjoying IPTV in Africa are the rich, those who can afford unlimited data like that of ntel Nigeria and those who have the fastest network in the country. With a big dish, you get to watch something and this is why strong technology produced 1.8meter dish and multiple lnb holders. Strong decoders are designed only for FTA and they even have a guide on how to get FTA channels and how many there are.


The best way to go about this is to contact your local satellite installers. For Nigerians, You can get the cheapest big dish in fibre from those in the north. In Nigeria, almost all northern states manufacturers fibre dish. In the south, we also have dish in Lagos, Ibadan,Osun, Ogin and so on. I am very certain that your loca satellite installers know better.









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  2. also plss can receive both signal on {Intelsat 20 – 68.5° East & Intelsat 17 – 66° East- Band Ku} with {12522/v/30000 or 12722 / V / 26657} on a single dish? wish size of dish?

    and is it posible if i can use single dish 2 lnbs and watch Emmanuel tv{….} and multi tv {12525/v/30000} channels ? if posible, which sized of dish and at what frequency ?{…}
    plz i need help on this seriously thank for this forum

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  4. allister alli says:

    i have a 1.85 cm dish in zambia, can get global channels on 57 e nss12 using HD ready C band lnbf. @ lemmy help

  5. Mr lemmy,I av 1.3m dish buh coud nt get. Sports 24hd on mtn worldwide on c-ses 4096v16908.plz wat is d way-out

  6. Sir which decoda is best for powervw and other software update.

  7. @lemmy please am still waiting for your response.

    • @Mykel: i missed your original question

      • I am switching to big dish but the problem is my tlink600 decoder is becoming obsolete base on auto roll. ( though Currently am enjoying mbc with it on small dish ) but I need to watch football. Am just seeking your opinion on which decoder is better or is there anyway I can still enjoy football with tlink and 1.8m dish.

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  10. Thanks. This article has finally changed my mind towards big dish. Couple with my relocating to Jos. The problem now is that my tlink600 decoder is becoming obsolete. Please can you advice me on which decoder is the best. footballball is the major thing not movies

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  14. Thanks for the write up, but i think you should have spiced it up with what different sizes of dishes can track or provide links to your previous write up on it.

  15. I also grew up in 80s liking these black mesh dish. I bought my first dish in 2000, 1.8 meter C-band dish and subscribed DSTV on C-Band (Pas 4/7). When they discontinued C-Band transmission and went to KU, I stopped subscribing and went to FTA.

  16. But, you advertised IPTV as if it is better than dstthieves and now you are saying that it is very expensive to manage IPTV. I’m enjoying my IPTV because of Airtel weekend data and glo 4G LTE

    • @Dama: I have never said iptv is not good, I have never also said iptv is cheap. Because you can use iptv does not mean others can. Now, will i leave my job in a particular modest location in the country and move to ibada, lgos, ph, Abuja or any of the big cities having 4g or ultra stable 3g because of IPTV?

  17. oloko adebayo says:

    What channels ate we going to get on this bigger dishes and what satellite is it with C band.?

    • @oloko: fta channels exist on virtually every position including dstv position. we have channels like cctv, loveworld and so on as fta on dstv position. to get the list, you need to visit asite like This article is for information and educational purposes only


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