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I know that all you wonderful true followers of lemmy Morgan have been on standby for this updates. You are the reason why am still doing this. You are the reason why I will continue trying to post about latest and trending news and tutorials about satellite tv. August 2017 soccer season updates are the topic. A lot has happened in the pre-season. We have also witnessed a shocking transfer(talking about Neymar Jr move to PSG for €220). The big EPL clubs like Manu, Liverpool, man city and Chelsea also signed a lot of high profile players. Uefa play off draw was held yesterday and Hoffenheim will face Liverpool next week.

In Spain, things are not going too smooth for Madrid at the moment as they lost their first three international championship matches to man u, man city and arch rivals Barca. Barcelona is in search of a Neymar replacement, Bayern is not having the best pre-season. And on Atp tour. Usopen will be coming up in late August. So many things happening in the sporting world already and much more will happen. However, our focus today will be on soccer and without much Ado, let us move into action

August 2017 soccer season updates

August 2017 soccer season updates – Satellite tv solution categorization

By categorization I mean, the groupings of all the methods available for watching premium tv channels both official and unofficial. They are as follows:

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  • Official providers within the legal area of coverage: In sub-Sahara Africa we have DS*TV Multi choice, and some local ones like metro and ctl in Nigeria, kwese sports tv, startimes and a few others
  • Official grey marked decoders: Ds*v Nigeria is a grey-marked decoder in Ghana and any other country apart from Nigeria. Bein is grey marked outside MENA, canalsat is grey marked outside French speaking African countries. Grey marked is an unofficial solution to watch paytv cheaper.
  • SKS: Satellite key sharing e.g powervu, biss
  • IKS: Internet keys sharing e.g cccam and other preloaded accounts that use the modest internet.
  • IPTV: Internet Protocol tv.
  • FTA: Free to air decoders. this is the safest means of watching some premium tv

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Today, I mean August 2017 shall not be only about August 2017 soccer season updates. I will infuse at least two other things that are not related to satellite directly. I mean I will talk about some basic satellite accessories. On the opposite direction, I will also talk about a health product that has been making waves for months. To start with, I will launch all the weapons in my arsenal to talk about satellite tv.

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Disclaimer: the view of the author of this post is mainly based on research, discoveries, gossips and rumours. There is no conscious or unconscious effort to cause harm or injury to anyone. The words that are being used are guided. This post is for educational and developmental purposes and the author shall not be held liable if used otherwise.


Firstly, I will like to remind us that free to air is the only unofficial but legal means of watching premium channels. I will advise everyone out there who has what it takes to install a big dish to do so now. If you are a low-income earner, start saving towards this as long as you know you have space. Free to air, unlikely dongles or iks can never die. The only downsides of free to air are that they can sometimes be unreliable when it comes to broadcasting live soccer. However, you can solve this problem by installing a big dish and motorizing it. For all the full details of the hottest free to air channels, please read my detailed article here. Any standalone HD decoder can do fta. Decoders like strong, gsky, Freesat, qsat, superesat, alpha-box and lots more are by default FTA decoders


Interestingly, this follows a logical sequence. I mean fta before official packages. Without any elements of biases, official satellite tv solutions still happen to be the most reliable and stable means of watching sports. The only downside that I know about local satellite packages is that they are limited in their coverage of international events. For example, even if you are ready to pay dst* 50,000ngn per month, you will not receive OSN or HBO channels. We have so many local pay-TV companies that give you live sports including soccer across all leagues. To mention a few, we have ds*v, startimes, bein, canal, kwese sports, metro and ctl and much more. PLease read my article here for the list of the best soccer showing official satellite tv providers in Africa


Satellite keys sharing is increasingly becoming obsolete. lemmy morgan’s August 2017 soccer season updates will mention at least two sks solution that is still in use. For the records, sks solution requires no internet connection to function. Powevu qualifies as sks solution even though you must have an auto roll decoder to enjoy it. On the contrary, sports HD decoder is still off on powervu. What you can enjoy on powervu in Africa is AFN on 9e and sony 68,5 with 1.8 / 2.4 meters.

Similarly, we have a reinvent of biss solutions. Some decoders now have full auto-roll features. Unfortunately, there are no many premium biss channels for Africans. In fact, it is almost impossible to receive a biss channel that will show live soccer with a small dish in Africa. However, if you are in Asia or America, you can get many channels that are still biss-encrypted. Gsky v8 does auto-biss while many other decoders can do powervu including strong 4950 series.

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  1. Uncle lemmy thanks for devoting your time to keep us up to date..

    I’m 100% certain you know better than us about the new satellite provider TS*TV

    It seems there are some sort of delay.. do you have any in depth information for us about them?

  2. Gody Kio says:

    what is the procedure for adding new channels to mytv (strong) decoder? help me pls.

  3. Can u help me with bein sports purchase and subscription charges and where I can get one.

  4. thanks for the update sir what about the android TV box ?

  5. How can i use qsat decorder to track signal? I know of strong decoder bt am currently with qsat decoder

  6. kaba Edward says:

    Is there any available technology for dstv for example to use to overcome or disable Grey marked Decoders especially those that are used in the same region like dstv Nigeria and dstv Ghana.

  7. Oga pls i can’t get Nigcomsat in Akwa Ibom State. Help pls

  8. akonze ues 12518h 29500

  9. Is nigcomsat still working? I tracked it with 42E 12518H 29500 but I couldn’t get it instead I got all the mytv channels. Pls help us confirm

  10. Thanks,sir I tried nigcomsat using 12518 v29500 n 12627 v 29500 by cudnt get,pls can u help?

  11. Hello boss,please did startimes and kwese decoder shows EPL?

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