[LM]Sports season updates on satellite tv, Fta and others-Aug 2017


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To wrap up August 2017 soccer season updates, I will make some suggestions rather than recommendations. To conclude this lengthy article, here is my suggestion which is very much open to criticisms:

  • If you can afford it subscribe to an official satellite tv package in your location
  • The very low-income class like myself, please go fta. It is only fta that will not make you poorer. You can also go for cheap entertainment only packages.
  • The categories of people or groups that can use IPTV are as follows: 1. you have access to huge data, you have access to unlimited data, your data is affordable. 2. If you are always on the move and you are wasting money subscribing to pay-TV and of course you have good internet.
  • Soccer viewing centers can also use IPTV(but am not saying you should).

As for big dish solutions, Only those who have space to install it can use them. Finally, for the various solutions on a small dish, everyone can use them but look before you leap. Until next month when we meet to talk about another massive update, I will say good day and have a splendid weekend. That concludes August 2017 soccer season updates.

Where can I buy these dongles and dongle accounts?

With all due respect and all sense of humility, I no longer sell dongles or dongle accounts. The only advice I can give is that google is your friend. Thread with caution because not everyone out there that sells dongle is like Lemmy.

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  1. Uncle lemmy thanks for devoting your time to keep us up to date..

    I’m 100% certain you know better than us about the new satellite provider TS*TV

    It seems there are some sort of delay.. do you have any in depth information for us about them?

  2. Gody Kio says:

    what is the procedure for adding new channels to mytv (strong) decoder? help me pls.

  3. Can u help me with bein sports purchase and subscription charges and where I can get one.

  4. thanks for the update sir what about the android TV box ?

  5. How can i use qsat decorder to track signal? I know of strong decoder bt am currently with qsat decoder

  6. kaba Edward says:

    Is there any available technology for dstv for example to use to overcome or disable Grey marked Decoders especially those that are used in the same region like dstv Nigeria and dstv Ghana.

  7. Oga pls i can’t get Nigcomsat in Akwa Ibom State. Help pls

  8. akonze ues 12518h 29500

  9. Is nigcomsat still working? I tracked it with 42E 12518H 29500 but I couldn’t get it instead I got all the mytv channels. Pls help us confirm

  10. Thanks,sir I tried nigcomsat using 12518 v29500 n 12627 v 29500 by cudnt get,pls can u help?

  11. Hello boss,please did startimes and kwese decoder shows EPL?

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