1. Please want to know when ds** will be back am using a stong(HD)SRT 4922A with AZsky G1 super. Thankx chief

  2. Sheriff says:

    Thank you for ur tym and article, my G1 super has been off for over 3 month now, I use to c super sport 3 but now, nothg is coming up, please is there any news on it, how do i know my account number
    thank you

  3. @Olakunle.with all due respect, I think I will say looking at the overall shades of people’s tastes and interest, it will impossible for them to let only the sprts chnls to funtion without the rest because if you ask me for the appropriate ones,I will say I have little or no business with sprts,instead educational documentries like the science and technology channels such as disc, Ngeo, Hist and abit of news would have been perfect, however since the generality of people’s interest is involved here, I think it is better to have everything blazing once and for all to the satisfaction of all before release

  4. Olakunle says:

    @Lemmy is quite somedays. Pls can’t AZSKY company make all sports channels on DSTV be showing and leave other channel till wen dey were able to find lasting solution to it.

  5. Olakunle says:

    @ Lemmy is it not possible for the AZSKY company to let all sports channels be showing and they should leave others till wen they can get all things sort out

  6. I use a strong 4922a with an AZSKY G1+ but i only get the channels once in a while. currently i get only the free to air. I have configured multitv, d*tv and can**sat. I am in ghana. can u help me

  7. hi, eng.Lemmy.for azsky, R.I.P seems to be the final word just as someone with a good chinese connection had reliably told me,the company has laid out plans of folding up. nevertheless I will still want to hear your own opinion tnx for your services

    • @Elijah, good chinese connection indeed. do you know the company still manages to opens some ss channels. your comment look like that of a spy, so let me reserve my comment and lets see as event unfolds

  8. Olakunle says:

    @ Lemmy, Is this how we will forget about Azsky? Bcoz it has been more than two weeks now we hv not be able to watch any channel on it conveniently

  9. Timothy says:

    I mean no Dstv Channel is showing with my dongle G1 super, Please what is the way out since you said dongle is back again?

  10. Olakunle says:

    I later checked it yesterday and I found that it was only SS3 that was showing on it. Pls hope other channels will come up very soon?

  11. Olakunle says:

    @Lemmy Pls do we still hv any hope on azsky? Bcoz it has not be coming up since almost a week now

  12. pls,Dr lemmy my qsat says no dongle device when i insert modem but the system found it, pls i really need to use modem in it

  13. Sunday Jimoh says:

    Hello Mr Lemmy, it’s been 3months now since I bought my G1 service account from you on January 3rd 2014. I want to know if the account is due for renewal. Thanks.

  14. pls,Dr lemmy how can i enable youporn in my q sat and also d way to use modem

  15. hi imogan.
    Pls i need a cccam, tho i’ve sent u an email, buut no reply
    pls do find time.

  16. @dennogee, allyou need is to locate a local satellite installer who will handle things for you

  17. olakunle says:

    Mr Lemmy, I noticed this evening that AZsky is no more showing. Pls did u hv any info as regard that?

  18. pls, dr lemmy, how can i enable those adult channels in q sat

  19. In regards to my request above,pls am using azsky G1 super

  20. Eng lemmy,i beg i deleted my dstv channels from my strong 4669 and am using it with multi tv network,meaning two different networks on one decorder,pls how can i re-add d dstv channels bcox i cant get an installer nw.pls reply me my brother,tnx for ur good work

  21. Mr lemmy,pls hw can i add espn,bba channels to my G1 super using strong 63

  22. pls, Dr lemmy, i dont understand the way to open iptv in my q sat

  23. dennogee says:

    Gdday @lemmy tanx 4ur help on dongle matters. Pls I wud lik 2 knw y Qsat is nt doin anytin abt d decoders wit 59….. Its nt bin working 4 days now whyle odas r working nd yet no info. Pls cud u assist on dis matter or do u av any info? Tanx

  24. oga,am living in Tanzania I hv the same problem that my azsky g6 has just stoped for almost two weeks now.The channels are scrumbled and it tells me that network is not connected..what can I do because am missing big game.?

  25. sconadex says:

    How do I get and load account on my azsky g+….thanks

  26. akin ayubba says:

    hello mr. Lemmy i dont know what happen my g1 dongle seem not to be working with liberty decoder again pls help

  27. Pls i want to confirm if the stations on G1 super are still unscrambled,most of dem were opening as of yesterday on my strong 4669Xii but right now its back to it d same through out on all Azsky products or just mine

  28. Victor Uzowuru says:

    thanks for keeping us informed. my ss 1-9 is now opening because that is the only stations i watch. azsky is really helping us who dont have the means to afford dstv premium subscription.

  29. Thanks for the info. oga lemmy I reset my srt4330 to factory setting and currently is not showing any channel except fta channels while my az skt G1 gprs senains ti be communicating.
    please advise on what to do. my az sky is less than a month old. is the settings on my az skty intact ?

  30. Sidi Kassu says:

    Azsky is now back with full strength. It opens most of dst* channels.

  31. azsky is back with lots of channels working with out freezing

  32. Mr lemmy d don,pls is true dt azsky is nw back bcox mine refused to work,pls reply me

  33. abdul opera says:

    Sir lemmy yes o after we’ve almost gave up, Azsky are serving us once again.

  34. Sir lemmy, yes Dose. Channels brite mentioned are working parfectly from dayfore yesterday come now on my G1 super.

  35. Mr lemmy good day nd may god continue to bless us all . It is very true what mr brite said becos i tried it nd it worked now and still working.

  36. azsky is finally back
    Just delete all dstv channels and rescan your decoder.

  37. These Azsky guys are bad oh.,they’ve unscrambled like 70% of d*** channels. Wow! Thanks Lemmymorgan for keeping our minds at rest

  38. @Lemmy,i think the azsky are finalizing the upgrade of their servers because some of the channels are unscrumbling one after ther other with my azsky g1 super.
    I am from Ghana using airtel ghana sim card for the azsky g1 super dongle.

  39. oga lemmy,channnels on dstv like ss2 ss3 mnet afmag yoruba housa is currently working with my azsky g1 super.
    when will the rest be back?

  40. oga lemmy,some channels on dstv like ss3 ss2 yoruba amnet afmag hausa are currently working with azsky g1 super.
    i read a certain forum at nairaland saying azsky have finish upgrading their servers but left with the insertion of a particular card which will be installed within 15 days from the day i read it which was on the 19th of march 2014.

  41. I think the wait is finally coming to an end cos lots of channels are currently running on azsky. I hope and pray they remain so and never go off again.. up azsky

  42. Oluwaseun says:

    Oga lemmy, why is it that qsat decoders with 59xx codes goes on and off, while other decoders are working?.

  43. saint remmy says:

    Dear lemmy is there any upgrade for 4633xv strong decoder …pls if yes where can I download and how do I go about it

  44. Hello der, how much is the CCCAM & MGCAM accounts, and how can I buy them? Thank a lot 4 all ur wonderful info.

  45. Dr morgan l dey greet oh,pls how can i open iptv in my q sat

  46. abdul sule says:

    Dongle please dongle, come up please dongle.

  47. Lemmy my azsky G super works since midnite till this moring around 7am before leaving for office showing ss3 ,4,afmag wild and yoruba….thanks for keeping our hopes alive and kudos to azsky for working round the clock to restored our confidence in there products

  48. I dnt knw hw 2 muv wit it

  49. pls oga lemmy I downloaded v6.5 nd I try almost 5decoders nd they are not booting again, it will only stay at load. pls my oga help me with a way out

  50. Mr Oga the info u ar giving out here is 2 much, I posted here last time u deleted it fine. Dstv agent ar here 2 be careful dongle is cheat it’s inlegal…am an installer I give u kudos for the job u ar doing..pls relax in giving much info on dogs.dstv ar gaderin info on different sites pls hen

  51. Good day Lemmy, just tried ds AZsky now. SS3 was showing bt it will go on and off btw 2 to 5 mins. Please what is really happening? All the nigeria dstv channels aint showing @ all. Pls reply me. Tx

  52. Razak Akim says:

    Good day Lemmy, i will like to first thank you for your assistance in aiding others in the satellite forum. there has been a constant discussion on your site about the cccam account issue, I use a SRT 4922A HD decoder with my dongles (AZSKY G1+ & A+) which i interchange with one another and currently the are service are both down which i will say is of no surprise to me know fully well how useful they have been and i will wait till the come back. But i will like to know more about the CCCAM Account and the requirements in order to set it up for my use as an alternate. Grateful.

  53. Hi Lemmy, I have Strong 4663×11 but I was told this cannot work for my tv channels. Pls I need your explanation.

  54. nwanne david says:

    Lemme will azsky come back or they’re gone forever.

  55. Famadewa Michael says:

    Pls LM, I need detail about cccam acct. Can it work on strong 4922a and 4950 decoder? Pls mail ur answer to me. Does it open DStv as well and much

  56. Oga lemmy,
    Kudos, pls kindly update us about the coming back of AZSKY.
    Thanks and God bless.

  57. Oga lemme…. thanks for your updates and efforts..God will increase u for good.

  58. Olakunle says:

    @ lemmy, I hv upgrade 2 Q11G decoder wit V6.05 but I noticed that after the upgrading it will not reboot properly it will just show LOAD. But after several try an error for so many hours it will later boot and display properly. Pls hw can u help out on this issue?

  59. Olakunle says:

    @ Lemmy, pls how can I get ROM.bin to flash it, please help me out on how I can get it.

  60. Lemmy, thanks for ur response. Eg of What dongle can I use. Actually I got it from a friend who has confirmed he wasn’t using any cccam acct b4 it stopped showing. The apparatus is a 4922A decoder and an Azsky G1+ gprs adapter connected via rs232 to the decoder. I have successfully upgraded it to ver 1.34, pls what else do I need to do to view with dongle. (Pardon my ignorance)

  61. Lemmy can I use my 4633xv decoder with cccam if yes does it require any settings and how do I get one since my dongle no longer show now also can the coder get bin sport if readjusted

  62. pls, can Qsat open nss7

  63. @Lemmy I update my Q11G decoder wit Version6 (v6) it do boot normally b4 I update it but after the updating it didn’t boot again it just public LOAD in front of d decoder. Pls what can I do?

  64. Lemmy please where do I get instructions on setting up an SRT 4922a for viewing. must it be used with a CCCam account?

  65. pls, lemmy can Q sat open nss7? ..

    yesterday azsky open almost d whole channels dst* till about 4pm b4 they went off

  66. hi Lemmy, the option menu is missing on my str 4669x strong decoder, I need a software to upgrade it. thank you

  67. Tanx for d reply bro. I meant d frequency that is certain to show on my strong decoder. This bein sport too, can I get it there too. Thanks

  68. yes atlantis is nt fine @ all, so the best cccam dat u are talking about; how many months package does it come in and wat satellite does it cover? Thanks

  69. Can I use CCCAM account with strong decoder srt 4922a

  70. Sir Lemmy, thanks for the info…. You are too good… God will bless you

  71. Mr Lemmy ur write up is awesome. Please I was introduced to ur site n so far so good av nt been disappointed. Pleas I use strong decoder 4663XIII bt I don’t knw the software loaded on it and my local installer refuse to tell will I knw it.
    Secondly,I engaged d service of another installer for FTA since d oda one went down bt could only get few channels. I use 90cm dish. If u will b so kind to send d frequency to my email so I can load it myself.
    Lastly, can I use my decoder to browse freely,if possible how? God bless you

  72. Rev Doctor Lemmy Morgan l now understand why you did not upload the new software into our email simply because people who got it outside your link are now in trouble (v6.5) after installation everything would change into China language and is not pipo patience is need .Thanks 0208866044

  73. Nana Kwame says:

    Lemmy let commend you for the post….Nice article, Lemmy how many of the skyports channels can i get if i buy a 3.6 meter dish from Ghana and i hope i can also track Bein sports with the same dish size Thanks

  74. Lemmy, I have a Strong 4922A decoder that is not showing apart from free Chinese Channels. I have upgraded the firmware with the latest one I found on strong website for this model. I selected Eutesalat 36A and scanned for channels but it only views CCTVN, etc.

    What am I not doing right?


  75. 3wicdows says:

    My A+ is back with bein sport but it is not working with dstv. whats the problem lemmy need help

  76. ak 0234575527 says:

    hello, dear friend, pls check Azsky working now SS1, 2,3,5,7?
    pls check and confirm

  77. One for u Lemmy!
    I ve found out that using the modem on the decoder is a better option than the sim,but i have a problem ! My modem connects successfully but after a short time it disconnects,and when u try to link it,it writes “no dongle device” . What might be the problem? Thanx.

  78. @THOMAS
    Can you please explain the use of this software on qsat? When was it released? Have you tried it? what type of problems on qsat does it fixes? Because mine is not showing since Saturday after the man city game. It was the last game I watched on it.
    By the way thanks a lot for providing the link. May Allah bless you.

  79. Nana Kay says:

    with all the FTA stations u mention,show class c matches which local networks also show with multi tv there is no class A or B matches of the epl on it its class c matches and i dont think people are on to Qsat,G6,Azsky etc becos of class c matches.

  80. Hi lemmy, two of my friends Qsat decorders connects successfully to the network but does not connect to the server. What could be the issue with the decorders? BLESS.

  81. thanks so much I just saw your reply to my question. I am still afraid cause I cannot even open the one I bought for personal use from it box. let’s be hopeful. good morning how is your area.

  82. Tarisdream says:

    @ lemmy my qsat went off about 11.30pm yestaday night, I decided to load the new qsat software on it,but even when I achieve network successful the avartarcamhd just shows pls wait for. Very long time..den I did a factory reset and a blind scan but lo and behold the qsat scan more than 25HD channels…although none is working and the DST, channels…sir wat can I do so my avartarcamhd code will cm out ,bc it’s 6.05 software

  83. U always tell people 2 contact u via ur email but u don’t reply why? I need d cccam acct but d last thing u told me is dat d acct is down 4 now but in ur post here claim its working why?

  84. Please can i use strong decoder with Eclink x5 and do i need any software on that. Please explain better for me..

  85. Qsat is on fire, my Q11G Hardly hangs. Oga lemmy does using LAN(router) comsumes more credit on qsat dan using a sim directly to d decoder.

  86. Good afternoon Sir, thanks for the information given there. I wish to ask if the cccam account is paid once which will last for a period or it is paid every month?

  87. mr. Brave in Lagos says:

    Gud day LM, please I just got a strong SRT 4950H decoder bhu I can’t locate the dongle option on it, v searched over and over again yet got Nofin! my new G1 isn’t working and I don’t know if its the general breakdown in service by azsky but what I notice about d box is difference in the way it blinks compared to the one I use in school (Ife), the orange colour only blinks after about 30secs and then a stable green regardless whether I change the channel or not as compared to the other one. note that this dongle hasn’t been used before cos I got it 2 days ago with a new account! views and comment from the house would be very well appreciated!

  88. See my life in veranda…I bought Q13 of qsat…it wasn’t works for 2months before it started misbehaving…I sold it out at a very rediculus price, now I got 2pcs of Azsky G6, 1 for me 1 for a friend. I have bought it since last month, I got it yesterday night only got to know now that it is also not working again….see #gbese and #Gobe. Hmmmmmm

    thanks for the Info @Oga lemmyMorgan

    @all E ku Ibami daro Araami

    ;( 🙁 🙁

  89. Hello Mr Lemmy thank you very much for the good work you have been doing for us. please help us by uploading the v6.5 for us becos some of us are using qsat 13g. hope see it thank you very much.

  90. segun Adeoluwanimi says:

    Hi LM, when will Azsky start workin again,has somtin like dis happened b4?

  91. Olakunle says:

    ABLE Lemmy, pls I noticed dat my Azsky worked yesterday night with 3 channels, but it doesn’t work again this morning, I notice it on and off itself.

  92. Lemmy ur good work needs much appreciation l got releaved when l read de recent post ‘The recent attack by dstv……’l always think pf how much money you spend dropping this into our mail and can l contribute towards your good work. Now lemmy FTA multi tv has announced yesterday that end of this year they will produce smart card for their subscribers .l think we are getting somewhere . l fear the end for dongle especially q sat since they can get FTA for us.As at now almighty A+ x5 are not back oh God the poor shall be poor.Thank you Lemmy may reachly bless you and your family.0208866044

  93. Thanks i appreciate sir. I pray dat every thing s’d be fixed n ok before 22th. And now d channels dat is working has went off again since morning it has not work …

  94. new updates for qsat:

  95. olumide oyewole says:

    how is it true,l was told ss 3 and Yoruba is showing.

  96. hi morgan, i use g1 and strong decoder. midnite too only ss4 came on. however, i notice that few channels on canal + is on. are dey free to air and soon will azsky will be back.

  97. Festydelta says:

    Pls sir my AZsky G1 work in midnight but it ‘ll work for 5mins n go off for d same 5mins pls sir and is only 3channels dat work yoruba, ss4 and amwld. Is it generally or only mine? @1:34am. Thanks….

  98. I just bought a G1 super,after configuration nothing is coming up.I have a 1m dish just lying there and i don’t know any FTA station satellite that shows sports and movies to track with it,please what any suggestion given will be highly appreciated and is there any ds** station currently showing on Azsky G1 super with Strong 4669Xii

  99. alade sunday says:

    good day bro, am sorry for multiple messages,i just want to inform u that a new version is out for qsat V6.5.i saw it in alaba today.
    pls kindly upload it for us.thanks

  100. thank God qsat is working. we pray that the consistence would be same. my started working since yesterday.

  101. Looks like qsat surprised all of us y3sternirght. It came back almost fully.and I was able to watch the uefa champions league live.thats great.working even as at this morning.

  102. @brifysat, search for how to wake a dead Qsat on

  103. Good morning sir,pls does this Cccam work with strong 4922A without a router?,hope it can work with modem.

  104. Oga I woke up today and azsky account setting is OK can I continue or stop

  105. Olakunle says:

    Can cccam work on Qsat11G?

  106. Hi Oga, Dst.. is just back now and the time is 00:45 Ghana time and iam watching it through my A+ dongle but not stable due to my sim card. iam now watching NBA on SS9 between Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets.
    Infact Lemmy you are too much. I hope it will be back very soon as you said. As at now, I can only witness the comeback of the following channels, SS9, SS5, SS3 and AMEnt . Your info is very reliable and encouraging. May the Almighty Allah bless you. infact you are an African hero when it comes to satellite tutorials. Stay blessed.

  107. My Question go thus… Does G6 now works directly with CCCAM without a router???.. Like Using your Modem just like using it on SRT 4992A.. Thanks..

  108. pls why is it you dont respond to my question? pls is daarsat channels stil free to air? if yes please help me wit d frequency.tankx

  109. Does cccam work on g6 using d size of srong dish?

  110. Hi mr Lemmy. Pls is it possible to have Ghana sat FTA stations on Q11G with a 1 meter dish?

  111. Can you please give me your email address I want to know how much the cccam or mgcam account so are & how I can purchase for my Azsky g6.

  112. Mr Morgan,i really want to know more about Cccam how does it work and does it open dst* and nile pls if yes what are the steps?. I need more info about it am a installer,i will like to get from u,but i will contact u via ur mail.pls more info

  113. Can I use azsky gsuper+ to watch hotbird or bein sports or skysports with a strong decoder?

  114. mc hamma says:

    Mr Lemmy i salute you for your sincere insights on the past events we are all experiencing since lstweek
    i use a azsky G1 super GPRS adapter with my strong 4663 decorder and i was wondering if as you said when they restore services to asky that mine will be ok you talked about G6 not G1 so pls advice me and others who are using dis same configs

    i know spies of dstv are reading your posts and if they really want to help Nigerians they can do better

    i prepare them slashing all to between N500 to N2000 for full and complete selection of programmes

    look DSTV we are almost 90million Nigerians say you have 50millions subscribers paying N500 to N2000 monthly and not compalining you know how much you can make rather you prefer to dry our pockets looks people like lemmy morgarns will start their own companies and sell its services for pin nuts and run you guys out of business take heed of Econets days many foreign companies have be destroyed if you dont hekp ur customers


    Mr Lemmy Morgan am praying a chinese and indian investors will appraoch you and sponsore your ideas and inventions to give us better services in the near future i see Nigerians paying for dstv as low a N100 or N50 may God help us

    lemmy hope my G1 with 4663 decorder is ok when it up and running

    • @Mc hamma, you are right. azsky is azsky, be it xman, g1, g1+ or g6. Once one i working, others will also work. that was why i said azsky will be back and better and not G6 will be back and better.

  115. pls what TP (freq & SR) is bein sports on?

  116. James St:Michael says:

    Thanks Lemmy 4 this article, I have been checking & checking ur site to read ur latest post on this DS*v latest upgrade effects on dongles. You are simple the best. Please I need the 1meter dish but no one in benin is willing to give me any clue as to where to buy one or even how much. Please give me info in this regard. Can I use my Qsat 13g with the 1meter dish to get Nile-Sat and hot bird? Please reply.

    • @Jmaes you can use yoyr qsat, but i don’t think q13g, q11g and q15g suppoets nilesat and hotbird. Big dishes are mostly contructed specifically for that purpose ask your ocal installers on the way forward on this

  117. Our Oga Morgan,thank u for all ur effort,may continue to bless u.what is the way for AZ sky still hope?
    i also want to know if any new dongle has come out, want to know more abt tiger receiver

  118. oga lemmy I hv tryed both modem n lan but to know avail. it can still open de account. pls is there any way again. thank u I’m frm ghana

  119. konkonbelow says:

    Thanks for the update! ,

    I WOULD WAIT, even if its 2 or more months to wait, guys I wish I could convince u guys to wait. See d way many are already asking for cccam account & possible alternatives despite all what had been enumerated here.

    Now , think what made u go for these dongles in the first place, pls try to stick to it, if you don’t subscribe, nothing would happen, u ve gat nothing to loose especially for those in Lagos where a good antenna could receive lots of channels. If a large % refuse to bulge by going to ds*v , then the message to them would get clearer. They know quite well that the prices are not friendly,…. Manage ur homes by explaining to ur family why you are taking the action. , thrill them with that subscription pay on a weekend

    I believe its possible, thanks again Lemmy!

  120. my Qsat 13G shows only SSshow channel in the evenings

  121. @lemmy, how much is the cccam and how can I get one, and am I assured that when I get the cccam I can watch the dstv channels for now? thank you and thank you for your impressive work.

  122. olakunle says:

    Thanks for the info. But did we need to buy cccam in to azsky G1 super dongle?

  123. my a+ is on at west and stable this evening. bien sport.

  124. Lm thanks for the two wounderful answers today. but does these acoounts: e.g. “cccam account” has different types and which type is most recommended? and are they more stable than qsat? would it wipe out my qsat account or i could use both?

  125. Thanks a lot for this information. Obviously, this is a war of technology, and this war is never lost nor won by anyone. All dongles shall soon be back. Patience is the key here. Meanwhile, now that all dongles are in trouble, it seems qsat is doing better than others.

  126. ak 0234575527 says:

    Oga LM sat and co are working pls influence champion azsky to come back to life soonwst

  127. Oga Lemmy, by saying 3.6m dish u watched skysport on Hortbird, is it with your G6 or a normal strong decoder?. Thanks

  128. Hi Lm, thanks for the asnwer. My problem now is about the cccam account, what is it? is it a software dat i have to install on my qsat after purchase or …… ? not just clear with it, plse Lm help again

  129. Lemmy pls i use Q11G with 54…. code. What do i need to do bcos i keep getting scrambled channels most of the times and especially nite time. Do i need to buy an account onto my qsat decoder?????? Pls help. Am Jin Ghana

  130. Lemmy where can i get a reliable cccam account for my G6 for these gloomy days? I also hope you avail the update that would enable one connect a 3g modem to the G6 soon.

  131. Wooow!! This is impressive. Thanks man. But Lemmy, my code is q11g 54** yet still Im told can not get account. I thought that error msg is for new decoders. Any help?

  132. Mr Lemmy thank for yur advice. pls I want to know dat q sat13g. with Account no 400. if I try to open or activate a new one dis is a mgs I always hd. can not get account. pls try later. becos I’m a dealer in ghana. I hv more Then one box. pls I need yur help becos. I’m fraustrated. thank u

  133. Pls sir, can u send me the ebook on hw I to brows with my dstv decoder?

  134. hi Lm,thanks much for the post.mytv and canalsat were able to replace all the decorders possesed by their customers with new one having different technology. my confusion is: was thier customers few by then’ so they simply changed it with less cost or they just bare that huge expenses? cost am afraid d*tv could do the same.

  135. Kayode Michael says:

    Are you saying we should upgrade our azsky or still be patience pls explain .

  136. Tankx mr lemmy fr ur wonderful update, pls is daar sat stil showing on qsat? Pls what is the frequency.

  137. bro please i want to know if ss3 still working on azsky because my is not working since yesterday

  138. thanks for the info…for hw long are we gonna wait for service rstore ..azsky need to be watchful ..

  139. good day mr morgan, thanks for the info. actually yesterday afternoon, i could access my qsat but later in the evening it didn’t work and i was surprised. pls, how can one get the cancccam account

  140. jascosix says:

    Thanx for clearing the air. I certainly will wait until service is reatored

  141. Hi Lemmy,

    I want to say thank you for your usual dissemination of information.

    I also want to know why you did not react to my mail, about my failed attempt to connect my srt 4922 to the internet via modem, so i can buy a cccam account through you.
    Please i need your quick response


  142. pls oga lemmy is still canal and my tv not working on any dongle?

  143. Lemmy in summary what are you saying as the remedy to my situation who just bought my qsat in February this year. Are you suggesting I buy an account onto my qsat Q11G?? Or what else do you suggest Mr Lemmy bcos all my channels are scrambled and comes on intermittently….

  144. James Dixon says:

    Hi LemmyMorgan, I have a G6, I will like to buy a ccam account. Pls can you help me with a reliable ccam account.

  145. Lemmy, Thanks for the notification, but my challenge is that; I don’t even get the grace of watching the SS3 channel on my AZsky G2, I’m only previlaged to watch the free CCTV and others alike. it shows Encrypted Program; what do I do to get at leat the SS3?

  146. Bro lemmy i like 2 buy mgcon account i won’t 2 no if i con watch dst.. and bein sport with mgcon account i have qsat decoder an 1meter dish . I need bein sport frequency so that i con track it

  147. HENRYSHAMS says:


  148. Hello Lemmy,
    You have done it again. Thanks for the info.
    For those of us interested in CCCAM account, Please help with info on where to acquired.


  149. zorozorandazodiac says:

    The game is over….
    Let’s go back to our local decoderz
    Thanks G6 team u made me look like a king in our street but ds** loves u more ….

  150. gbenga hassan says:

    Thank u so much lemmy. You av bn very helpful with this article. Pls wen i first installed my azsky g1+ with strong hd decoder 4922a, i was able to get abt 20 plus fta stations including mbc1 that shows ecl matches but after like 2 months all the fta stations stopped showing and wen i rescanned my decoder they all disappeared. Pls how can i scan and get them back especially mbc 1. Thanks

  151. Simoko Ntutuma says:

    I have an Azsky G6, how or where do I buy a cccam or mgcam account?

  152. Wow! that’s well explicit and you really gave us an in-depth analysis of the state of affairs on iks/dongles etc etc. thumbs up bro lemmy!

  153. Thanks bross, u b too much. I’m in Ghana, I need a realiable cccam account as u said and how to install it on g6.

  154. Maryam Abdullahi says:

    Thnk u lemmy….my azsky g1+ stoped shwing ss3 since ystday afternoon…..Hpe it’s not only mine dat is not showin…..bein sports is also not showin……..

  155. Bles Kojo says:

    Hi, great article. How do i get the cccam in Ghana. Thanks

  156. @Lemmy tankx for the detailed info on what is currently goin on in the world of dongles. Sure ss3 was the only channel remainning bt since the last 2 nites mine has refused to show. Is it now only showing on g6? And how much can 2.4 meter and 3.6 meter dis cost? What’s your rush estimate. Thanks.

  157. thanks for d information . How much is d dish for hotbird

  158. even the ss3 has stoped working yesterday……e don red na to get faith say azsky to bounce back and quick else, yawa don gassss!!!

  159. Fatima Zahra says:

    Very timing contribution, keep on.

  160. OLUSEGUN says:

    I must say that you are doing a really good job. I belief its just for a little time and the storm will be over. However, Please can you advise me, I recently paid my TV guy to help get the HD decoder that uses CCCAM and connects to internet, I paid him 65k and he has been telling me that there is no Europe CCCAM account available for now, please can you enlighten me on the difference between the Europe account and the China account? Cheers

  161. Hi Oga can you tell us exactly when dongles are coming back? May God richly bless you.

  162. Olisa babajide Samuel says:

    Thanks, bro all dis update is just to let all dongles account buyer no Ŧђª† purchase now until further notices….

  163. Thank u for this very informative write up,it’s long overdue. Well I believe Az will b back And better very soon.I want to confirm something, My Ss3 did not show yesterday I uses g6, I But mine September last year. I’m worried weather it has expired or affected by the upgrade. Lastly Hw much is cccam account And Hw do to get it. Thank u very much And God bless

  164. gentle giant says:

    Hello Lemmy, ss3 is now off on azsky from yesterday.

  165. Ei na wao! The proverb in my native twi language has come to bear; as one is finding a stone to throw at the bird, it’s also finding a place to fly to.
    Now the thruth has come to bear. Since most people might not be at home in the noons to watch on qsat, we probably could find a new use for our boxes:we ‘ll decorate our rooms with it. Na decoder museum bird dat.Lol

  166. Boss, I want to buy an Azsky G6, I am in Ghana can you please give me a contact of yours that I can buy from in Ghana.

  167. nice but how much is the cccam?

  168. snabintu says:

    pls oga how CAN I SCAN SPORTS FTA CHANNel on qsat.thank you.

  169. Lemmy, where can I buy a cccam account from a reliable seller at this trying period. I own a g6 so I would be rather grateful if you could post that g6 software upgrade that allows the use of a 3g modem.

  170. babalola says:

    Good Morning,

    I have been waiting to see your next writeup in other know what next on this trying time. I am a bit releaf with what I just read from you now. But pls if I am interested in getting a Tlink account and also the cccam acount how can I go about it. I will like to have the price for each one of them.

    Thank you so much for the Info

  171. How can I track bein sport on my G6 and will tracking a different satellite replace the channels on the current one.

  172. My waist is not evaccount many days my account is remaining. But bein sport suppos to be showing

  173. At the moment even ss3 on G6 is not showing mind you!s secondly you have been saying about cccam how do one can get the genuine account?

  174. Lemmy which cccam server ll u recommend for qsat 13 pls I want server which is stable with minimal or no freezing

  175. Ahmed ishaque says:

    Well noted, thanks for the advice.

  176. Thanks for the info nearly had a stroke when my atlantis Cccam went off so have to go with servers that will make them diversify and harder to block

  177. Hi lemmy my brother, 1 meter is not dat large that landlord will should render hell on a tenant, however the trouble with 1 meter is to track hotbird with it. Probablly am doing a wrong thing please educate me with tracking procedure on hotbird. Thanks GOD bless you

    • @freedom, no matter how hard you try you can’t get any hotbird channel with a 1meter dish. you can’t even get it with a 2meter unless you are in the far north

  178. Oga Lemmy i really want to appreciate u for the good work mostly in trying periods like this. at least this post is a relief to me. my customers where calling me yesterday b4 the commencement of that match that their ss3 that was showing in d afternoon is not showing again. I kept on encouraging them that so far ss3 is showing i believe that once d teams of AZSKY n other dongles are through with their work all d channels will bounce back again. concerning cccam account and other account how can i get it n how much is the price. u can reach me through my email address about the price. Tnx

  179. abdul-wahab says:

    obviously, the restoration and coming back of dead azsky is not sure as matter of fact as result of strong software upgrade by ds** but it is my pleasure to have azsky back in action because it is meant for the poorer who can never avoid to pay for ds** whatsoever i hope azsky team are currently working for the solution but let’s be patient

  180. Secondly, i sent you a message both on your FB and your Email about my Qsat that was shout down during upgrading and i have tried tricks that i used to reawake other Qsat that got the same problem but the case was differ. It only ON the RED power bulb infront of the Qsat and it will not load anything nor display anything. Your help is highly valued.

  181. Hi lemmy, in fact you have hit the nail right on the head. As we wait for the dongle manufactures to restore their services, lets scan and use the FTA channels for the time being. Thank you for that wonderful information. May ALLAH bless you.

  182. Mr. Lemmy, thanks for the little relieve that you just drop now atleast we will have hope that everything will be okay. Pls how can i get cccam acount, are you selling it?

  183. nice article and very informative.
    lemmy, my problem is that my qsat remote control is damaged so I can’t do the searching and blind scans.
    is there any way I could get one to purchase? Please can the cccam be used on qsat?


  1. […] This is indeed a very tough time for azsky, just when they finished giving a permanent solutions to their account loading problems, DS*V upgrade slapped them in the face. Azsky is now working off and on. Its downtimes are uncharacteristically more than its uptime no thanks to the ds*v upgrade of some weeks back. The only thing i can say for sure and with all certainty is that, azsky will be back and better. In fact for all those who still take their time to power on their azsky dongles, you will all i know you are aware that even as at yesterday’s evening, some channels worked. Those channels was not stable and i think that was the reason why they went off again. There is hope, but if you can’t wait there are options here. […]

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