About Nimbuzz Chat Messenger & List of Nimbuzz Servers/ ips and ports

nimbuzz user interfaceYou may think this is not necessary, But there are millions of nimbuzz users out there who are desperately in need of nimbuzz servers to power their Handler Nimbuzz Applications.This is the reason why i have compiled the list of nimbuzz servers that you can use to power your nimbuzz Application be it nimbuzz for symbian phones or nimbuzz handlers.

You must note that this servers / ips are not useful for smartphones that doesn’t have an option to insert proxy servers e.g phones like iPhones, and most Android phones .

You may want to what is Nimbuzz and how is it useful?

Free Calls and Messaging!

Nimbuzz is a cross-platform mobile social networking apllication for all phones and computers

Nimbuzz combines the powers of the Internet and mobile communications into one, and lets you make calls, send messages and share files, on any mobile device, for free.

It is everything you need to communicate for free:

  • Call, chat and messaging on your terms, plus photos, music and video sharing.
  • Be there for your friends – Stay connected, see who’s online, and what they are up to.
  • Connect with new friends in chat rooms and meet face-to-face via location sharing.
  • For everyone. No matter what device, Nimbuzz most likely supports it, so go ahead and invite your friends.
  • You can also ping with nimbuzz though this is limited to some country
  • nimbuzz currently supports the following social networks
  • Windows live messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Facebook chat
  • Google Talk
  • Twitter and
  • Nimbuzz account platform which opens you upto more than 100 international chatrooms

Nimbuzz Lets You … Meet, Share and Connect.

It’s mobile freedom to communicate!

You can Learn More About Nimbuzz and download it to your pohone or pc click here Here

download nimbuzz for mobile here


download nimbuzz for Mac


Download for windows Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista and 7


Download nimbuzz for your tablet

Note: Nimbuzz mobile is available for all kinds of phones like Android, Blackberry, Symbian, java, meego, maemo e.t.c and Nimbuzz for computer is also available

Now for the list of nimbuzz working servers read on:

bosh.nimbuzz.com port: 80
(note: however if the above server doesn’t work for you then try any of the ones below)

1. openfire.nimbuzz.com
2. gateway.nimbuzz.com (default baby,was closed by nimbuzz)
3. snow.nimbuzz.com
4. nickel.nimbuzz.com
5. xmpp00.nimbuzz.com
6. xmpp01.nimbuzz.com
7. xmpp02.nimbuzz.com
8. xmpp03.nimbuzz.com
9. xmpp04.nimbuzz.com
10. xmpp05.nimbuzz.com
11. xmpp06.nimbuzz.com
12. xmpp07.nimbuzz.com

port: 1. 5222 (for plain text/tsl/sasl) 2. 5223 (for SSL connection) 3. 443 (If dont miss, this for database connection (MySQL)

and like i said earlier, the server is only usefull for phones that enab;le you to mabually insert a proxy server.

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