About Liberty Star Decoders & T.Link 300, 500, 600, and 900HD Decoders to watch Pay Tv for as cheap as #1250 Per Month

The main focus of this blog is to enlighten the readers on genuine way to get the best out of your phones, computers and satellite decoders. In this post (which of course is channeled towards those who are in africa and wish to watch pay satellite tv television for cheap) i will be introducing you to two decoders that you can buy and subscribe to and you will be able to watch all dstv channels on Eutelsat w4/w7, Canalsat on NSS 7, MYTV on Intelsat e.t.c…

First i will start with Liberty Star T1 Decoder:

Liberty Star T1 Decoder is a new Receiver with 6month or 1hear inbult Cccam subscription, And you can activate it with any sim card of your choice. for example if you are in nigeria, you can activate with MTN or Glo, or Etisalat or Airtel  Sim Cards. But from personal experience, i will advice anybody living in Nigeria to use etisalat with the easy cliq plan and secondly also make sure you use it with at least a 3.g enabled sim card so that you can enjoy it.This is a very good Alternative to Dongles. This is a very clean and 100% legay way of watching satellite tv by paying very little. For example after the expiration of your liberty decoder subscription, you are only required to pay a token that ranges between #5000(about $32 to #15000($85) yearly) Let us even say you want to be renewing it with #15000(Nigeria currency) or $85 annually if you divide this by 12 calender months it means you are paying like #1250  monthly for what DSTV Subscribers will pay #10,600 to watch. And what is more is that you require less tha 30mb of data on your sim to watch liberty decoder for about 1month. All that been said lets us go to the main Features, pros and cons of Liberty Star T1 Decoder.


It can never be blocked like dongle since you are paying for it

The Decoder is very cheap

Everything you need to get started with the decoder is inbuilt you dont need to buy extra accesories

You cannot be logged on as long as your subscription is still active and your sim Network is good

It is more reliable when compared with All dongles

You can use a singe dist to track dstv channels on it which means you only need a dish and you can even use a 60cm dish unlike dongles that requires at least two dishes of which one must be 90cm.

the list is endless



>> It is an Mpeg-2 decoder (i mean not mpeg 4 and not even HD wHICH MEANS you cant open stations that supports only mpeg-4 and you cannot open HD channels with ityour viewing experience

>> The available satellites you can track and watch is limited to only DSTV and CANALSAT OTHERWISE KNOWN AS NSS 7

>>> You must use a woking simcard with 3g or else you wont enjoy

If you are in Nigeria and you want to buy this decoder but you dont know where to get it, you may contact me

As a result of the above mentioned shortcomings of Liberty decoder, i will be talking about a better alternative to liberty Star t1 decoder (though little more expensive and the name of this other Decoder is called T.Link and it comes in various madels e.g T.Link 300HD, 400HD, 500HD, 600HD and 900HD or  which the latest for now is the 900HD.


T.Link Decoders is a product or Microbox and the software are always available since unlike liberty it is not a new product. It is an HD PVR MPEG-4 DECODER WITH DONGLE CAPABILTIES/ Infact there is a version that has inbuilt microbox dongle as well as capability to use an external router for Newcamd and CCCAM accounts the one with inbuilt dongle is built to work for a year wherther you use it with cccam or the inbuilt dongle. the inbuilt dongle is very stable because it uses the same server with the cccam account, however if you buy the variant that comes with the inbuilt router then you may use it only with external dongle if you dont want to use the router. Now let me goto the advantages and features




>> It is an HD PVR Decoder

>> It is mpeg-4

>> There is no known limit to the numbers of channels you can receive on it e.g you can watch aljazeral, nilesat, eutelsat, intelsat, nss 7 e.t.c

>> you can also watch all channels in either HD or SD


For the details of the price you can contact me… i dont want to disclose it openly howevr with the info i have provided, you can get it from your local satellite dealer. fore more enquiries, post your comments here




  1. limey winslow zola says:

    hello any news about beinsport biss key

  2. limey winslow zola says:

    please any latest key about of beinsport on 7 degree east

  3. pls lemmy which strong decoder is the highest model now?

  4. Pls help me on my tlink ,I just get it fairly use and I want to get everything inside working,how do I go about it

  5. may God bless u

  6. morning lemmy, how are u doing. pls i need ur help on my tlink. The lan port does not connect to the internet. I want you to please help me. i just bought the tlink 300. It worked fine for 3 days but now, it connects to the lan port once in a while.

  7. pls I need oscar 900hd latest software

  8. Pls……I updated ma tlink 900 wt d software I downloaded frm dis site….. afta everytin, is nt opening agaian bt, before I updated it….it was openin. Wat can I do pls? I also downloaded tlink600, can I use it to update d tlink600 though, d tlink600 is stil working……..??????

  9. Thanks a million Lemmy. I just connected it n pressd some few buttons n lo n behold the west channels are working. Im patiently waiting for d arrival of d east channels.

  10. Thanks Lemmy. But pls how do I do it? Shud I do it like decoder to decoder transfer?

  11. Hi Lemmy,
    Thanks as usual for ur assistance. My liberty has stoped working for abt 3 days now. Is it general? I know Azsky is down. I hv a new service acct but when it was working n I conect it to liberty it neva works whilst others are working. Is there something I shud do b4 it works? Finaly, the canalsat channels r not showing with the Azsky. I know u can offer valuable suggestions. Pls help me. Thnx in advance

  12. timothy says:

    please i need to renew my service account on tlink 900hd

  13. Hi Lemmy,
    What I am hearing is that there is an ongoing upgrade that is why the Azsky g1+ has stopped working and that in about 2 weeks time it will start working. Pls can u confirm that? God bless u Lemmy.

  14. Greetings Lemmy.
    The decoder to decoder upgrade was successful but still ‘no signal’ is what I see. Meanwhile my friends t3 is still perfectly working here with me. Im 100% confused. Thanks for ur support, Lemmy.

  15. Hi Lemmy! Pls I humbly need ur directive. I have d rs232 cable n a friend’s working liberty t3. I connect d cable to both decoders n I dont know the steps to follow next. Pls, Lemmy, help me out with the step by step decoder to decoder transfer. Pls.

  16. Edward Quansah says:

    Hi Bro, as i was reading your so of the moment post, u made mention of t2 been fake is that true but mine has started working for the past 2 month now from April till date. am using Airtel sim put the only problem is that its scrambles some time. how best can his be solved. thank u.

    • you have no problem that warrant solution sir. continue enjoying your t2 while it last

      • Edward Quansah says:

        Hi bro Morgan,as am writing my Liberty t2 is not working, and as u know the new football session is just about to begin please bro which decoder do u recommend for me as sport fan who love watching football. please bro, a friend has told me that STRONG HD DECODER together with A+ BROAD BAND ROUTER is recommended. (A+ plus broad band router uses sim card) that is what he is using now. He said the soft wear can upgraded when expires. Pleases may i know if u have any idea about this. and how true is it about the soft wear upgrading cos i want to go for one because i love sports and i always want to be in doors. Can the STRONG HD DECODER be upgrade when expires? Thank u plse let me hear from u sir.

  17. Please is Liberty still working? Mine has stopped working for about a week now.

  18. please mr Lemmy Morgan,my friend is using T-link or tp link to watch DSTV channels,the guy we bought it from said that the router can serve 2 to 4 addition people using the same account.so i bought a strong decoder and decided to connect it. but when i connect it to the port on the router.my DSTV channels does not come but his own is coming well.so please is there any possibilities.please help me.this my facebook name [email protected] or samuel boateng

  19. Thanks Lemmy. All of dat has been done but still “no signal” is wht I get. Interestingly, I brought a friend’s T3 n it worked perfectly but when I sent mine to his end, d same “no signal” is wht we see. He also confirmed dat his signal went off d same time mine went off but came back after hours. Some friends also complained of d same problem. Lemmy, we dont know wht is happening. Thanks 4 ur concern.

  20. Pls Lemmy, for some days now if not weeks, Iv not been able to get d signal on liberty. It’s always ‘no signal’. Pls is it general or am I d only one experiencing it? Wht should I do? Thanks as usual.

  21. Tnx 4 ur quick response. One last thing is I have used liberty T3 for some time now. I want to graduate to Tlink 900Hd. Does the Tlink 900Hd also scramble like the T3?

  22. Bigups bro. I want to kno why some sim cards do not work but others do. Is the problem from liberty or from the network providers? Again, is there any way to get back the local channels (like Metro, Gtv, Tv3, etc) on liberty? Very urgent.

  23. tlink 900 hd now works in sds mode with the latest software

  24. Which networks are working with the Liberty T3 and T5 decoders in Ghana.i have both but i dont know which networks is working now.i was using MTN first but it stopped working.pls anyone from Ghana that can help me.Lemmy is there something i have to do?

  25. Im in Ghana and i have the liberty Decoder T3.pls you guys seem to be talking about Nigerian networks.which sim cards can we those in Ghana use to make our decoders work again?pls is there anyone in Ghana who is on this forum that can help us.I have tried all sim cards but non seems to be working.should i buy new sim cards?pls reply me quick.i beg.

  26. hi oga Oga Lemmy,i tried to update my tlink 600 by resetting to factory default,but every setting just disappeared,pls what help can u render ?

  27. Eclink X5 GPRS dongle soutien Airtel, Orange, Glo, Tigo, Mtn, Moov, Eutisalat, Celtel, Mascom, BeMobile, Comium, vert … etc Pas besoin de configuration d’info APN, adaptateur 5V-2A, Mini plat et le cable RS232. ouvrir HD & SD canal de Canalsat 22W 117pcs, MyTV 68.5E 20pcs et DSTV 36E 80pcs

  28. Danjuma says:

    Glo network is not working with liberty decoder in our area what can i do

  29. Danjuma says:

    Glo network is not working with liberty decoder what can i do

  30. Can i be able to watch OSN (orbit showtime network) and ADTV (Abu dhabi tv network) on Nilesat using the TLINK 900 HD

  31. @Anthony, just buy 500naira airtel recharge card and put it.then on your TV and then make sure u put your Apn for airtel by pressing 2580. And scrol left or right to get the apn, then press ok. Put the channel on supper sport 4 , remove the sim and put it back, just wait for few second, it will start working.

  32. Liberty star t1 is working for almost two weeks now, but mainly with airtel sim.Just buy like 500 naira credit on. I have been enjoying mine.

    • good info and besides this is my updatess on liberty and t.link.
      As i speak, t.link opens about 7-10 ds*v channels including ss3, ss5 and ss7… and this has been consistent the only sad aspect is that it works only with the inbuilt cccam of t.link not the sds mode available on t.link 900.

      Liberty t3 is more stable than t1 presently and to enjoy your liberty decoder with dstv, please use either an mtn sim newly bought or an airtel sim newly bought and registered. or else you may experience service denial on liberty. And liberty presently opens about 88% of dstv premium channels whenever its online.

      • pls. my liberty star is currently not working with mtn,airtel and glo, but working with only vodafone,does it mean i hve to buy new sim, and how much credit do i have to have on it before it works very well.

        • just have a data plan or a reasonable amount of airtime not too much nor too little

          • Anthony says:

            pls what would i do for my liberty star to work with airtel,mtn,glo and tigo,when i press menu n 2580 it display ok, but dont show pictures. what should i do Boss.

      • Bro will new mtn & Airtel sim card work for liberty star t1. i m currently using glo sim card but it is opening just ss1,ss3ni, ss10, ss5, Amg, Amt+, chO

  33. Dear Morgan,
    I bought ma Liberty T1 last weekend precisely on saturday 16 march 2013, from a dealer using it to watch dstv channels test and ok but since on 19 march 2013, after installing ma dish, all dstv channels as been scrambled, only the free to air channels are showing.
    kindly tell me watch to do?
    which best sim to use?
    or Is it a general problem?

    await your response, im getting tired of the whole stuff.


  34. Sir Lemmy, i have liberty star T3 with all the stations scrambled, what can I do to get the channels working . will it work and can T3 be upgraded too??

  35. Liberty star only showing SS3 currently ,is it a general prob. I’m in Ghana

  36. Collins says:


  37. Bigafees says:

    Pls can new registered sim with monthly internet boundle work on Liberty t1? because someone told me that only old sims can work with it

  38. what is the frequency for NSS 722W? and can it work in Ghana?
    I need just one frequency, symbol Rate and the dish size.

  39. Hello Lemmy.thanks for creating time for people like us.pls my liberty star T1 decoder dat i purchased dec 27 2012 has stopd showin dstv stations for the past 3 days.bfor d netwk eventual went,i notice it ws only Movie action i ws able t watch and later on it scrambled.presently d stations am able t watch aint dstv channels.pls D̶̲̥̅̊Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ u knw if othrs are also xperiencing same cos ad tried both etisalat and zain bt all t no avail.kindly confirm dis for me if its everywhr.thank U

    • I am now using this medium to officially declare that all liberty products i mean liberty star T1, T2 and T3 and G1, G2 have been down since three days now. This is a general problem and we hope it will be resolved soon.

      As for tlink, it is still working perfectly as i speak

      • Anthony says:

        pls do u have an idea of when the liberty star will work, or has dstv disconnected it.

        • it will be back for sure. no exact date or time but soonest. some channels are already showing as i speak but not stable

          • 1, Boss it has been a long time now since liberty went off,is there any hope for us.
            2.is there anyway you can use the strong decoder to watch the dstv scrambled channels.

          • 1. there is hope
            2. buy cccam server a router and a usb modem with data pla only with strong decoders tha has lan ports and option for cccam

          • pls can u explain the terms for me,so that i can bye them. the cccam sever a router, lan port. for usb modem i hve it.

          • nothing to explain further only that you are in the wrong article here. use the search box to find your way to the post how to enable cccam account on strong decoders

  40. wigbert says:

    can liberty star T2 decoders be upgraded?

  41. Dear Morgan,

    My liberty star decoder has been scrambled for weeks now and I do not know why. Could you believe that all my friends in Ghana are having the same issue at the moment. Please advice if should renew my subscription cos I have been using it for the past six months now or if there is anyway to bypass the subscription would very much appreciated.

  42. MICHAEL YORKE says:

    Dear Morgan,

    It is Michael from Ghana. Have been using my liberty star for the past six months now and I think I have to renew my account subscription because my channels are all scrambled now. Please direct me as to how to renew my subscription with the box or if there is anyway to bypass this subscription stuff for me to gain access to the channels? please advice cos my channels are all scrambled now.
    Morgan, could you believe that all my friends are having this same problem, is it a problem from DSTV?

  43. MICHAEL YORKE says:

    Dear Morgan,

    I think my liberty star decoder subscription has expired because I cannot view any channel for now. Have been using the box for the past six months now. My problem is how can I renew the subscription or is there any way of by passing this subscription thing to have access to the channels again? Please advice on the way to go.

  44. Hi lemmy how’s you? I have a problem with my hd receiver t.link 300full. I, used t.link 300 full hd since 6 months without problem. but last week he was no longer able to connect to the internet whenever. I try the combination “666 F1” i got the message “no network interface” but as I, used rj45 port with a current subscription. what to do? and I will also need to know if I can use a modem and connect directly to the receiver as the t.link 600full hd. thank you for your comments

  45. samuel eghan says:

    Pls sir, am in ghana and i have liberty star decoder t2.For one week now it has stopped showing, it only the free stations that are showing.Pls what could be the problem, it that the software has expired and i need to renew to it or i need to wait for a while.Pls sir, i need you to advice me on this.Thank you

  46. Hi Lemmy
    Since yesterday 11Feb, my liberty star decoder is not working. All the channels are scrambled except the free channels. The green light stays on for three to five minutes and turns red. Meanwhile, other friends of mine who use liberty are all enjoying their channels.  It’s four days now, and I still have ‘scrambled’ shown on the screen. Please how can you help. Do..
    What could the problem be ??pls help me

  47. Is liberty having any problem? mine together with some friends had ours not working since 3 days now

  48. Hi Lemmy
    Since yesterday 8th Feb, my liberty star decoder is not working. All the channels are scrambled except the free channels. The green light stays on for three to five minutes and turns red. Meanwhile, other friends of mine who use liberty are all enjoying their channels. What could the problem be ??

  49. Hi please can anyone confirm how many channels working on tlink900 ? Sds mode how many. And Internet mode how many ? As I only get 3 channels

  50. Edward Quansah says:

    Hi Morgan, am using the liberty star t5 decoder in conjunction or together with the strong decoder, and i have not regret of buying am enjoying it very much specially with super sport station. please may i known which of these liberty star decoder is powerful(that is t1, t2, t3, and t5). what is the life span for this liberty decoders. I learnt t9 is out how true is it .

    • none is is most powerful, you can only have one that is most stable… and you will be the judge of that.

      about liberty decoder life span i will say no life span for now. Simply use it while it last

    • Edward Quansah says:

      Hi Mr. Morgan,the liberty star t2 decoder is still working but the only problem is that its keeps on scramble from time to time how can this problem be solved. is there any latest decoder out that can get all the DStv station for free special sports station. pls if yes let me know bro.thank u.

  51. hi i stay in kano state nigeria. I ve instrest in this receiver. What is the price and where can i get it? And i hope it will work ni my state? I look forward to hearing from you.

  52. Larry Kay says:

    Lemmy,Can any of your fee satellite reciever work as a Internet moderm?

    • yes via router t.link will work as internet modem. However the internet ain’t gonna be free as it will be charge on the regular tariff plan of your service provider

  53. plse…..very very urgent 4 de liberty t1,t2,t3 etc loader tool
    i really need it……………bros
    thnx jah bless

  54. bros happy new year,plse i need liberty t1, t2, t3 etc loader tool
    as well as i am techncian thnx
    jah bless……………………….

  55. nhyiraba cobby says:


  56. Hello Lemmy,
    I will like to have the breakdown cost and full function of the T-Link and Liberty Star T1 and the full option…i will also wanna know if i can get access to all SuperSport Station as i am interest in it…
    Ayodele S.

  57. Latest on t.link 900 and T.link 600 HD : as at the time of posting, all dstv multi choice channels are perfectly working on t.link decoders on both SDS and the Internet Protocol… so enjoy the resurrection of t.link

    • pls lemmy, i just install my Tlink 600 and only amov, ss3, ss5,ss7 are working. software version presently running is 2.83. what do i ned to do? secondly can i use an external cccam on tlink 600, if yes how do i configure pls? thanks

  58. pls Mr.Lemmy
    am in Ghana , i use liberty star,for about three days now none of the channels ar showing
    Pls help me.

  59. Pls sir am in Ghana n I use the libertystar T2 decoder, since yesterday it shows scrambled. Wht can I do to get the channels back again pls help. Sam

  60. Pls lemmy my liberty t1 jst went scrambles 2day nd av tried 2 change d sim s doin dsame
    pls I wnt 2 knw if dey ar doin der upgrading again or wot s wrong wit it.

  61. Shaldavid says:

    Hi! Thank you lemmy for all informations! Now i just want know that if you know something about Liberty Star T5? because i buy it last week! I live in TOGO! It like module or dongle you connect on a receiver with RS-232 after plugin the sim card.

  62. Hpi new yr lemmy
    wot s d latest news on liberty T1 ds yr

  63. plss can u tell me d cost of d liberty star decoder via email @[email protected]

  64. pls can i use strong SRT 4669z to watch encrypted channels for free if yes how?

  65. Hi Mr. Lemmy,
    i would like to buy a Tlink 900HD decoder. From your earlier postings I understand I will equally need a router and a modem.. You recommended vodafone router, my problem is do I have to buy a modem of only 3G or 3.5G network in my place considering the fact that you said vodafone router can work with EDGE? Hope I can contact you through your email for more information on how I can buy the decoder.. Thank you.

  66. Sir. With my one dish how can i get mytv or dstv, and what is the latest frequency for mytv??? Thanks for response…

  67. Abubakar R says:

    Hi Mr. Lemmy,
    I am using Liberty star T3 decoder, for quite sometime now most ( if not all) DSTV stations were not opening. However for some days now most of them back but the problem is the local (Nigerian) channels are still not showing except LTV. Is there any hope they will be restored?

  68. Pls tell me hw much s T1

  69. Hi Lemmy,
    I bought a Liberty Star T3 decoder and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. I suddenly realize that it stopped at ‘scrambled’ and there was nothing I do that will make it show paid stations. Free stations on it are on 24/7 anyway. Another thing I have noticed is that each time I power it on, it says ‘No Signal’ despite the fact that the LNB cable is connected. I will have to disconnect it, switch off the decoder and reconnect again, then the signal comes . Even still, it does not restore viewing.
    The signal is strong, with all the indicators (the two green lights) on.
    I have reset the decoder twice and there’s been no improvement.

    It’s four days now, and I still have ‘scrambled’ shown on the screen. Please how can you help. Do I need to upgrade using a software or what?
    Please help with anything that you think is useful.

  70. Pls I need to be one of your distributors. I reside in enugu. Let me hear from you. Thanks.

  71. Please I need your contact, flash me 08037500982

  72. Morgan pls i need your contact, my number is 08037500982.
    Can liberty star work in niger republic? how do I change the apn to that of Niger

  73. Pls Sir I am in Ghana and I need the T.Link decoder how do I get it from u. Pls mail me and tell me the

  74. I have compared Liberty T1&T3 decoder and Tech-X9HD GPRS decoder in these days, Liberty T1&T3 decoder only can open around 70pcs cansalt channel and few sd dstv channel. but tech-X9HD can open full HD&SD DSTV(130pcs) and HD&SD canalsat channel(102pcs), so i want Liberty T1&T3 decoder need do more thing soon.

  75. Pls, how is tlink 600 and tlink 900 and the difference

    • not much difference just that tlink 900 has two accounts and 600 has one, secondly 600 is linux based while 900 is windows based and to use the cccam on 900 u need a router while you can plugin your internet modem directly into tlink 600 to use its cccam acct

  76. thanks for the link to downloading of the software. but how do I install it on the decoder, also the software is a rar file according to the site. please i need explanation

  77. please how do I make alphabet appear in other to change my liberty t3 APN? I want to add glo

  78. Hi,
    I have been following your discussions. It seems to me one will have to necessarily buy from you then you will offer the assistance required. It sounds fair to me. But if that is the case, what happens to my subscription when you are no more there?

    If I want one how much will it cost via DHL and please give me the details thro e-mail.

  79. pls lemmy what is avatar and whow does it work

    • avatar is a dongle and it is used to whatch pay tv but you need to dishes to use it. tomlearn more use the google custom search on this site and type about avatar dongle in it


  81. Selling HD IC,HD strong 5000FTA Dongle and HD Tech-X9 GPRS(SIm card) decoder to africa market.

  82. Am Seth from Ghana. I sell MGcamd and CCcam servers for DStv and canal plus, for just 280 GHC one year free access is 100% stable without any freezes and reliable. Anyone interested should call me on 0541281757.

  83. Am having a 100% stable MGcamd and CCcam servers for one year-$150. Anyone interested should call me:

  84. are u online now and if not when wl u b

  85. Is tlink 900hd work wit sds mode now?

  86. fred amenuveve says:

    pls how do i get one am in accra and hohoe, volta region. And how much is it.

  87. hi lemmy. does tlink 600hd has both Lan and usb plug and play usb modem port? and olease wh one is better Dreabox HD or Tlink HD.

    • they perfom different functions. t.link is a cusxtomized decoder while dreambox is a stand alone decoder with dream box you will need to buy and set an external cccam cline but with t,link, it comes with an internal cccam

  88. thanks man, the problem is now resolved. What i did is to download & update the FTP, now the connection is upto 28 servers & very fast in connecting, also, there are new features like SSP under F1-111, ping under F1-666 and others. Though these new features am yet to know what they do.

  89. sir I would love to speak with u, can u send me ur phone number. Mine are: 08099685513, 07043029543. Thanks

  90. this problem started about a week now, also it was last month that i bought it and i have tried all the network and still the same 27 server connections

    • check the expiry date of the decoder by pressing sideways till you get to server 40. if that doen’t work then you may have to restore factory settings of the decoder and try again. meanwhile is there 3.5g network in your area?

  91. thanks for your response. but how do i go about using external cccam account because am hearing it for the first time

  92. pls sir am having problem with my TLink 900, the server connection does not exceed 27 and as a result am unable to watch any of the scrammble station, what can i do to resolve it.

    • since when has that been happening and are you sure your decoder is not more than a year. i mean is your subscription not expired? secondly have you tested it with other satellites e.g canalsat? if it remains the same, then change your sim

  93. Happy birthday to you mr lemmy, may you live to see more of it in hapiness ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ joy

  94. Hi,
    I have t.link 6 reciver and I want to renewal the subscription of my reciver can you help

  95. EgyaBenle says:

    Lemmy , please I’ve lost all DSTV channels on liberty star t2. No channel is coming. Please what could be the problem.

  96. daniel thiago benieh says:

    pls big bro i neeed help these is not about liberty is how to get the software to unlock all the dstv channel on my srt 4669z decoder if u have it call me i need help i will pay 4 it +233240599444 or daniel thiago benieh on facebook


  98. Lemmy
    Thank you for all the responds you gave online.Please what is jsc and i want let you know that DSTV CHANNELS ON TLINK 900 HD ARE BACK BUT HANGING AND FREEZING AFTER INTERVALS WITH CHANNELS FROM NSS 7 CANNAL SATELLITE.WHY .PLEASE WHAT CAN I DO

  99. Pls lemmy, can u help me sell my tlink 900hd, all hd are bk on sds mode, pls i nid ur help, 08060027899

  100. Lemmy why is my liberty star do say sim error most time i put it on and what should i do to rectify it.

  101. This is to inform those who care to listen that All existing and new DSTV (Multichoice Africa) HD & SD Channels are fully back on T.link 900 and T.link 600 HD decoders and they are very stable.. What is more The dongle / SDS Account of t.link 900 HD is back as well up t.link….

  102. Dear Lemmy
    All my dstv channels on liberty star are off. Meanwhile, there is this rumor that dstv will start blocking users who use cccam accounts to watch their channels starting on October 21. How true is that ??

  103. This is an update for those who are asking about when t.link decoder will be back. Well am happy to tell you that t.link 900 and t.link 600 is now 96% back. Since yesterday and as at the time of posting i have confirmed that almost all the channels on Eutelsat w4/w7 (DSTV MultiChoice africa) are back incliding all supersports channels.. so all you have to do now is for you to delete previous channels then blind scan your decoder and you are good to go…
    NOTE: This works only with the internet protocol of the decoder not yet confirmed on the sds mode

  104. Hi Lemmy! Pls can i change my access point if decide to use another sim in case one network failed? Also pls give me the frequency for canal+ ‘NSS 7 ku band, i cant find it in my decoder (liberty star).

  105. please lemi what is happening to t-link must of my channels are not openin

  106. Dear Lemmy,
    Why is it that when important matchdays are up, ss3 goes off. Today, France n Spain are playing and its off. Last time, it was Madrid vs City. Why? Any explanations ???

  107. my guru will librty str2 works normal again?
    if yes,when bros?
    i m satellite/gsm technician/dealer…
    i need ur support my guru
    my no.(+233543903658)
    thnkx bro

  108. Dear lemmy, my tlink 900hd it work with 2 channel without dongle or internet, sshd1 and mnet series, are we hoping here

  109. lat abayomi says:

    i am interested in liberty n t link decoder.where can i buy them and at what price?. can you help me pls

  110. hi, please do dlink satelite decoder work in london UK, if yes how do i get it and configure it. Thanks

  111. Is inbuilt dongle is working on tlink 900hd, bcos without even connect my dongle ss3hd is not showing image but the sound it ok

  112. Oga lemmy, I got a problem with my tlink 900HD when I was upgrading it the Nepa switch off light, now d box is not showing anytin again than upgrade again which I think I will need a software loader for it . How can you help me

  113. Where can i get ds vodafone and how much? Pls mr lemmy

  114. Mr lemmy , incase the 3G is not good . Which router can you recomeend

  115. Yap, but working better on nss7ku

  116. Can i get a router 4 my tlink then bcos i dnt no weda it w work for me or nt, pls advice me, bcos it was test by sds mode when i want to buy it

  117. Someone advice me to get a router to my tlink 900hd, that some people own are still working in offa, kwara state using router since but what ur advice

  118. i confirmed it yesterday that the Dongle mode on t.link 900 HD worked and it opens all dstv channels but this morning it went off again. i think they are working on it

  119. Medaddie timothy says:

    please teach me how to get free dstv channels forever. and how this receiver works. and tell whether i have to connect it to the internet for it to show dstv channels. thx. email me

  120. bros i m useing librty str t2 (nss7 keep on breaking)

  121. I was doing factory reset when our light went out, when the light was restored my liberty decoder is not working any more, when you power it on it only display the blue satellite background. How can u help me

  122. EgyaBenle says:

    Lemmy and Henry
    I now have SS4, 5 and 9. The rest of the SS channels do not come. Any help? I am very grateful.

  123. What is d frequency and symbol rate to track nss7/ku 22w pls

  124. IF NEED LIBERTY STAR DECODER CALL ME 0205971112 OR 0245129016 (300GHS)

  125. oloko adebayo says:

    i want to know how to re new d subcription after expriation of d first 6 month. Thanks

  126. Pls oga lemmy,each time i change my sim card on tlink 600,i have to reset d apn,passwrd etc.Is there any way i can save any one or even all.Thanks.

  127. Lemmy, is tlink 900hd back with dstv

  128. NANA KWAME says:

    hi bro where in ghana can i get t.link900

  129. EgyaBenie
    All the channels are back. I can confirm that. I lost the channels too this morning. It was because of Dstv’s system upgrade. But they are all back with new channels added. Check ur decoder once again.

  130. Tlink 900HD FOR SELL, CONTACT ME NOW ON 2347054186205, it working with canalsport and jsc perfectly but soonest with all dstv but work with few channels on dstv nw

  131. EgyaBenle says:

    Hi Lemmy , I have the liberty star decoder, I’m in Ghana. This morning I lost all the DSTV channels. I rescanned and got only SS9. I inquired from my friends who also use the liberty star and they have the same problem. Please, what could probably be wrong? Thank you.

  132. pls oga lemmy,will using tlink600 with router make any difference ?And thnx.

  133. pls oga lemmy,what is d function of lan port @ d back of tlink 600 ?

  134. pls oga lemmy,my tlink 600 is only showing very few stations,even with dongle,can u proffer solution pls ?

    • t.link 600 doesn’t come with inbuilt dongle sir… if you are talking about dstv channels, then is has not been fixed yet but i will update you guys as soon as all is back with dstv

  135. Eric Mensah says:

    hi please can i make business with u i want to be your agent here in Ghana?i am into satellite business thanks.

  136. My phone no is 0242288618 or 0262288618 I live in Ghana and decoder is GHC 350.just so we arrange for u to get it.Thank u folks

  137. if u need liberty star call me.am living in Ghana.one is GHc 350

  138. Pls I only get few channels on this stuff, is there any way I can search for oda channels

  139. Liberty Star T1 Decoder is a new Receiver wit 6month inbult subscription, activated wit Sim Card slot dat open encripted channels… Pls Note i’m nt an agent or marketer, i only got one 2day n i’m enjoyin it as close subtitude 2 my Dongles, i am in warri

  140. Error i meant to say how to register the sim card

  141. Sankara said says:
  142. Lemmy
    Dstv pple say this internet connections are illegal. What do u have to say abt it ???

  143. pls what’s d difference bw linux and windows operating systems

  144. pls don”t mind my ignorance,but i want to ask about d difference bw linux & windows operating systems ?

  145. Sir , I love ur website and I apreciate your good work here kindly email me the price of liberty T3 and the new Tlink and better way of delivery , I live in ilesha , osun state thanks

  146. Am from Ghana but my problem is am using liberty star t2. But it scrambles a lot. As at now ss1 ss2 ss3ni ss6 7ni 10 and mm1 mm2 stuni,amnet1 and 2, are not coming. Can u help me pls.

  147. plz can u give me the frequency and the symbol rate for canal tv ?

  148. Wot abt tlink 900 any info

  149. All the SSNi’s (whether 3,5 or 7 ) are not helping. Pls Lemmy, What is in store for liberty star users ?? I know t link will soon role out a new upgrade software. What about Liberty Star ??

  150. @Solomon. Please, are u in Ghana ??
    Bcos Im experiencing the same problem.

  151. Me too. Only SS4 and SS5 are working. Whats happening to my liberty star decoder ?? Pls Lemmy, what could be the cause ??

  152. plz on the liberty star

  153. hi my super-sports are not working except SS4 and SS5 what is happening, are dstv blocking those channels

  154. plz can we enjoy our liberty star after October ?

  155. pls morgan the truth is that dstv will never allow whether t.link or liberty to continue.so there should be a way to upgrade it once it is scrambled.let the software or site and how, be available for the business to continue.so what do you have to say on this.if the software is available let me know.you said the providers subscribed for 1yr how come you are talking about clocking it by dstv,to whom did the subscribe to

    • who are you an agent or what my avatar 2 which i bought a cable of just #3500 is working and you are here saying tlink wont continue. liberty has started working back since yesterday and even presently 5 channels including 223, action mm2 is working on t.link 600 hd. so pls stop addressing me as if i sold the decoder to you or as if am directly responsible to you okay…

  156. Am an installer, if done all wot i nid to do, nothing show at, otherwise only the sshd3 is nt showing but the audio is speaking, the action and mm1 is showing in the morning,

  157. Gud morning, even after i track the canalsat on nss7/ku my tlink is not showing, pls can i see u 1 on 1 am in oshogbo now pls, may u could enlighting me further, pls, my regard lemmy

  158. hi lemmy.I thank God 4pple like you.Pls I want 2ask why is Nss7 ku skipping and freezes most times.
    It hardly works for 5mins without skipin many times,Am using a Dreambox(DM 500s) with a 3g router.Mytv is relatively steady but others skips like hell JSC sports inclusive.
    Also Dreambox and Tlink which one is better?

  159. I Am one of the Tlink900 HD user,but i found it difficult to understand the way the So called account been deactivate when it matters most.Since the services is what someone is paying for, i do not see the reason why the UPGRADING should affecting those account, Of which the DSTV subcriber are currently and countinue enjoying thier services without being INTERRUPTED.PLEASE explain why is it like that?Thanks.

    • there is nothing to explain if you must compare 15,000 yearly to 10,500 monthly bro. if you are desperate to watche uninterrupted dstv channels pls get a dstv decoder. otherwise you should have known that this kind of a thing should be expected once in a while since this is a cheap service. they are working on it and it is not ony t.link that is affected… liberty, dreambox, openbox, name it only avatar 2 is showing intermittently for now. but t.link is working perfectly on other satellites apart from multichoice africa

  160. hey morgan can you advice which of the decoder is the best to buy and how can i get it can you get back to me asap

  161. Hi, what is the major difference between the t600 and the t900. also, is it the DSTV upgrade that is stopping the TLink from showing?

  162. Is anyone using Lierty star currently experiencing difficulty in accessing all the dstv channels ?

  163. Hi Lemmy, what is the problem with the tlink as it has not been showing in the past two days? has dstv blocked it. also what is the difference between the t600 and the t900. cheers

    • dstv has not blocked it dstv is conducting a massive upgrade which affected their servers. once the upgrade is completed on the part of dstv service should be restored. For now make do with channels for NSS 7.

      As for your second question the major difference4s btw t.link 900 and t.link 600 are as follows
      , tlink 600 is internet only and it runs on Linux operating system while tlink 900 is internet + Dongle.

      Secondly to watch channels via internet account on tlink 900, you need to do this via a router while to do same on tlink 600 all you need is an active internet usb modem

  164. bros i m hving prblm on de canal (22w) it keeps breaking continuesly. plse cn u hlp me out?
    nd frequencies fr 22w
    big thnx good bro………………………..

  165. Hi Lemmy in Ghana when n where can i get the T.LINK HD DECODER & LIBERTY STAR T1 DECODER to buy urgent,0244443407 is my number thanx.

    Pls i need replay urgent

  166. am getting scared, hope dstv will not block it rit, oga lemmy

  167. but i tout this Tlink of a thing it has legitimy in usage, as in dstv cannot block it

  168. I want to know the price of both liberty star and t.link 900 decoder in my ghananian currency and if there is any dealer in ghana i need his/her contact please….

  169. hi morgan pls i need ur contact i mannage an hotel sat system and i like to work with u

  170. hi, i bought the liberty decorder and just 3days after all the stations read scrambled. What is wrong and i taught u said there is 6months free subscription.


  172. Please, I know u know about Liberty Star t1 and t3 models. What about t2 ??
    How different is that from the other models ??

  173. Please supply me with the price of both T link and Liberty, because am very interested in it and also want to sell it in Ghana Tema, any way yo can supply some to me for business or any contact in Ghana

  174. Would u need to rescan the liberty decoder after October 1 to recieve the channel changes or it will be done automatically ??

  175. Hello
    I’m a liberty star t2 decoder user. And so far so good. And I live in Ghana
    1. Any info about Libety t2 decoder?
    2. Will the channel renumbering on dstv (effective Oct 1)be felt on it ??

  176. I don’t understand 22kk and 33kk,i think you should coat the prices in dollars or in Ghana money

  177. Got to thank u a bunch and appreciate ur talent.May God give u more>

  178. pls is there any other one higher than tlink 900 ? I mean that has more capabilities than tlink 900 ?

  179. john talabi says:
  180. john talabi says:

    i am dealer in both t-link, liberty, any type of INTERNET account. contact on my email or phone number 08094829821

  181. pls what is d difference between tlink 600 and 900 decoders ?

    • well the difference is that t.link 600 works only with internet it doesn’t have any inbuilt dongle account while t.link 900 has both internet and dongle accounts. secondly, t.link 900 can connect to the internet via a router while tlink 600 has a port for plug and play usb modem. finally tlink 600 is based on linux operating system and 900 is based on windows

  182. what are the prices

  183. what do think will be the possible means to get these decoders

  184. Can i get the gadgets in Kenya?

  185. Solomon is in Ghana

  186. please i sell decoders and a friend told me about liberty star decoders, i want to get same of this decoders and sell please help me out

  187. let me have ur mobile send it to me email addy

  188. please reply using my email

  189. Lemmy, thanks for your education. I have liberty star and am watching channels that are compliant with it. when it expires, I know u will update us. However, I woukd want to get the TLink 900 HD? How much with trans should I send u. I want plug and play as am not techno.

  190. hello Morgan.
    pls send any of ur mobile so i can talk to u directly.
    my no 08035451730, 08123314519

  191. pls guy how can we see on this t.links decoder am leaving in lagos (ilasa)…..

  192. plzzzze call me +233543903658

  193. bros ur forum dey bee keke frm:ghana

  194. Diran Adewuyi says:

    i’m interested in buying Tlink 900 Full HD Satellite receiver. How much does it cost and where can i get it in Lagos and Abuja. Thanks

  195. samuel johnson says:

    please i want to know the price of liberty star decoders and t. link the lastest. and which one do you prefer me to buy.

  196. Endurance says:

    Please, I open a site where there were software to update satellite decoders. The challenges, 1. I found three categories of software, which are; a. S/W- b. Tools- c. Channels. What are the differences between these categories, and their functions to the Receivers..e.g Tlink 900DH Africa. 2. How can I update my decoder with the required software. Kindly reply, thanks

    • Tlink supports USB updates but you must have a good internet connection. You can check my post about tlink on the link where you can get the latest software for your tlink. How ever if you don’t have any problem with your tlink presently, you don’t need to update it as you might loose e.g your dongle functionality. The version of the software on my tlink 900Hd is may 2012 version 1.30 and am having no problem with as both the internet account and dongle accounts. Are working perfectly. But my friend upgraded his own to version 1.33 and now his dongle account has stopped working

  197. Ekundayo Attah says:

    I didn’t buy it from you,i actually bought it at the local market

  198. Thanx for d reply.
    Please hw much is d renewal? Can u help becos i can no longer get person i got it from.

  199. Hi Lemmy,
    I have a TLINK600 HD receiver which just expired early this month. Can you please help on how to go about renewing it. This is fast and urgent please


  200. joseph ogaga says:

    how much is liberty star n t-link decoder?
    how soon to find solution to renew of liberty star decoder

  201. Ekundayo Attah says:

    Pls could you give me the details as to how i can renew my T.Link with the double both dongle & cccam account as well as subsribe for cccam account for my new srt 4930 strong decoder. Thanks.

    • If you buy it from me then you don’t need to be afraid if the renewal i will take care of that for you

      • Ekundayo Attah says:

        I didn’t buy it from you,i actually bought it at the local market.

        • I mean what did you buy liberty or tlink

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            I bought both liberty & tlink.

          • Tlink what did you buy and how much you bought it

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            T.Link 900HD-30k,Liberty star-25k.

          • can you get one t.link for me where are you located

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            pls, lemmy morgan , I’m only interested in the T.link accounts renewal,both dongle and cccam for my TLink decoder. I’m not a T.Link dealer,I don’t sell one,I only bought one for myself for personal use.If however you wan’t me to get one for you,send the money,I wiil get it for you.Located in sokoto,nigeria.But pls,address the issue of accounts renewal of the T.Link first.Thanks

          • i say goto the dealer you bought it from with your serial number and expiry date he will solve it for you

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            you don’t seem to hunderstand, I didn’t buy it from any dealer but from the local market reseller who is not a dealer who probably got it from another resller to sell.Do you mean therefore that you cannot help with the subscription of the T.link decoder except it is purchased from you? Is the T.Link decoder subscription a matter of where you purchase it from rather than technical irrespective of where you purchase it from as you are now insunuating. Is there no any other way of subscription other than reference to the dealer where one buys the decoder from? or you simply want to shy away from this resonsibility because the decoder is not purchased from you?.

          • ekundayo this is not a stand alone decoder like openbox or dreambox or strong 4930 e.t.c the manufacturers are responsible for renewing the account via their dealers why cant you understand simple instruction. am not a dealer. however you can buy external cccam account/server and use it with your t.link if you can find a dealer to help you out…. if you need further help let me know

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            lemmy morgan, yes , ido need further help from you since you are versatile than me on this issue.I would be grateful if you could link me with any of the reliable dealers you know for the t.link decoder renewing,thanks.

          • The dealer i know ain’t accepting external payment at all. Besides we have very few tlink dealers arround so i will advice you to go for external cccam account and use it with ur tlink

          • Ekundayo Attah says:

            how can one get external cccam account now?

          • you buy them from sites or from their resellers. sites like cccamsharing.com, cccamvip.com e.t.c

  202. daniel benieh says:

    please you can call me on +233240599444

  203. daniel benieh says:

    i am in ghana how can i purchuse your decoder pls help me i am in need i want to watch the english leauge

    • bro i cannot call you but you can call me or meet me on yahoo messenger my username is ray4fame or join me on facebook chat my id is lemmy28 but i dont know how to send this to you oh

      • My brother I have an AZ Star GPS I use with my Strong SRT 4669 XII Decoder with its Dungle functionality to view some free to air channels. But since on the 6th of March 2013, all the other channels stopped showing. I can only view only the super sport Channels like ss1, ss3, ss3Ni, ss4, ss5, ss5Ni, ss6, ss7, ss7Ni, and Setanta Africa and CNN. Please help



  204. opoku agyemang says:

    how will i subscribe if my account expired, can i update automatically on the decoder my self.i need an urgent response.i am from ghana thank u

  205. akano a.o says:

    i have a strong 4669z decoder and 3g router.Pls can cccam account work on it. If yes how much is the europe account. Also how many months account is on liberty star decoder and is it reliable? Thanks

    • as long as your strong has lan port, you will be able to use it with 3g / wi-fi router… secondly liberty is very very reliable as long as you use it with a 3g enabled sim card and you make sure you do not use it with MTN Use it with either airtel, etisalat or glo liberty comes with a minimum of six month inbuilt account

  206. joseph ogaga says:

    how can i get de T-link decoder

    how to renew de liberty star decoder, from ghana

    • liberty renewal is nit yet known but they are working on it as for t.link the renewal is guaranteed and it even comes with double account ( imeant the one i will get for you comes with both dongle and cccam account you can contact me thru the site’s contact form if you are interested

  207. I wil like 2 meet u 1on1 4 biznes transaction,let ave d detail of contact,i meet any were in naija

  208. Pls i need ur contact,i wil like 2 meet u 1on1 4 biznes transaction

  209. Babatunde says:

    Please sir can you give me your email address or help me send it to my phone number @ 08162409233. I will be expecting it sir.

  210. Matthew Babatunde says:

    where can we get the T.LINK 900HD decoder

  211. Nice one dude

  212. pls lemmy can u give me the cost details of T-link receiver and price and best router name and price incase of not getting inbuilt.

    • t.link is like 30-35k router ranges between 9-25k it depends on the number of ports

    • bright oneal says:


    • BRIGHT ONEAL says:


      CALL BRIGHT FOR MORE INFO … 0243062220

  213. Kindly help me with my Tlink 900, i bought and test it where i buy it and it work but not showing since i got home pls help me oga lemmy….. if any body need Tlink900 u can contact me on 08060027899

  214. Hello Lemmy,
    My friend Just got me a Liberty T2 receiver. We tried testing it the remote control is not working.
    Can you assist with trouble shooting suggestions?

  215. Samuel Gorman says:

    Pls Sir,am in ghana and i have a liberty star decover mpeg 2.It often breaks and it will take a very long time to show again.Pls how do i solve this problem and pls which of the decoders can show all the dstv channels without any interruptions.Thank you

  216. I’ll like to get your email to ask about the subscription

  217. i think dstv is presently upgrading their server and that is the reason why

  218. am getting scare, hope dstv will not block it

  219. this is not a matter of it getting blocked it is a matter of server upgrade by dstv at worst t.link will release a software to unlock everything soon. mind you canalsat and other satellites are working on it.

  220. what can sm1 do to watch tonight match oooo

  221. track your dist for nss 7 22.W signal for about 11 sports channels that shows live matches

  222. liberty fully depends on good 3g network and a good position for the anttenna that comes with it so change your sim frirst and secondly try to move the box around to see if you can improve the reception

  223. Samuel Gorman says:

    Sir pls,so does that means that if dstv finish with their upgrade the frequent breakage of the liberty star satellite will stop and pls does it take a longtime to finish with the upgrade(GHANA)

  224. liberty is working very well now on dstv i have just confirmed this so check yours

  225. Samuel Gorman says:

    Thank you once again, Sir i now have all the dstv channels working but the super sports channels do not come when i tune in to there.Could it also be due to their upgrade,

  226. bright oneal says:

    Please i need your contact. i will like to talk to u directly if u dont care ……. 00233 243062220

  227. okay it is ray4fame @ yahoo,com

  228. yes it is the upgrade

  229. ray4fame at yahoo dot com


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