About G1 GPRS dongle G1 adapter For Afrrica (the cheapest and most reliable Internet Dongle)

g1 internet dongle    You all know that in this blog all i do is to bring detailed first hand information to you on reliable satellite television, free to air and internet decoders. I dont normally discuss about dongles as that has been taken care of in my web forum. But today am happy to announce that (after careful research though) their is a new dongle but this time around, it is an internet dongle or call it adapter meaning it can be used as a dongle but you are going to use it with a sim card.

it opens Multichoice D**V, PSAT, CanalSAT, MyTV,  AI Jazeera Sport,etc.

and all you need per month is simply 25mb of data which is equivalent to about #200 per week if you are to using a sim card from Nigeria. The is a slot for the sim card at the back of the box and you can use it with any decoder of your choice just like other dongles.

The only difference is that it only works with a sim card with airtime or data bundle and you can even use it with only one dish. You can learn more about this decoders by the manufactures of libery start t1 and t3 decoders ;

(Shenzhen Globalstar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.)

Detailed Product Description of 2012 africa dongle G1 adapter

Main features:

  1. Internet Key Sharing(IKS) through Cell Phone network
  2. Compatible work with all GPRS mobile system
  3. Used for Pay TV (Multichoice DSTV, PSAT, CanalSAT, MyTV, HiTV, AI Jazeera Sport,etc.)
  4. Plug and play SIM card support, phone@datatime,TV@nighttime
  5. Fast Key update and channel change speed
  6. Easy tool for APN(Access Point Name) setting and server setting through RS-232 port
  7. Stronger service compare with SKS dongle ( No risk of signal block)
  8. Lower cost compare with Ethernet IKS service (No need ADSL, monthly data flew<25MB) Dish



how to configure dongles with w3a servers


Product Details:
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Azsky
Model Number G1 ADAPTER
FTA(Free To Air) Yes
Type Digital
High Definition No
product dongle
quality high quality


So if you have further question(s) on this box please let me know. Mind you, you need at least only one dish to make this work.


  1. Carter says:

    I have G1+ and it stop working long time ago any help here pls i’m tired of the monthly subscription

  2. Pls oga Lemmy .Any latest news about Azsky decoder? That you said they will release this month.

  3. Hello lemmy, i would like to know how i can watch local (kenyan ) channels on qsat q13g,
    Also advice on G1 dongle stability compare to qsat

    • @eric you can buy a cccam like tv1. It opens like one of the Kenyan local channels. I will however tell you that the surest way is through external attenna with your TV. Or through normal subscription

  4. Pls lemmy,hw much can I get the az sky g1?

  5. pls can I use HITV decorder with azsky g1?

  6. Hi lemmy, how is ur day? I just came in contact with azsky and all this decoder stuffs recently, and i presently have a g1 gprs dongle, i have decoder knowledge but nothing about this azsky stuff, but ur forum has helped me a lot, but my problem is i have an srt 4653x decoder, i connected my g1 azsky but only displays green which means rs232 problem, how do i make the dongle communicate with my decoder, someone told me of upgrading the firmware for my srt 4653x, pls what do i do?

  7. which strong hd is good wt g1+

  8. my Aplus is not since friday

  9. vickmoris says:

    which is the best decorder to pair with azsky g1dongle

  10. Please is A1SKY G1+Adapter working in Ghana here i want to know please.

  11. please how do I set the apn especially the server login name and password? can anyone help…?

  12. yh its true. i just got one and the hd opens but freezes alot . the etva does not open at all. is there any reason why it is so pls?

  13. bro lemmy pls how many channels does G1+ open on d*tv? does it open hd and etvA?

  14. Hi, I purchased an Azsky G2 Combo 3 days ago. I have done everything I needed to do but was not successful.
    The box cannot open any DSTV channels apart from dish, cctv4, cctv9 and cctv news.
    The switch is on TWIN Position
    The Sat is locked ON- Green Light
    The GPRS signal is very good- Green Light
    The Data light is green and blinking.
    Please how can I check if the G2 has expired? The Number on it is 113010136871.
    I live in Accra, Ghana. My dish is locked on DSTV signal.
    Can I get Canalsat and other FTA channels with the dish in that position?
    The software version in the G2 is G2_FTA_V4.6. Is there any newer version?
    Thank you for your great work.
    Please reply as son as possible. I need to have these information so that I can confront the seller with my problems.
    I am online now. If you are available we can chat.
    May God richly bless you.

  15. pls i my g1 hs stoped wrking for almost a month now it blink green normal bt is nt showing any channel all channels show scramble evn wen i change d sim card d situation remain dsame. Pls wat can i do.

  16. Nchinda Terence says:

    Hello sir. I wan to ask if i can use this AZSKY for internet service in my PC, I mean for browsing? And if yes then how am i going to connect it to my computer and do i need any software to install in my computer befor it can work? Thanks

  17. am so greatful lemmy ..may almighty God bless u

  18. sorry strong not hitv…do i need to configure anything and please explain to me on how to connect it and how much is it….please sorry d reason why am asking all dis question Mr Lemmy is bcos am new here am so sorry….

  19. thank u so much for ur respond..sorry do u have idea on how mch i can get d azsky 1+,nd will i need to configure any settings on my strong hitv decoder…..and how will i set d azsky 1+ to work with my strong decoder to work perfectly

  20. hi lemmy am new here,i will like to get one if those azsky product..sorry which one is the best among d azsky and which decoder is the best for dem…hitv or dstv and will it also work here in cotonou…please i need ur respond immediately plsssssssssss

  21. hi oga lemmy,i just renwe my g1+ acct last wk bt i neva enjoy it, is either it went off today or anoda thing 2morow
    is it that is their sever dat is stable or nt.pls i need a reply. thanks

    • if you are using azsky g1, g2, xman or g1+ switch to canalsat for now, ds*v on dstv, only NGwld, AMwld and Mnetaction+ are working for now. and this irregularity will continue like that on azsky for at the next two weeks.

  22. babalola says:

    Good Morning Oga Lemmy,

    First, I want to appreciate the good work you are doing. more grace to your elbow. I happen to run across these post while searching for a possible way of getting both my G1 and G1+ to working again.

    Please i just upgrade the adapter on Friday and in the evening of Saturday, the two adapter stop working. Kindly advice on what and what I can do to make it work again. Or if there is a way you can guide me through your post on how to resolved this challenge with my boxes

    Thank you.

  23. Good day mr L

    Thanks for the good working of constant update to us.

    Pls 1. Between G1 and A+ which is better in terms of stability? 2. Is A+ suppose to be blinking blue light or green light?

    Expecting your response.


  24. Plts Mr Lemmy am a novice here and am here to solve my G1+ problem’ how do I go about it and how can I get your mobile number cos I really need to understand everything about this service account of a thing. All I want is to make sure the G1+ starts work again at any cost possible. Thank you …..greeenolatunji@yahoo.com.

  25. dafy.ken says:

    I renewed my g1 service account and now the update orange led blinks when you change channels which used not to be so before, but no pictures since yesterday. Please, what’s wrong, Oga Lemmy??

    • i don’t know about that. however my g1+ and that of those who got theirs through me are still working sir.
      Meanwhile how the led blinks doesn’t really matter anymore (esp after upgrade) the main thing is for it to unscramble channels

  26. hope Stone says:

    Am new here but love everything i read.
    Lemmy i think i have to congratulate you on your initiative.

    Please advice me please. I was about to buy Azsky G1 when i heard of all the unstable activities. i got alarmed and my friend talked me into buying the new Eclink Z5. i bout one yesterday and i am about to fix it. i dont want to keep my hopes high. please have i thrown my money away in terms of stability?
    or do you think the Eclink will also work well.

    Second question, do you think a time will come that DSTV will block all services apart from during upgrades.
    Ancipation of your reply is already much appreciated.

    many thanks and God Bless you.

  27. sir mine started working yesterday without any settings or account but today it has gone again but the orange light still blinks when I change the channel,what’s the problem?

  28. my g1 with new service account has not been opening aljazeera sports, my installer said is from them. it is almost four days now. any info on that?

  29. Difference Between Original G1+ and Fake G1+

    as my test there have 2 kind of G1+ in the market, one is original,another is fake. fake G1+ use low quatily components and service much more unstable. hereby guide you how to distinguish original and fake G1+.

    1. GPRS module: original one use 56pin Quad Band high quality module, fake one use 28pin Dual Band less quality module;

    2. RS232 port circuit : original one use hight quality chipset,fake one use less quality transister;

    3. Power Adapter: original use 5V DC power,fake one use 12V DC power;

    If you open the case,will see the original one have a big GPRS module(56pin) and fake one only have a small GPRS module(28pin).

    when you find a G1 or G1+ is not work,plz first check it’s original one or fake one first. fake one can not upgrade the software and can not update the new service account.

  30. anonymous says:

    i’ve mailed you 2 times and still no response! my G1 has stop working, have change apn and nothing has change, i think i need a service account! pliz reply me. claudel2005@hotmail.com

  31. I just came across your post on AZSKY G1 GPRS dongle and I am mostly impressed about the way you respond to people enquiries. I am in Calabar and I need the AZSKY G1 GPRS Dongle. Where can I get in Calabar?

  32. how much does the service account cost

  33. pls my azsky has also stopped working doe it need a software upgrade or what do i do

  34. my g1 has not been working for 4 days now, i have tried sims, still no change. what do i do?

  35. lekylee says:

    pls my g1+ is nt simce yesterday. is it a general problem.


  37. Very good news!!! G1/G1+ and G2 release new software and start renew the EXCELLENT service

    Guidance for G1/G2/G1+ Software Upgrade and New Service Update

    1. Upgrade New software

    AZSKY will release new software for G1/G2/G1+(each model may have different new software). New software have more function and better stability for the service. Only after upgrade New software, you can update new service account to G1/G2/G1+; below table give detail informatioin about each model need do what kind of upgrade job.

    G1/G2/G1+ Software Upgrade Notice V1.0
    Model SN ID Do What Upgrade Mode
    G1 All SN upgrade software(G1_0607_release_V3) account. Format upgrade
    G2 SN******0130581 already newest version,no need upgrade before expired. No need upgrade
    G1+ SN******0130581 Already newest version,No need upgrade and update Acc. before expired

    There will have a software upgrade tool (FlashTool v5.1308.00) to do software upgrade. We will have some guidance file to teach you how to do software upgrade.

    2. G1 and G1+ Account Release note:
    This time we release the G1 and G1+ Account separately(see the account list remark for G1 or G1+). Be note G1 accounts can not use for G1+ and G1+ accounts can not use for G1. Plz be sure you get a new update account against your model. (G2 SN ID before ”******0130580” will use G1 account.)

    3. Set New Service Account
    Every New service account will be Bin file(1000 accounts will have 1000 bin files). When release new service accounts(new accounts excel list and bin files in a fold), will also give pairing IMEI code for your to update. You should set new account bin file and new IMEI code to G1/G2/G1+. There will have an account setting tool(Modem setting tool V3.0) and We will have a guidance file to teach you how to set new account into GPRS dongle.

    4. Set New IMEI code
    In the new accounts excel list, there give a pairing IMEI code( for each new accounts) need update to G1/G1+. You need set this new IMEI by the guidance of how to set IMEI ID to G1/G1+. Plz be note IMEI code should be pairing with each new account, if make wrong, G1/G1+ will possible to be block in the mobile network.(strongly suggest you set new account and new IMEI code to G1/G1+ at same time to prevent confuse) . There will have an IMEI setting tool (IMEI settingsV1.0) and also have a guidance file to teach you how to set new IMEI into GPRS dongle.

    5. Make new sticks and put on the case of G1/G2/G1+
    Plz print the excel list and cut the Service Account ID and IMEI code to make a stick to put on the case of G1/G1+; we strongly require you: When put the stick to the case plz cover with gummed tap for protection. In future this stick will be very important for maintain and update your service.

    6. Set APN
    G1/G1+ new software already preset some SIM card information. For Example, MTN/GLO/ETISALAT/AIRTEL Sim card already can auto detect and no need set the APN. For other SIM card, you need set APN according the SIM card detail(you can get detail APN information from local mobile operator). To do APN setting, there will have a APN setting tool (APNSETV1.1_NEW) and guidance file teach you how to do the APN setting.

    After above 6 steps, you can use G1/G1+/G2 with EXCELLENT channels again and JUST ENJOY IT.

    • you are very correct as i already have the flashtool which i shall be uploading as soon as possible

      • as I test new software and updated service account,there really have more channel and better service stability. conclude my test result as below,
        1. Channels quantity increased many and much more stable service;(better then A+ and ECLINK X5)
        2. MTN,GLO,AIRTEL,ETISALAT sim card can be auto detect and not need set APN;
        3. Service account use BIN file,much more safe for long term service;

        • but i think A+ still has an edge. it freezes less. But you are right with all other observations though

          • as my test in last 7 days, A+ working status very unstable. never continue work more then 4 hours. some time stop all the night. Lemmy do you know the reason?
            from my compare test, G1/G1+ with the new service account works very stable,much better then A+.

          • yes A+ went off yesterday but its back now. but vickie since three days now, only about 25 channels are showing on g1 and g1+ with the new account why?

          • as I test now G1/G1+ with new account have 96 DSTV channels and 109 Channelsat channels works.

          • but mr vikie, as i speak, only 25 channels as currently showing on g1 and g1+ with the new service account.

          • Lemmy your test result very strange.maybe your account have some problem. if you give me your new account ID ,I will try check reason for you.

          • okay contact me on my email and i will send you the sample of my account. ray4 fame@yahoo.com

  38. Plz lemmy,i want u 2 advice me on wot 2 buy,nd dat can open all dis coded channels,

  39. Hi MR LEMMY my xman has not been working for four day nw what can i do it blinking green and orange and stil nt opening any channel

  40. Bello Ibrahim says:

    Hi pls, I want to open an account for my G1 that stop working for a number of days, How can i do and what are the process.

  41. Bro good afternoon. Pls am having problem with my decoder. Yesterday evening the dongle stopped working so I thought it was general issue but it wasn’t I have change sim cards and all blinking normal and I have checked the option and its on dongle1 and baudrate 115200. So today I have tested it with 6 decoders and it worked well in all. Put refused to work on mine on. What could be the problem? Am using strng 4922A. Pls help the software version is january 16 2013. Pls help

  42. samuel kob says:

    oga lemmy, i went for strong srt 4922 and in connecting it with g1+ i went tru with ur instruction; menu>installation>scroll down to options, serial mode: rs232 slave and right navigate botton to dongle, i’ve waited for blinking of the green light yet i can’t locate the pictures. please kindly answer my mail for me … thanks

  43. kwakuu asare says:

    hello my G1 has no been working for a while now,have been using it over 7 months now,has my account been block or what? am in ghana,please let me know what to do next

  44. lekylee says:

    hi lemmy, pls is Avatar 2 working nw?

  45. My just a G2, can scan and get all stations but its not showing . Still showing encrypted. Pls on which satellite can I scan to get DSTV stations that will open

  46. Oluwaseun says:

    Pls Mr. Lemmy,

    It is not that I doubt your integrity but some1 said that account renewal works well with x-trem and x-man but not with g1 even though it ok it but doesnt open scramble channels.
    How true is this pls?
    2. Is it better to buy A+ or G1+ instead of buying account for G1.


  47. Oga lemmy, pls How Long is This G1 Adapter is going to last because at times it scramble Please explain to me better.

  48. Please Mr lemmy, you are yet to answer my last question:

    Please 1. Is there any difference between A+ and G1+? and 2. which is better? Because I am currently using the A+. Pls ur reply will help me greatly. Thanks

  49. dafy.ken says:

    Oga Lemmy, my g1 has not been coming since noon yesterday, even though the led lights blink normal. Is there anything I need to do, or it’s a general issue? Thanks for the good work, man. It’s extra o

  50. Hello Mr lemmy, I use g1 wit srt 4663xii wch is mpeg2 n most of d channels in my tv position r now bcoming assesible only to mpeg4 receivers pls sir, is it possible for me to upgrade if yes how do i do it sir. Thnks.

  51. Hi Lemmy,
    I’m using Strong 4922 decoder with Liberty T5. Initially it worked with D**V but now it doesn’t. Is there any dongle that can work effectively with the SRT 4922? Thanks

  52. Please 1. what is there any difference between A+ and G1+? and 2. which is better? Because I am using the A+. Pls ur reply will help me greatly. Thanks

  53. Oga lemmy pls my g1 hs stoped wrking 4 sm days now pls hw can i renew d account i nid full explanation pls.

  54. my g1 not working for some days now, any hope?

  55. G1 nt wrking any solution n is there hope dt it will b bck?

  56. Lemm pls help me out i am using srt4669 along with azSky g1 it wi play after sum time show scamble channel i have used airtel,mtn estisat sti d same pls reply me i beg u

  57. Hi
    The area I am in has no GPRS signal , but I have ADSL (also I have wifi too) for Internet connection , can I use the Azsky G2 adapter with wifi or ADSL connection instead?
    Thanks Ali

  58. Ivoirian says:

    please , i have a dreambox 800HDse with rs232 port ! can you tell if g1 can work with that ?? thanks

  59. Ivoirian says:

    i test now and g1 work again but i can’t watch all encrypted channels such as NAT GEO, FRANCE24, CANAL+CENTRE . but the others work . what happens ? can you explain me how g1 sytem work ? thanks !

  60. Ivoirian says:

    hi, i use g1 and i am on the satelite NSS7 22° canalsatellite . i worked fine but since yesterday i can’t watch encrypted channels from canalsatellite . what happens ? it’s general ? what I do to test and find out what is wrong?? My Sim card internet work well in my cell phone; help me please !

  61. Austine says:

    Have a new Starsat Satellite receiver sir, will it work with this G1+. You are doing a good job, thank you.

  62. Dickson says:

    hey, is G2 better than Eclink x5?

  63. Dickson says:

    I have a G2 dongle and i get only free channels, but when i connect this to another receiver, i get almost all the channels, but the annoying this is they keep freezing every minute, and i have to wait every few second for them to appear and disappear again. What am i am doing wrong. I have tried both MTN and Glo sim, same thing. can i get a technician to look at my installation?

  64. Edgard Lacle says:

    Hi Lemmy,

    I live in Freetown.
    I must firstly thank you for the great work you do helping people find their way with different stuff.

    I am a new owner of a Azsky G2 adapter. I am avery technical inclined person.

    Can you help me configure this adapter to work with Airtel in Sierra Leone.

    reading through your blog it is apparent I need to do some work with APN tool.

    How do i do this. This equipment is not very well known here so I look forward,”throw a line to you ”

    for help and guidance.

    Thanking you in advance,

    • download the apn tool and follow the instructions. it is pretty easy to follow. besides you are the only one who can help yourself with your country’s network apn setting i don’t know it

  65. Ik Bright says:

    how much is G1+

  66. Ik Bright says:

    Hi lemmy can strong srt 4663 work with g1 dongle or do I have to upgrade it

  67. hullo my g2 has completely failed to work its now 4days since i bought it,,i need help please

  68. hi lemmy want know which is best to buy between AZSKY G1+ and ECLINK X5 for D**T for east africa

  69. my g1 came up today after 3 days of blackout

  70. when i put a dstv channel it says encrypt programm yet it is new i got it yesterday it hasnt worked yet..

  71. only show fta channels nothing else

  72. hi i have a new azsky g2 but its not working it only show fta channels any help

  73. Azsky g1 is still working. I am in Ilorin.

  74. G1 not working any solution ?

  75. Bros G1 is not working yet ni? all the 3 networks blink normal but couldnt open any channel. Even if does only for few seconds. What do I do pls.

  76. michael says:

    Welldone Lemmy, my AZSKY G1 is not working with other network only airtel. pls can u gv me the software to enable it work wit other netwoks and hw to use the software. Thanks for your support. U r doing a grt job here

  77. abicha says:

    Thanks for the reply. Please how much(current market price) is it to buy G1+?

  78. Mr Lemmy, so what u are saying is that G1+ is better than G1? Should I go for G1+ or G1?

  79. abicha says:

    Mr lemmy, pls I am not completely clear about your answer my 2nd question was: I learnt that G1 uses Edge network while G1+ uses 3G network. Is this true cos I want to change my G1 to G1+ because in phone 3G is better than EDGE. What is your advise, which is better? Pls reply ASAP

  80. daniel says:

    pls mr lemmy my azsky has not being working fine since yesterday , i have used both artel and etisalat, it is scrambled, it will just come up within 3 minutes go off for a long time, what do i do?

  81. abicha says:

    Mr lemmy, thanks for your comments and constant feedbacks. Pls I have issues with my G1. Using mtn sim, it doesn’t pick signals(shows scramble channel). It will just be blinking red light without turning green or yellow even after I remove and replace d sim card, still d same. But with glo or etisalat sim is fair in picking signal but after removing and inserting the sim. Is this normal or what do I do? 2. I learnt that G1 uses Edge network while G1+ uses 3G network. Is this true cos I want to change my G1 to G1+ because in phone 3G is better than EDGE. What is your advise? Pls reply ASAP

  82. penopere says:

    My airtel is not showing on my azsky g1. what can i do, ie ven just got another sim but yet is still showing only red light. What can i do

  83. davito says:

    Hi Lemmy & Vicky,
    I must confess i’m most impressed with your technical abilities on the g1 & g+.i have been using g1 for a month now and it’s fairly ok.Would like to ask if i have to input the gprs settings on the APN loader anytime i change the SIM on g1?Do i have to load the SIM weekly with #200.00?Thanks boss n expecting your response.

  84. Pls Mr. Lemmy

    As at 9am this morning, my g1 blicks green light normal but the orange light did not. It opened channels and showed scramble again. is it because of the same problem they have yestaday?

  85. lekylee says:

    pls lemmy, can u share more light on G1+, bcos i bought it yesterday n is nt woking fine.

  86. samuel says:

    mr lemmy.pls i want u to explain how to set up sever setting for gprs apn loader??i dont know how to fill the box pls tell me.thanks??????????????

  87. Edjere Gabriel says:

    Hello Mr. Lemmy, please kindly help me with procedures how I can track joy TV to my DSTV. Am using strong 4922A and I have already tracked DSTV signal 65% signal quality and I am using a twin LNB (2 LNB manufactured together) but when I input the frequency and symbol rate but its still red.

    Kindly help me.


  88. lemmy, please what of the one with decoder, i mean the A1SKY that has is input decoder.please is it in market nw, a friend show me one of it but he said he got it from outside nigeria

  89. Hi lemmy,wel done.i most tel you guys out there that this product G1 is good here in Nigera.am one of the installer in Ibadan.

  90. Dafy.ken says:

    Good day Lemmy & thums up 4 the good work. My G1 is working perfect with both glo and mtn here in Ghana but I don’t get the news channels on dstv: bbc, cnn, skynews. Is it a general problem, oga Lemmy?

  91. Thanks for your services to us. Does the G1 expires as with the avatar?

  92. lekylee says:

    oga lemmy, pls, can i use internt modem on str 4922a to watch youtube and others on it

  93. abicha123 says:

    I visited ur site and enjoyed your post.

    Pls how much is AZstar G1? I am being told by installer to bring 22K for both d box and upgrade of my strong 4669. Is this price okay or not.

    Also b/w G1 and G2 which is better and cost effective?

    Lastly much mobile is better and cost effective?

    Pls I need ur reply ASAP today.


    • i will go for g1 with strong decoder anytime anyday. i dont know what is wrong with your strong all i know is that g1 should be between 9000- 12000

  94. Hi bro,please i need to know if Dongle can be working on astrovox 900 in Tanzania with Vodacone sim

  95. Hi Oga lemmy. can a strong 4663x work with Azsky g1 gprs adapter? I tried it but still scrambled channels. only green light shows no blinks on mtn SIM and only red light blinks on Airtel SIM. please help me. it’s a new a new adapter.

  96. Gabriel Edjere says:

    Hello Mr. Lemmy, Kindly assist me. I bought a strong decoder 4663XII and it automatically started updated itself and during the process there was PHCN failure. when I took it out for fixing, I was told it was fake. Kindly help me with the link where I can download firmware for fake strong 4663XII.


  97. auwal sparrow says:

    oga lemmy apart from that our location we have good MTN and AIRTEL network my symbol rate is 98% and frequency is 87% but still cracking i need help thank you sir

    • if cracking means many mosaic,and you dish signal level is 98%,signal quality is 87%, I think you need check receiver Y4 is OK or not.
      a possible reason is Receiver do not have very good Y4 function. plz let us know your receiver model name.

  98. auwal sparrow says:

    Hi oga lemmy my nss7 canalsat is always cracking i dont know why i am using Airtel and Mtn all are is the same please help

  99. Hi lemmy, i use g1 with strong 4663XII on my tv position bt right now it’s no opening any channel except free to air channels pls need help.

  100. hello Lemmy please help me my Azsky G1 Adapter is not working at all it shows red blinking all the time what is the server settings to make it work

    • change your sim is the solution since it has worked once, it should work again

      • Hi I tried all the sims still red light blinks and not work

        • brandon, i had the same problem and this is what worked for me…. remove the sim and insert i a phone and make sure u are able to browse with it on your phone, make sure u are able to open some websites, the remove and insert back into your g1 and you should be up and running. hope this helps.

  101. pls, can strong 4922 work fine with g1 and avatar 2.

  102. Vikie(Glink fans) says:

    hi Lemmy and all fans, I am Vikie. I am also TVRO fans. would like to discuss all technical issues with you together.

    I start to use AZSKY G1 from Sep 2012. untill now it’s continue work well(some small stop when the DSTV system upgrade). I also tested AVATAR,LIBERTY,ECLINK,etc.. as my feeling AZSKY G1/G2 is the most reliable model.

    G1/G2 have software upgrade tool can do newest software upgrade. I heard AZSKY team will release new software from May 2013 because at that time some earliest shipment G1 already continue work 8 months,it need upgrade new software and recharge new service(setting new service account). if I get the new software will share with you.

    G1/G2 also have a APN setting PC tool,it can manual setting all kind of APN base on your SIM card. normally we bought the G1 already presetted APN by dealer. I have the APN setting tool. if any one need this tool,I can share to you. as I know AZSKY plan to do 20 APN autodect,they need our fans to feed back what SIM card will be more popular and what the detail APN information for each SIM card.(SIM card name,MCC,MNC,APN,user,password,etc,… )

    I heard AZSKY G1+ will come soon,this new model upgraded from G1 and expand more functions. for example, G1+ will be Quad band(850/900/1800/1900MHz) compatible work for global GPRS system support; and some of SIM card(MTN Nigeria Sim card,etc,..) already can autodetect; also G1+ can configure maxmum 10 server,will be much more stronger for survival.

    let’s share all technical and application information each other.

    • you have made some vital points and we are all waiting for a day when g1 will be renewable as reiterated in your comment. as for the apn loader, i think i have done justice to that. but i really appreciate you and will be on the look out

    • Thanx u all for ur input…,I’m in Ghana and will like someone to give more details on the G2 adapter the way G1 has been dealt with.
      lemmy Morgan, i tried all the sim cards you can think of to get my G2 working , all to no avail., what exactly could be wrong? if someone is using G2 either nigeria or ghana,kindly tell us what to do or how you managed to get urs working, ur reply wil be appreciated…………….. Thanx

      • i don’t know why you went for g2 in the first place. Maybe it is because it bears striking similarities with liberty t1 and t3 decoders. However g2 and g1 works best in Nigeria with mtn and airtel nigeria sim.But someone commented on this article that almost all ghanian sim are working with his g1. so it is always better to go for g1 instead of g2. Just that with g1, you need to use it with a decoder like strong or drembox or its equivalent

      • Vikie(GLINK FANS) says:

        G2 and G1 have same GPRS part. actually G2=G1+Strong mini receiver,and do many optimize for match each other. for your case,nee check below issues,
        1. set APN to G2: switch the front panel mode to GRRS,connect G2 RS232 port with PC and use APN setting tool do APN setting against your SIM card. normally APN include: APN,USER,PASSWORD;
        2. switch the front panel mode setting to TWIN,and insert your SIM card,power on G2 again. check the front panel LED light(GPRS part).
        a. “data” LED first will be red on,means trying boot and login the GPRS system. if keep red means SIM card problem or APN setting some wrong;
        b. Red LED start blink means GPRS system login succeed;
        c. when G2 succeed to connect with server,the GREEN LED will on, if keep Green means RS232 communication with Satellite receiver part(G2 building Satellite) some problem;when Green LED start blink means server connect and RS232 communication both OK;
        d. if GREEN LED keep on, need check mode setting TWIN?/ Sat receiver part Y4 activated or not? e. when Orange blink comes,it means data come and can open the programs;
        f. there have one way for exchange test to confirm problem come from where: switch mode to GPRS and connect G2’s RS232 to another normal receiver to check if can open channels. if can means GPRS part works OK,need check Twin mode setting(should be Twin mode) and G2’s receiver part Y4 activated or not; if connect with other receiver also can not work,means G2’s GPRS part some problem,need check APN setting and SIM card data service valid or not.

        from LED indicator’s status we can check and analyze the reason. if you have detail LED status,we can try help more.

        hope above idea can help you.

        if you need APN setting guidance plz let me have your mail address.I can send to you.

        • you have been most helpful. because uptill now, am yet to lay my hands on a g2 decoder. i only use g1

        • Hello Vikie !!!!!!! I really appreciate your in-depth knowledge on the G2 decoder as well as those who posted on same. Your explanation is well noted, i will surely take the guideline step by step to rectifying my challenges and hit back with the outcome result, on the APN setting guidance,this is my mail: yulbrenaire@yahoo.fr

        • Hello my dongle does not work at all it just blinks red I tried everything please help me brother

  103. I’m NSS7 CanalSat and if I use mtn but no internet

    • Vikie(Glink fans) says:

      from the G1 LED indicator we can check the detail status about the GPRS/INTERNET/RS232 communications. detail as below
      Turn on power, firstly RED LED light continue On means G1 is trying login GPRS system; When RED Blink comes, it means succeed to login GPRS network;
      then Green LED light On means connect with server succeed;
      GREEN LED keep On means connect with server is OK but RS232 communication is error( need check the rs232 communication between G1 and receiver ,for example: Receiver do not have Y4 function or Y4 not activated);
      When GREEN LED light blink means server connection and RS232 communication both OK;
      When the orange LED light blink, it means has received effective data, u can enjoy program at this time;
      pls note: ORANGE light will not blink continuously, only when receiver needed data and succeed to received data from G1, Orange blink happen. (Around every 20 seconds-2 mins ORANGE blink will happen 1 time.) normally just GREEN LED Blink means everything is ok;

      COPY AZKSY G1 will not have this kind for detail status indicator. as I know now some fake AZSKY G1 in the market, be care about it! some simple way to judge it’s FAKE G1 or not,
      1. if some G1 use 12v dc power,it’s fake. original will only use 5V dc power;
      2. the LED remark form printed on the original G1 case should be more detail about RED/GREEN/ORANGE colors, fake G1 only mention about RED/ORANGE colors;
      3. open the case can see the GPRS module on the mother board, Fake one GPRS module only have 28 pin,but original one have 56 pin.

  104. Hello friends,
    i have windows 7 pro, my computer doesnt see my dongle G1 GPRS when i connet usb to serial cable.
    i have installed driver PROFILIC PL 2303. Please give me the best explication.

  105. Ik Bright says:

    Good evening Mr Lemmy, pls I want to find out if some1 has a big dish that is motorised ie like 3m dish, and wants to use g1 azsky , can u receive dstv channels with it or u still have to get a separate 60cm or 90cm dish for dstv . Pls I need ur advice

  106. Roland Romain says:

    Dear, I cant receive Canalsat on new TP
    13269/13230/13310/13349/13390/12371 SR 30.000 V
    only 10986 SR 30000 V can receive 20 challes

    what can wrong with my Azsky G2 version. Can you help me to set receiver on 11491 SR 30000 V

  107. pls mr lemmy how can i get the apnset.exe file or download it please if u can help me with any donloadlink

  108. Ik Bright says:

    Hi Lemmy! I don’t receive sshd1, sshd4, sshd3 and a couple of other channel, even when I blind scanned. Or is it because am using 60cm dish?

    • no g1 doesn’t open hd channels for now okay. it only opens hd on nss 7

      • Ik Bright says:

        On the contrary it opens sshd2 d**v on my decoder but my question is why am I not seeing other hd channels is it because am using 60cm dish or what. I believe it will open them because its opening sshd2 now

        • whynwill it open one hd channels and ignore others? t.link opens all hd channels on dstv same with all other cccam decoders that utilizes hd channels. g1 is incapable of opening all hd channels on dstv for now the same way it is opening all hd channels on canalsat your dish size has nothing to do with it

          • Ik Bright says:

            it is not ignoring them. I said I can only sshd2 and it is opening but I cant fine other hd channels even when I blind scanned my decoder I didn’t get them. can u help me with their frequencies

          • my boss you are very stubborn. the same frequencies that is not opening some hd channels with your g1 is what is opening all hd channels with tlink and other cccam enabled decoders

  109. Liberty Star T5 can’t open any DSTV channel in Ghana for the past one month, why?

  110. Mr. Morgan please i want to connect my pc to internet through satellite receiver, which receiver will work better with lower charges ?

    • why will you connect your pc to a receiver? well nothing like low charges as your isp will charge you the normal rate when browing with your modem. you can only share your connection between your receiver and your computer. but if you want to browse with your receiver then you will have to contact yout satellite service provider. but unfortunately for now dstv nigeria is not offering such service. so if you want to use like strong, or dreambox e.t.c you will be charge your normal amount and even more because your decoder will deduct your data and your computer will deduct as well

  111. Which one is the best, Liberty star T1,t3 t5, g1 GPRS?

  112. Liberty star T5 has not been working for the past 3 weeks, what’s going on? Is it blocked or what?

  113. lemmy
    pls, is avatar 2 working now?

  114. Following channels are for dstv by Eclink X5 gprs dongle

    ss6 11747, ss1hd 11919, sshd2 11804, ss3hd 11919, tvc1 11958, tvc2 11958,tvc3 12015,amag 12245,ament 11843, axn 11958,bbc c 11766, blitz 11899,cn 11900,cnn 11747,dis 12245,espn n11747,fln 11977, food 11977,fox c 12071,fox l 12071,fox m 12015, foxp 12071,
    fx 12015, m d&r 12245,mact 11745, mnetw hd 11919,nageo 11899,nick 11766,select 11843, max 2 11881

  115. This is today’s ch list of dstv, now 47 ch is working with all HD, will add more soon, thanks

    SS7Ni, SS5Ni, SS1, ChO, SS4, SS6, UniCh, NaGeo, AMag, MAct+, SS3Ni, SS3, MPrem, MNetW, HAUSA, YORUB, SS10, MSer, NGwld, AMEnt, AMM1, M D&R, BBC L, CRIME, SCITY, M Fam, MShow, SSHD1, SSHD2, SSHD3, MPrem, MNetW, DisHD, Chann, Style, E !, Al Jazeera Engl, Nick, M Com, Disc, OneG, AMWld, BLITZ, BBC E, CBS R, MStar, BBC K,

  116. hi lemmy on what degrees can i track aljazeera sport with 3meters dish in Ghana?

  117. Ik Bright says:

    Hello Lemmy, in ur intro u stated that G1 can open ALJAZEERA sports, how can I track the satellite pls let me know ASAP

  118. auwal sparrow says:

    Oga lemmy morgan is that true g1 is open intelsat new dawn 32.8 east? and my second question is how many satelite g1 is open for now thanks

    • Thanks my brother, I will surely do that asap and get back to you……… I appreciate your in-depth resolution.

  119. Hello you all,I’ve a azsky g2 decoder and the channels are not displaying except the free ones.
    Is there anyone out there who can help solve this problem?

  120. gud evenin oga lemmy,
    when is avatar2 will start to work

  121. Well done boss

  122. gud evenin sir Lemmy is it possible to use this G1 grps with two different decoders at the same time the way it used to happen on FTA 2011 dongles?and my other question is there any solution on those FTA 2011 dongle coz mine was using w3a satellite as server and my supplier told me that it will work for 1year,to my surprise it only worked for just 4 months and from 2011 till now it is only flashing with a red light?help me please

  123. No working update required for liberty decoders all you can do been in Ghana is to use a vodafone sim with it.

  124. dafy.ken says:

    hi lemmy, my liberty star is not showing for some time now but I’m told I need to update it; how is that done? Please help me out, I’m in Ghana.

  125. Sir. ihave Strong 4620 and Astrovox VSR 400 whenever i connect G1 it does not open ecrpt channel is it configuration or software need upgrade ? thanx for the work

    • no need of software upgrade for g1 and g2 for now. you only need to find out if it is working in your country or if it is working with the decoder you are trying to use it with.

  126. pls lemmy,my azsky g1 has networking but it does not break the dstv channels

  127. hi lemmy pls can i track aljazeera in ghana

  128. @lemmy my G1 just stopped working. Its general?

  129. @lemmy is possible for me to get other channels apart from DSTV on azsky gprs dongle?

  130. penopere says:

    @lemmy…. i noticed that many channels on g1 is not coming up. which channels are in tlink.

    • tlink has about 7-10 stable ds*v channels including ss3 and ss7

      Latest update on your azsky g1 gprs adapter / dongle to enjoy your g1 or g2 ,with dstv, please use either an mtn sim newly bought or an airtel sim newly bought and registered. or else you may experience service denial on liberty. And g1 and g2 presently opens about 80% of dstv premium channels whenever its online.

  131. Paa Kobina says:


  132. If you are in Ghana & you need Azsky G1,contact me on,0261596324,am also in ghana,i will sought you out.libeerty t3 dey.

  133. Hi oga lemmy am using g1 some news channels are still not opening there hope that they will b bck soon.

  134. vickatai says:

    Mr. Lemmy mine was working but has not been working again since on last week with the aritel line, nor with any of the nigerian network. please what is the next step forward or which network is recommended. thanks

  135. pls i need urgent reply, my g1 azsky connect to srt4622hd stop working since sunday, hardly blinks even, i have megabite and money inside, tried etisalat and artel but to no avail, pls sir what should i do?

  136. petfun4u says:

    Please Lemmy, is there any hope that Avatar 2 will still come back to life?

  137. hello pls u have not respond to my request

  138. Ik Bright says:

    Gud day Mr. Lemmy, I’ve gone through ur responses to all the questions and I’m impressed. I’ve heard of (1)microbox, (2)avatar,(3) xtrem gprs adapter, and here u mentioned T-link and AZSKY G1 GPRS adapter. I’ve not really settled on anyone so I need ur opinion. Am in Nigeria and I use STRONG SRT 4930 HD. So which of these do u recommend for me. Thanks

  139. Edjere Gabriel says:

    yes my number is a nigerian number but I have more than 50 friends in Ghana. So I can deliver to Ghana within 2days

  140. Edjere Gabriel says:

    if you are in Ghana and you need AZ-Sky G1 dongle, contact me on


  141. Edjere Gabriel says:

    call me for Huwae or Vodafone 3G HSDP Router.


  142. vickatai says:

    hello Mr. Lemmy, well done,
    mine was working but has not been working again since on wednesday last week with the aritel line, nor with any of the nigerian network. please what is the next step forward. thanks

  143. auwal sparrow says:

    please oga lemmy my g1 not showing dorcel+;dorcel;libido;xxl all are not working and then rest of channel are cracking on nss7 22.0 i am using airtel sim glo mtn is there any setting or general problems please i need replay thanks

  144. Lemmy, xup? u r yet 2 giv me d cccam account site dat works with dstv at d moment.

  145. Hi, Lemmy. I use the SRT 4922 and the blink is red but it also stays permenently on green without blinking. I was looking for software when i dabbled here. do i also just wait or something to do plaese.
    Many thanks.

  146. air waves says:

    hi lemmy, tnx for ur response, am aware G1 doesnt use router, but which router would u recomend for an HD decoder for an account-enable.

  147. lemmy…sup with liberty star?..can u help me get g1, since it seems is the most stable. I’m in Ghana

  148. Ok Thnk u vry mch.

  149. Hi lemmy thnk u for d job well done, pls my g1 is bck but there r sm home channels like nta, ait n,channels dt are nt opening again any away out pls.

  150. odjighoro ochuko says:

    can AZSKY adapter work with T-LINK decoder 900hd if yes , how can i config. it ?

  151. air waves says:

    hi lemmy, pls which router would u recomend for decoder, i mean sim-card ENABLED.
    Thanks man.

  152. air waves says:

    hi lemmy, pls which router would u recomend for decoder, i mean sim-card ENABLED.
    Thanks man

  153. Hello Oga Lemmy, is there any ccam account working now for DSTV 36e? I have SRT4922HD I want 2 activate a ccam account on it, I need your advice.

  154. sunday oni says:

    pls,i have the problem of option on my srt strong 4663xii

  155. Please bros, i want to contact u either tru email or call

  156. auwal sparrow says:

    oga lemmy my g1 is not working fine my station always cracking and my nss7 are not showing like ss3,xxl,dorcel+,livido all are not showing iam trying mtn,airtel and glo abeg i need reply please thank you

  157. pls LEMMY does the g2 open hd channels

  158. Edjere Gabriel says:

    Thanks Lemmy, you are doing a good job here… well done.

    I want to buy the AZ-Sky dongle but I need you assistance.

    1. Which decoder is the best for this dongle for dstv channels and whats the model
    2. How do I configure the decoder to work with the AZ-sky dongle after the connections
    3. Does the dongle account expire and what happens next if the dongle account expires.\

    your timely response is highly needed thanks


      • Edjere Gabriel says:

        Thanks for your response. Am in sapele, delta state of Nigeria, so which modem is best for AZ-sky G1 GPRS and how do I install and configure the dongle to the decoder.

        await ur response


  159. I come from China. our factory mainly produce all kinds of satellite receivers, now Azsky G1 dongle is very
    hot in Nigeria. Africa dongle combo Azsky G1 GPRS dongle and G2 dongle
    pls visite my site: http://www.st-box.com

  160. please lemmy how can setup my new azsky g2 dvb-s + gprs combo pls i got it new

  161. pls i got one how do i setup i tried etisalt sim and which satilite will i set it

  162. have tried both Sims this night bt non have worked the rid light is still blinking and all channels show scramble.

  163. OK but do we need to do any thing or jst to?
    insert airtel line

    • just to insert the active airtel sim

      and latest on g1 / g2: as i speak almost all the major dstv channels are showing on azsky g1 and g2 gprs dongles so try and switch your sim to airtel nigeria or any other better one you deem fit

  164. heard its back with airtel, but do i need apn setting on it? pls Lemmy confirm this.

  165. i use G1 adapter with strong 4663XII and nothing has changed d red light keep blinking and all channels show scramble. Is there hope or any alternative?

  166. So, should we expect more

  167. Well done Bros,
    There was an improvement on my g1 gprs yesterday night. Most of the ss opened exepts sshd and ss2, 7 and 9, with additional Africa magic English, geoch, maction, but many we are enjoying before are not yet open

  168. Pls can u tell me the server config for Azsky G1, I av apn loader mine isnt working wit etisalat no more.

  169. My g1 dongle seems to be working partially. the light blinks normal and open africa magis yoruba, hausa, mseries and some useless ss for seria A and south african leagues and ruggby. Bros, is any hope at all/

  170. greek gift says:

    hello, is dis d end of avatar2 with short cable pls?

  171. how do i downgrade my 4922? after the upgrade all my free to air stations got messed up. frozen pictures. i don’t even want to talk about the g1 adapter cos i ‘ve seen the replies to others. please help. is it true that the HD receivers have a special cable is why my free to air stations are no longer streaming smoothly. please help . i have found all your previous posts very helpful

    • there is a post to help you out as long as your strong decoder is not fake. visit my latest post in the satellite category tagged how to solve missing menu option on strong 4922

  172. Nice work u[ here Lemmy! more power to your elbow. do you have any clue on the reason for the general red blink from G1’s? cos for one week now its just been blinking red with all channels scrambled. any alternative to G1 dongle available in places like Akure? thanks a lot

  173. Should i as well downgrade to my earlier software version as u have answered. or is there a general problem with g1 adapter based on your reply to other peoples comment.

  174. my actually using strong srt 4669xii

  175. Am having a similar problem with my g1, its blinking red and then it blinks yellow quickly and back to red repeatedly. Tried with different simcards. This started just after my strong decoder updated. Because i feel since the dongle was connected to the decoder during the update it could have had an effect on the dongle. What do you feel could be the problem. Thanks

  176. Is there hope that it will be back?

  177. Hi i use G1 adapter with strong 4663XII but for four days now it has been having problem the red light keep on blinking and it doesn’t show any channel. What can i do and is there hope that it will be back?

  178. What is the meaning of general Problem while the dongle blinks. Red and channels scramble?

  179. Hi i use G1 adapter with strong 4663XII but for four days now it has been having problem the red light keep on blinking and it doesn’t show any channel. What can i do?

  180. pls Lemmy can u teach me how to track my tv

  181. dan fulani says:

    DSTV has changed their system, other satellites works fine with AZSKY GPRS G1

  182. emynem05 says:

    If u need more info or supply
    Contact me.

  183. Can’t connect since yesterday. G1 adapter with 4669xII

    • general problem bro

      • am surprise it because etisalat 3g is not co coming whn i insert the sim card in my system modem, at initial time before i saw this post wld hv suggested its the fact that the setting of g 1 is set to 3g only so whn there is not 3g coverage the boy cannot function….its keeps blinking red light.

  184. Pls, where can i get the azsky gprs dongle in nigeria and what is the cost???

  185. hi Lemmy my g1 started to break break,pls why

  186. Good day lemmy….pls my liberty t3 has not been showing any channels for the past 4 days now, even with the green lights…i have tried all the sims

  187. is there problem with azsky g1 my own is not working, sir

  188. waka about says:

    Oga lemmy Morgan
    i want to ask.
    Is G1 more stable on MYtv?
    for example, most times DsTv signal is down on Avatar (changed Ic), it is working perfectly on My Tv
    2) which one would you recommend between Liberty T5 and G1

  189. auwal sparrow says:

    oga lemmy good day am sorry for the disturb my strong decorder was automatically upgrade and updated idont know how to connect my azsky g1 please help me explain i need reply thank you so much

  190. auwal sparrow says:

    oga lemmy please is there any way to connect azsky g1 throght ota menu becouse my strong 4669xii it has already automatic upgraded now no option again thanks

  191. auwal sparrow says:

    please oga lemmy morgan my strong 4669xiiit was automatic updated and i bought azsky g1 adaptor but theres no option is only ota menu how would i connet it please i need reply thanks

  192. air waves says:

    tnx sir, but it(avatar) was off for a while & could u pls confirm if openbox x5 is one of the best decoder out there?

  193. i salute o, bros wetin do avatar2 even with the short cable, d thing no gree show.pls be of help.

  194. hi pls my srt4653x cannot receive any channels,pls can u help me

  195. hi, can you show me how to configure the Liberty Star t5 on an OpenBox S10 decoder?

  196. Lerberty Kehinde says:

    Sir, I just got a liberty t1 decoder but it displays sramble on xxl channel. pls do i need any other think to unlock it

  197. sparo zanga says:

    and how much can i get it in alaba……………

  198. sparo zanga says:

    pls i am interested in getting the G1 gprs adapter n i want to kow if i can use it with my HITV decoder.tanks

  199. hi lemmy,
    i urgently need ur opinion on srt4922 & 4930, thier pros & cons………tnx

  200. Hi All,
    i’,m not sure where to post this question, so i apologise if it’s in the incorrect area. My question is related to a new csrd system for D*TV….the card is called something like OPUS…..has anyone heard anything about this. If so, please update us as it will be beneficial to all of us.

  201. I am able to change the APN….the G1 manufacturer has entrusted the software to me

  202. hi pls i use the g1 gprs adapter but it does not open the supersport hd

  203. please am in ghana and am using the t5 liberty star dongle its been off for the past week i have changed the sim card several time but all it tells me is scrambled channel.. what do i do

  204. Hello please am new to it and since its been installed am so confused and wonder if you guys have the same issue of downtime watching the dstv as the srreen freezes too often and

  205. Mokogwu Uzochukwu says:

    Aren’t you a dealer,

    I thought part of the purchase package included an easy APN edit tool?

    • no sane manufacturer will include an unnecessary accessory. besides am not a dealer. nobody except you have ever wished to change g1 APN. Your case is peculiar and change of apn may not help you

  206. Hi Lemmy
    I live in Senegal, please i want to know if this will work in Senegal and what type of dish will i use to get this worked out for me.

  207. Thanks lemmy for the response.
    Happy val.

  208. Mokogwu Uzochukwu says:

    Regardless the APN being predefined in Decoder, Mine only works with Etisalat and no other netwok. I a bit above average in this internet stuff so i kinda need to know if there is a loader to set/edit APN

  209. I have read all requests and responses. Good Job, Lemmy. Someone asked about T.link 200 HD decorder not working with AZsky GPRS adapter. I have the same problem. The decoder blinks when connected to the adapter. The red light doesn’t even blink. I was told I need to upgrade the decoder. Is that Correct? If yes, where do I get the Firmware/software? If not, what could be the problem, as the adapter has been tested on a strong receiver, and it works.

  210. gud day lemmy,
    pls i need ur expert opinion here on this two satellite receivers : RIDATA BOX & DOVESAT.
    My question is do they worth its value and how true is d HD it claims it opens?
    Pls am just a layman, even on d internet, google, there’s no info on them.
    Pls be of help.
    Happy val. Thanks

  211. my G1 azsky has stopped working, plz is it a general problem?

  212. gudday,
    pls i would like to know if avatar is on with d short cable pls.

  213. my G1 azsky has stopped working, plz is it a general problem?

  214. plz where can i gt d loader nd whats d name of d loader.can i gt a link?

  215. hello, tnx for your response. so your answer is not clear. is it true that as it is written when i checked online that it works for only 6 months and can it be upgraded when it 6 months finish to continue working.

  216. hello, this azsky g1 adapter, it is stated that it can work for 6 months after the six months can it be upgrade or can it be made to still work. thank you. i want to know before i get it.

  217. lemmy morgan how can i select an apn or is dere an apn loader for d box?

  218. Hi my man, my G1 has stopped working. It only blinks green and red no orange

  219. hi, please my G1 is just blinking red since yesterday till now, and i have 13mb in it using etisalat. please what do i do? thanks

  220. Mokogwu Uzochukwu says:

    How can I now select an apn?

  221. Good day. I appreciated your talent and untiedly response to all quests. My new G1 bears A Max and non blinking green light when it is on. What are the procedures to configure it? I already have placed dstv dish. Thanks

  222. air waves says:

    i think is both, it as an in built dongle, could also use external & the cccam stuff…..i hope am explicit enuf sir?

  223. and here it always stop every 2mins how is it from your area?

  224. Sorry for asking too much question where can i select apn?

  225. Good afternoon,Pls am i stsy in Kaduna which sim is the best with G1 GPRS dongle and pls how can change or configure the APN.

  226. air waves says:

    tnx, i appreciate it & u’r always appreciated…….. pls whats ur take on RIDATA BOX, an hd sat. receiver.?

  227. air waves says:

    bros, tnx…… Next step as in how to enjoy my avatar back……..

  228. Thanks, always, the green light is back & d red light is blinking, but nothing is displaying…….. What’s d next step pls.
    Thanks & God bless u

  229. air waves says:

    Thank, i did all u said, same no ni…….
    Pls whats d next step, & even if d cable had stop working or expired, the greenlight ought to be on or what u think sir….

  230. hi lemmy, pls what could be wrong and what should i do, my AVATAR no longer display the green light(always red, even when the w3 is on, 63%) and stb light no longer blink anymore.
    Am using the short cable, pls what should i do?
    Thanks for being there.

  231. Hi lemmy. I own a G2 adapter. It’s working fine with my Skybox M3. Can you send me a link to download apn loader tool for G1 (or G2 if you have) ?

  232. msughter thomas says:

    hi lemmy,i need a g1 what will you recommend i do,where can i get it ,how much and how effective is it.

  233. Hello bros, how weekend,
    pls what’s ur take on the new G2 GPRS, UR EXPERT OPINION IS NEEDED PLS.
    Tnx in advance

  234. Hi Mr Lemmy,Plz am in Owerri.I dont know how to get Liberty Star t3.Can you help me?

  235. air waves says:

    thanks 4 d response, but is G1 on now?
    Tnx bro

  236. air waves says:

    may i please ask if the G1 is on and which would you recommend btwn G1 & liberty?

  237. greek gift says:

    thanks once again, IS LIBERTY ON.
    Thanks a lot

  238. greek gift says:

    Thanks for your time & response.
    Could you please confirm this: after buying the liberty t3, do i need to renew anything like subscription.
    ……and pls what do u about MBOX(not microbox pls).
    Lastly, is avatar still on?

  239. greek gift says:

    please for gudness sake how much is liberty and there are how many types, their functions pls if they are more than one.
    Thanks, pls i realy need to know.

  240. Pls sir, is there any code that i wil put to G1 befor it opens d**v

  241. kingdennis says:

    Ok, thank you brother.

  242. good day oga morgan u ar realy doin a great job here.plz wat ar d procedure if i wish 2 pair avarta 2.thank in advance

  243. kingdennis says:

    Pls can G1 open all DSTV channels, bec i want to inport it to nigeria pls help me. Thanks

  244. greek gift says:

    addendum: and pls whats the different btwn avatar (V) and (H) or can one avatar work with both & do we have one for (V) & (H) separately?

  245. greek gift says:

    Thanks bro, avatar stops working on sunday evening(13/01/2013) ditto G1
    pls confirm…and check ur phone inbox for a little gift for the good works u’ve bin doin.

  246. please i am in Ghana and i need this dongle badly, where will i get it? plz help me

  247. greek gift says:

    goodday fellas,
    can anyone confirm wether avatar ( V ) & G1 is till on pls.

  248. hello, i want to buy g1 but i don’t know how many number of channels are on on dstv.
    Pls help me out

  249. MOHAMMED ISA says:

    Weldone Lemmy for the good work, My G1 dongle is not working well with my T link 200 HD receiver, it shows some channels for 1-2min and stop. But i didnt configure anything on the T link receiver. I am using two dishes.

  250. greek gift says:

    may i please ask if avatar and G1 are still on, just got an avatar with the right i.c, but its not displaying?

  251. kingdennis says:

    Pls how much is G1 now

  252. greek gift says:

    Thanks for finding time to reply, pls how do i get new ic and hw much will it cost me pls, and where how pls.

  253. my azsky dongle has bin off since yesterday, hope its a general problem?

  254. kingdennis says:

    Happy New Year…
    Hope G1 is working?

  255. greek gift says:

    happy nu calendar year lemmy
    any news bout avatar pls?

  256. hi bro do u know anything about T5?

  257. What are the copyright and subscription issues surrounding the use of this dongle?

  258. greek gift says:

    Thanks so much for the attention given.
    To be sure of what u said, i collected a friend’s avatar, with the same connection and kits, every thing was ok.
    Pls how can i get a new one or fairly used that is not expensive and ur yet to reply my email.
    Thanks alot

  259. S.O S: the G1 is d same old story, but ther is another twist to it……. Whenever i on it, at times it switches off the strong decoder and on it back as if i put to rest, but whenever its on, it will indicate no or bad signal or show the vertical old nta sign when they bout to open for the day, that multicolor type and the decoder will display figure or digit 8 moving to and fro….
    Please what is wrong, HELP YOUR POOR BOY.
    I hope my explaination is explicit enough?

    • pls call your personal installer to help you out. the problem you are facing is more orelse connection/ dish signal quality /defective lnb or all of the above. it often happen at times to my avatar 2 after heavy rain or strong wind and i will trace all my connections and signal.

  260. greek gift says:

    The connection is 100% ok… : LEVEL 97 QUALITY76.(for dstv) WHILE CANAL IS EVEN FAR MORE BETTER SIR. But i’ve been using airtel.
    Ist on as at the last time u reply sir, dnt be offended for the question. Because is like why me now?

  261. greek gift says:

    I HOPE AM NOT HALLUCINATING HERE, PLEASE I NEED HELP. Mine is not showing anything o. Both canal & d**v… Pls its driving nut, pls what do i need to do.. Good people help me.
    The red light is always blinking.
    Thanks and god bless.

  262. Gud day LEMMY hw u doing 2day please i need ur help on my BM W3 dongle it has stop work since three month now is their any update on it tanks alot i appreciate

  263. Hi Lemmy,

    Great work…i must commend you on your efforts and assistance. Can you tell me how i can get into contact with someone on Nigeria that can supply a G1 to me. I’m in SA so i need a company that will be able to ship it to me. Pre-payment is not a problem.

  264. There re all showing now

  265. could someone name those three channels?

  266. greek gift says:

    If i may ask which one pls, ‘cuz my g1 is black out and d red ligh is always blinking with more than enuf data bundle

  267. is only 3 channels that re showing on g1

  268. greek gift says:

    still waiting sir,

  269. greek gift says:

    Thanks man, the next set of question are
    where do i get T-link from, hw much will it cost me and if u dnt mind, can i have ur number pls?
    Lastly, whats the latest on Gp1, master?
    Thanks alot

  270. Lemmy you’re really up-to-date with your info about G1 gprs and other satellite connections. I recommend your services and the quality of your info to anyone . kudos man, God bless you real good!


  272. greek gift says:

    am a novice here, does it mean that i dnt need any installer help, and hw much will it cost me sir?
    doest it mean that buying the T-LINK, get home and plug it?
    hope am not asking too much, meanwhile the G1 is still not working after trying series of sims/
    thanks in a million

  273. greek gift says:

    Thanks for the response, but i can confirm to you that the story is same, still not *working* but the red light is blinking or would you advice i use another sim, though i’ve been using airtel for the past 30 days before it got intercepted or what would you advice i do?

    How much will it cost me to set up the T-LINK stuff, from the scratch?
    Thanks very much

  274. greek gift says:

    hi lemmy,
    is there any assurance that the G1 gprs would be back soon, after d**t upgrading?

  275. neil juman says:

    Hi Lemmy,

    I have been looking at the updates on the G1 for D**V…..should i rather wait for a while and then try to purchase. I read your reply to me regarding SA guys that can supply….what is the meaning of “coded”.
    If you can refer me to anyone, i would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

  276. Hi lemmy! I am currently using the G1 GPRS dongle and its been great especially with the dstv premium channels . At the moment its offline, do you have any idea how to bring back the channels? i.e what needs to be done?

  277. so this product should not be seen as the most reliable.

  278. hi,
    pls what is wrong with G1 gprs sir, it has stopped functioning both for d**v and canal?
    Pls find time to reply.

  279. so whats the solution to this azsky g1 gprs that is not working now?

  280. olaniran tajudeen says:

    hi, i make use of azsky G1 adapter for the first time on 2nd november, 2012 and its shows most of the channels on DSTV but it eventually went off on 5th November, 2012 till now. kindly feed me what was wrong.

    thanks for the job well done. i look forward to hearing from you.

    thanks ,
    olaniran tajudeen

  281. Please what is iced dongle and what is paired. I want to buy any dongle dat is close to being stable. I heard ice is mre stable dan paired how true. And hw much do dey go 4?

  282. I really learned allot in addition of what i have already learned before . d issue of Psat where are they on air (direction) formally they were in w3. AZsky is not opening dorcel , dorcel+ and xxl. What can one do before to view such channels. I hope to see feedback, thanks

  283. thanks for your for making us understand making about this TV stuffs. Please my liberty star has not been connecting for the past five days now despite the fact that I still have money in my line it keeps showing red light. please what do i do?

  284. Hi, just joined your forum today and I am liking it already. Hope I find one here in Kenya too.

  285. this product sure can open dstv and canalsat channel, but not full, only can open few channel, not stable.

  286. this product can stiil open psat,hitv?? Very funny!!!! i never hear decoder still can open hitv and psat channel, plz not cheater us again.

  287. can i use it to brows the internet with my laptop?

  288. Can i use to brows the internet with my laptop?

  289. well lemmy,
    been trying to get intouch with you which seems you been ignoring…but not withstanding i got the information i needed and regarding ur post on the G1 its nice u eventually did justices to it for ur followers…well i use it now as i also got infor abt it..actually ur previous post on d**v made me to come across G1 and some more…and i must say FOC freedom is really nice…but i guess no one shld xpect 100%… keep the good work up lemmy..

  290. Hello Lemmy,

    I am in SA….can i get the G1 unit directly from you or do i need to buy from China. Please let me know as i would like to get this as soon as possible.


  291. kingdennis says:

    Pls where can i find it and how much is’t

  292. Hi lemmy. how much is the cost of this new dongle ? from where can we get it? will it work with strong 4663x decoder. tx

  293. Hi Lemmy,

    Keep up d good work u ve been doing.may I know the price of the dongle coz u didn’t state it.what direction is d dongle facing?How can one get it?

  294. I left u messages on your web forum, need reply pls.

  295. Nice blog yaar.

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