About A+ A plus Gprs Dongle / Adapter for Africa (Nigeria ,Ghana)

When i review any satellite product or device, i do so conscientiously and meticulously and i simply compare them with the existing similar products. As as today, the most popular and most secure internet dongle is azsky g1 or g1+. However that doesn’t make g1 the best out there although it is having an edge of now been able to be renewed after 6months. The new product am review here is called A+ (Aplus) gprs dongle and what i will simply point out here is its advantages over g1.


Now A+ and g1 are very similar in the mode of operation. They are configured the same way, used the same way and even updated the same way. The only notable difference is that while g1+ easily supports all gsm simcard across Africa, A+ and G1 may need to be reconfgured to work with specific simcards

  • A+ opens more channels than G1
  • A+ freezes less than G1.
  • It has a better and stronger server than g1
  • It supports more gsm simcards than g1
  • It is also renewable after its expiry


All said and done, i tried mine with etisalat Nigeria simcard and it worked flawlessly for hours without freezing. Therefore, you may as well give it a short it is worth it and hope a loader to reset the apn will be availabel soon. i have not tried g1 apn loader with it and who knows, it might work.

I also discovered that it worked perfectly with other simcards too

pictures of A plus A+ gprs dongle 2


*A+ A plus dongle for Africa
* DSTV Africa dongle

* Open DSTV
* Satellite receiver DSTV GPRS dongle A+ A plus ADAPTER
* Internet Key Sharing(IKS) through Cell Phone network
* Compatible work with all GPRS mobile system
* Used for Pay TV (Multichoice DSTV, PSAT, CanalSAT, HiTV, AI Jazeera Sport,etc.)
* Plug and play SIM card support, phone@datatime,TV@nighttime
* Fast Key update and channel change speed
* Easy tool for APN(Access Point Name) setting and server setting through RS-232 port
* Stronger service compare with SKS dongle ( No risk of signal block)
* Insert your SIM card (which your sim card have GPS/ADSL internet),dongle can start work.
* Need work with another normal decoder
* Lower cost compare with Ethernet IKS service (No need ADSL, monthly data flew<25MB) Dish
* Accessories: Cable for RSS232 serial, Cable Phone Jack, User Manual, Adapter
Packing :
* 1pc/color box ; 60pcs/ctn
* Color box size: 155* 90* 45mm
* Carton size: 445*330*300mm
* G. Weight: 15.0kgs
* Model size: 70*60*20mm


Buy it, use it and drop your comments here


  1. Hi Lemmy,

    I downloaded A+ WritePassWord v1.4 and use it to add apn but it gives error “Switch Mode Failed”.
    How can I solve this error and add new apn to dongle? Thank you

  2. I mean I have A+ I want to load an account on it how can I get
    It somebody help

  3. Oga. Pls hw much in azsky g2 adapter and where can I get I. Need it urgently. Whatsapp@07057047510

  4. Is the A+ GPRS k2 still working becos mine has stopped since. If it has stopped can it be fixed or not. Thank you

  5. pls my a plus has stop working. any help pls?

  6. kindly help me with A+ APN LOADER

  7. please Boss man my A+ now dont open most of the channels i was hoping it will be back but is been two week since it been this way it open only cho,scity,african magics ,mnet premiers,and ngwild please will it be back fully because i miss tracesport and mtvbase…..please help my regards….

  8. salihu sadiku says:

    Wich of the strong series does A+ work with and wich of the gprs set box is d most reliable?

  9. salihu sadiku says:

    Wich of the gprs box is d most reliable?

  10. Please anybody,kindly answer:::::: is A plus working presently(12-09-2013)>>.. please LEMMY OR ANYBODY kindly do reply me fast please!!!!!

  11. Ige seun tokunboh says:

    A plus is back

  12. Ige seun tokunboh says:

    Wen will A plus be back?

  13. babs abdul says:

    My A+ dongle has stopped working, what might be the problem since 3rd July, 2013.

  14. My A+ dongle has stopped working, what might be the problem since 30th August, 2013.

  15. My A+ stopped showing data channels yesterday night. But aljazeera sport is working. I bought it on the 29th of August 2013


  17. it is gone off again.
    but it came back yesterday with many more channels.but it has gone down again

  18. Lemmy thank u for all ur hard work,I wonder and u make profit with such vast knowledge? Just want ur advice on my A cos it stopped working since on friday.

  19. In Accra my a+ stopped working since Friday night till date, what’s the problem…….. Some one tell me something…… 25th august 2013

  20. matrix789 says:

    hi Lemmy
    my A1+ is not working since yesterday.
    Any issues with it.
    Secondly any was to log into it and reset the APN.

  21. Hi,I sells exclink x5 accounts. contact me…..buggis2002@gmail.com

  22. Lemmy Hi I have a A + on which written Azsky and orange light from the connection no longer blinking and chains do not work. And again he refused the loader A + that is to say the write password and it’s one of Azsky he then uses that initially it was the opposite. Help me say how I can do

  23. hello mrs i please excuse my poor english i am in cameroun and i have buy my A+ in benin it is not work please what i can do thank you

  24. obijohn says:

    p/s i have do rescan to my a+plus but still not working what to do again sir

  25. obijohn says:

    lemmy i need g2 account now how can i get it from you and payment?

  26. Abiola Sunday says:

    I bought my own in March 2013. I has been working since then, until the beginning of this month of July 2013. Since then, it stops working. What I learn then was that, it is going to work for a year. but mine stopped working at the end of June 2013. The SIM card I was using has data(MB) in it. The decoder I was using was 6663X type of strong. But it has no start working still. What can be the problem.

    Or, What should my SIM has for it to work.

  27. obijohn says:

    p/s oga i need eclink x5 account and loader

  28. Ochuko Okorare says:

    Hello Mr Lemmy, Pls i want to know if it is possible to browse with A+ Dongle, strong decoder and my Laptop. How can i configure the A+ Dongle to work with my Strong 4669X decoder. Thanks very much, i sincerely thank you for what you are doing.
    Godbless You Richly

  29. How to renew the A+ dongle after six months

  30. obijohn says:

    p/s oga lemmy we need account for eclink they are off since

  31. p/s lemmy we have tired for a+ problem all a+ now are offline so what is the problem?

  32. Pls Mr lemmy u said minimum of six month the A+ will last, wen did it came out?

  33. obijohn says:

    p/s send me your number lemmy i want contact business with you

  34. obijohn says:

    p/s oga lemmy send me FAKE srt software 4663xii and 4663x

  35. Good day mr L

    Thanks for the good working of constant update to us.

    Pls 1. Between G1 and A+ which is better in terms of stability? 2. Is A+ suppose to be blinking blue light or green light?

    Expecting your response.


  36. My A+ has stopped working since 5.00 am this morning any information why?

  37. joe mike says:

    My A+ just stopped working now,don’t know what went wrong

  38. Girin Jackson says:

    What is your views about Dual Sim Adapters for Mobiles. I Purchased it from the G-telware.

  39. obijohn says:

    p/s lemmy how many year a+plus last

  40. Hi,i bought a azsky g2 dvb s+gprs but I don’t know how to set it up with my strong decoder and how do I access encrypted channels?

  41. pls between G1+ and A+ which is more reliable? and also what is the cost for A+? thanks

  42. azsky software,apn loader and manual on hw 2 use both d software nd apn loader is in d above site.so i til urge u 2 use d 1. 4 azsky 4 azsky nd a plus 4 a plus

  43. @AKinis please can it be use on AZSKY dongles?

  44. @bcl visit dis site 4 a+ loaderd

  45. Thanx a lot bsuana…I appreciate the response, when the owner of the site didn’t respond.. I’ve been callin since ur comment came thru ba it’s still unreachable…pls, hit me up early as possible… septuagint0214@gmail.com

  46. stonflex says:

    sir pls am in ghana I want to know where or how I will the A+ dongle. You can email me tanx

  47. Hi, I’m sorry the A + does not work with all networks at least not in Mali. Where there are two Orange-Mali and Malitel networks. it works with Orange-Mali but not Malitel. So I’d like to change the APN to make it work with Malitel network.

  48. prince i have A+ A plus,am in ghana,contact me for it.0209626099.

  49. Is dat how it usually does, cus dis is taking longer dan normal….. 5days now

  50. Lemmy please my A+ was functioning just fine but all of a sudden it just stopped opening Dstv channels just like that, what could be the problem

  51. Pls can you respond to my enquiry…I want to know how ican get the A+ dongle, I’m from Ghana. You can hot me up via email.. Thanks

  52. Hi Lenny..thanks for all the info. I tried reaching you by the émail you posted earlier, but it failed. I’m in Ghana and would like to know how ican get the A+ dongle..need it very urgently. You can reply via my email. Thanks

  53. obijohn says:

    p/s lemmy i need fake srt software 4663x and 4663xii thanks

  54. obijohn says:

    p/s we need loader for aplus dongle

  55. Hello
    Can I have the loader GPRS A +

  56. Hi
    How to change the APN GPRS A +

  57. Yes a+ sn open canals ports and 4922A is a good strong hd decoder it’s what am using and it’s working well with g1 and a+

  58. Good day pple, for sam tyme now my g2 behaves funny, when i plug the power cord,the light moves to STB on the SAT option and dat is all,wht can be the problem?

  59. suleiman says:

    Hello sir, pls if it is said “a decoder is a linux” what does it mean?

    • it may be linux or windows but decoders running on linux operating systems are smoother than that of windows OS. Just like web hosting or private computer or mobile phones. e.g tlink 600 is linux while tlink 900 is windows

  60. mickado says:

    how much can i get A+gprs dongle. i live in warri, how can i get it.

  61. how do i get d A+ A plus Gprs Dongle / Adapter for Africa?
    reply tru my mail

  62. For a person who have used A+ Plus you can not go back to G1 or G2. A+ Plus is un excellent product and even in places where there is low GPRS it can do the job.

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