A-Z Tutorials On How To Connect Your Decoder / Dongle To Internet [ Solve internet connectivity issues on Decoders]

This article will be as lengthy as it will be comprehensive. I am basically writing this post based on popular demand. The rate at which i receive complains about internet connection malfunctioning on iks decoders and dongles. This article is well researched and the delivery will lay to rest any confusion or worries about why your decoder is not detecting your internet connection. Apart from this, i will give you a most comprehensive guide on how to configure your internet to work with your decoder as well as choosing the best network for your decoder.




  • Azsky G6 and all azsky dongles
  • All Qsat decoders and speed HD S1(Mind you, what applies to qsat also applies to speed HD S1 vice versa)
  • How to choose the best internet protocol for TV1 cccam account and how to avoid banning
  • T-link decoder 900 hd and 600 hd
  • Strong Decoder
  • Other areas where i shall touch include: how to properly setup a router to be used as a LAN NETWORK on your decoder or as a Wifi router
  • How to choose the best internet protocol for your decoder


For how to choose the best sim for azsky dongles, please my guides here and to interpret led status of azsky dongles please read here. We all know that azsky dongles are all offline, which automatically means that the inbuilt account of azsky G6 cannot currently open dst* channels. However azsky G6 can use other accounts to open dst* channels for example you can use a cccam account to watch scrambled dstv channels on azsky G6. To use a cccam on G6, you need a stable connection of 3g minimu(and 3.75g maximu fo your own good)You can use either a wifi internet, lan internet(also known as wired connection), or huawei 3g modem from your local network provider(for now only huawei modem works with azsky G6). My recommendation in order of priority are: wifi>>lan internet>>3g network. You can’t use your direct sim card to watch youtube on g6 and you can’t use it to watch cccam. So you need 3g network fro cccam or iptv on G6. to learn how to use wifi on G6 read this  and to use a huawei 3g modem to watch iptv or youtube on azsky G6 read this.


Qsat can be very tricky with getting connected to the internet especially when you newly bought one and you want to activate the avatarcam code for the first time. I will advise all and sundry to do the first activation with a 3g modem or lan and not with a sim card. Qsat has so many internet connectivity failure which include: “No Dongle device found” this is mainly done when you are not connected to the internet or when the connected internet protocol is not supported by qsat. Secondly you may see a message “network connection failed displayed on your screen”(this mean your hitherto successful connection has failed. Qsat love huawei 3g modem more than all other modems, in fact a universal modem doesn’t work on qsat decoder. If you want to use a 3g modem on qsat, buy huawei 3g modem or zte from your local internet service providers. Another instance is that if you downgrade or upgrade qsat, you may experience connectivity problems, in this case keep trying with 3g sim cards at your disposal until you get your account activated. Once your account is activated, you can use your favorite internet package. there are a lot of tweaks on Qsat here. I will explain with the help of pictures, diffrent types of internet protocols that you can use on your qsat:



To have access to all available internet protocols on your qsat press menu>.setting>.Ethernet Config

Qsat_supported_internet_connectionas you can see from the picture above, we have four ways for you to connect qsat to the internet, just that if you have access to the four protocols, i will say choose your internet thus: WIFI>>LAN INTERNET>> 3G>>GPRS

wifi_connection_interfaceTo connect qsat to the internet via wifi you need a compatible wifi adapter attached to your qsat, a wifi adapter looks like this,after that you need a wifi hotspot; you can use your phone as a wifi hotspot, you can also use a wifi router or even your pc as your wifi hotspot. As you can see above, i sued my iphone as my hotspot. Now navigate to menu>>setting>.ethernet config>>link type>>Wifi Network>>then scroll down one step and click on Config>>you will then see your wifi hotspot>>enter your password where required and press connect. Immediately the message “network connection success” will display on your screen, you are good to go

Qsat_3G_modemTo use a 3g modem on your qsat, load your qsat with a data plan(not bb plan), then connect your 3g modem to the usb port on your qsat, immediately you connect your 3g modem, qsat should display “storage device found”. Now goto Ethernet config>>link type>3G network>>scroll down one bit and configure the rest as shown in the picture above. Now press the blue button to manually connect your connection, once the connection is successful you will receive a success message, otherwise, you will receive a “No Dongle device found” as shown below.


If you recive a no dongle device error, it simply means you are either using an incompatible 3g modem on qsat or the sim inside your qsat is inactive(e.g if your modem is lock and you put an unsupported sim inside it, you will receive error, also if you are trying to use a universal modem with qsat instead of huawei or zte modem, you will receive errors). If you are sure all is well, simply reboot your qsat and it will auto detect network and auto connect to the internet.

qsat gprs mode


Connecting qsat to gprs / edge / 2g network to watch dstv channel is also possible but it is the least preferred as a result of the incessant freezing due to instability of most 2g network. you can view the picture above to use direct sim card on yoour qsat. The sim slot of your qsat is at its back. if one sim give you error, change it. If all sim card gives you error on qsat, it means no usable 2g network in your location, so please try using 3g network with a 3g modem. another thing you must not is that 2g network cannot be used inside an internet modem with qsat. so the sim you will insert inside your modem must have 3g network

The last but not the least is connection using a wired network popularly known as lan internet on qsat is the easiest. I will suggest you using a standalone router, configure it and connect your lan cable; one end goes inside the lan port of your router(before you connect the other end to your qsat, make sure your modem has successfully established a network connection with the router(for example if you are using the latest zte modem, once it establishes a 3g network connection on a router it blinks green light and if it is an huawei 3g modem,once the connection is established, it has a standby blue light. Immediately you discovered that your modem is connected,>>goto setting>>ethernet config>.change link type to Lan internet>>then connect the other end of your lan cable to the lan port of your qsat which is at its back.

lan connection on qsat



There are a lot of misconceptions with tv1 cccam account that make its users end up gettig banned. I have sucessfully used my first tv1 account that i bought four month ago, and i started using another one last month. All these while, i was not banned for once. If my account stops, it means a general problem. however, for the past three weeks, tv1 cccam account has not gone offline. The followings will be my exposition and discovery why i escaped a single ban from tv1. You can easily do the same;


  • The first thing is that you must not reshare a cccam account, hat is you and your friend should not use the same account and you must not watch channels on two separate decoders with one cccam account(all this are possible and that is the legal way of you getting banned permanently)
  • When using a cccam account, please don’t use a 4g network e.g swift 4g, don’t use spetranet 4g, don’t use a broadband internet(If you do this, you will eventually get banned because  tv1 admins will think you are sharing there server because the logs a 4g generates on their server is huge)
  • Please if yiu know you don’t have a stable 3g network in your location, please don’t buy a cccam account. If you stubbornly use a cccam on an unstable network, it will keep freezing so badly until you eventually get banned.
  • while watching satellite channels with your tv1, please don’t disconnect your internet connection arbitrarily.
  • You can learn about other dos and don’t s here


  • If you already have a router and a wifi adapter, for convenience sake please use wifi connection with your cccam
  • Use a router via lan connection if you don’t have a wifi adapter
  • Please configure your router to use only 3g network(this is not necessary on some router as some router comes with 3g only support. but some router like vodafone has 2g and 3g support so pleas change it to 3g only) I will talk about this briefly later.
  • Try and avoid a router that is locked to a particular modem or a 4g router. Use routers like hame 3g / wifi router, t1 wifi router, azsky G3 router, vodafone router, tp-link router huawei router and the likes. avoid spectranet 4g router, swift 4g router and the likes
  • Once you experience a internet connection disruption, please manually disconect your account from your decoder and only retry it when connection has been restored.
  • It is better for you to use a direct 3g modem than using a 4g modem / router on your decoder.


If you are using an iks decoder that has the capabilities of opening scrambled channels (the way qsat opens dstv), the only rule therein is for you to use the most stable internet connection / protocol that is in your disposal.


For a cccam, it is more methodical and sensitive. You should avoid 4g network, and you should avoid using 2g network(cccam works with direct sim card on qsat, but that is one of the best way to get banned)

You can use any stable connection between 3g to 3,75g network. However when you are using a 3g network, make sure your 3g is 3g and don’t allow your connection to auto-switch between 3g and 2g network. you can also use lan internet or wifi connection.


IPTV channels is in a world of its own. You are advised to use the fastest internet connection possible and avaoid the slower connection. you can use 4g , wifi, lan internet, broadband internet or 3,75g. If you only have stable 2g network, you cannot watch any iptv channel.



In most cases you will need to configure both the 3g modem that you want to use with your router, and your router separately before first use. On how to configure your 3g huawei or zte modem in other to force 3g on it, please read this. Now we have several routers but if am to recommend, i will recommend standalone routers like azsky G3 wifi router, t1 riuter + power bank combo, vodafone router, huawei router, tp-link router, hane router e.t.c. But whichever router you are using, please if you are using it with a cccam account, don’t let it be a 4g only router. You can also configure your router in other to force it to use 3g only. every router comes with and ip addrees which you can open on your pc browser. for example the link to azsky g3 dashboard is must connect your azsky g3 router to the computer via lan cable before you visit that link in your browser) This ip address is always written on the packet or body of your router once you open the url on your browser, it opens the dashboard of the router where you can customize a lot of things, including assigning a name to your wifi hotspot, assigning a password to your hotspot and also changing your network mode to either  Auto, 3g only or 2g only. The password and user name is most of the time “admin” unless otherwise stated. pleas only change those things mentioned above no more no less then save and reconnect your router. It is worthy of note that any good  router can be used for two purposes 1. to serve as “lan connection(also known as wired connection) and 2. to serve as a source of wireless connection also known as wifi hotspot or wifi router. The interface of azsky G3 wifi router below will give you a clearer picture.

20140719_204520G3_WIFI-ROUTERROUTER_LOGINThe picture above depicts a login page that is common to most router when you are about to access their dashboard on your computer

second_stepAzsky G3 comes with an easy to setup interface that can aid you to change your device name, wifi hotspot password and even your APN

second_step_1second_step_1 second_step_2The above is how you change your wifi password mine is “88888888” which ever password you choose, it must not be lesser than 8 characters.



  1. Pls my q26g displays Connect to Server after displaying Network Connection Success…. Hence cant enjoy dstv channels. It has been so for about 2 weeks ago… Pls help me out.

  2. a.a.ashilli says:

    Thanks for the good job.please sir I still don’t understand how to renew my qsat26

  3. asuman charles says:

    pls am using qsat q26g i want the activation code.

  4. lemmy i have tried using a modem, and almost all the network sim cards to reveal my avatar account after update but it keeps telling me cannot connect to server (q13 decoder)

  5. Lemmy thanks a lot. I have succeeded in upgrading my qsat q13g decoder but I cant configure it to connect to the server. There is no Nigeria in location option. what will I do?

  6. hi LM, happi nu year broda, how do i get all the radio stations to on qsat 23g especially dmx………………please advise

  7. hi, i tried connecting my qsat 11g through my airtel huawei modem and ts not connection after upgrading it to the latest version 6.10 software you uploaded. though my modem is unlocked i.e the 173u-2 86 series modem from aitel, i could not unlock it, can you help me.

  8. appiah dominic says:

    i have got issues. my q13g just not working though i have signal around 94 and quality round 94. i didn’t know all about cccam or new… and i was just switching sim cards since that was what i was told by the dealer. how can i know if i am banned and upon checking, i realise mine is a cccam code which starts with 47******** . how can i get it to work again?

  9. good day Mr Lemmy, you are doing a wonderful job, well done. I have been following your post for a while now and your posts are quit easy to understand. but the only aspect i am having confusion is the wifi connectivity, i read your post on that subject what i do not understand is the antenal at the back of Q11G, i thought that is the wifi that came with it,my question is, does it mean that it is not working that we have to buy usb wifi adapter? after the upgrade i tried using my phone hotspot to connect but did not connect? what is your take on this matter? thanks.

  10. hi lemmy, i have noticed my cccam account disconnect and connect regularly at the background though it does’nt always freeze the channel but sometimes it does, so pls what could be the reason for this and how to amend it. I’m actually using huawei usb modem with my speed hd. Actually i was thinking of using another server no to enter the same account detail in the same decoder, probably with the possibility that if one server no is disconnected the other would be connected within the same decoder. So i really want to know if it is adviceable to do it?

  11. Dear Lemmy, From last week when I open my 13g QSAT IT REMINDS me date for my server to expire. I went to my xcam and avatar and say that de expiring date there was 04/11/2014. A friend advice me to run the old update and later run the new update and it will come. I did and it was coming till yesterday evening it stop openning. when i go to avatar it tells me avatar registration fail. what should i do, pls help me

  12. @Lemmy…I will appreciate if you can link me up with a tutorial on how to re install my qsat g23g after my silly cousin clicked on factory reset …I will appreciate if you can help with tutorial on that

  13. I was using Strong Decoder called SRT4922 with AZSKY G1+ Dongle. Now that the whole thing is no longer working for quite some time , what other useful thing can i use the decoder and Dongle for? Thanks

  14. mr. lemmy i need your help urgently, any time i connect my 3g modem to my q-sat even the message ……….. has found a storage devise doesnt show up, Oga please what is the problem? and what should i do to solve such problem…..

  15. h/w version: dk-v1.0
    s/w version: rel v6.05.12
    load version: 05/31/2013 12:37:38
    build date: 03/13/2014 16:02:56
    mac address 00-11-05-68-c9-ad
    sn.: 00110568c9ad

    please this is thge information on my qsat q11g. it has been scrambled for about 2 weeks now even tho the account still has about 40 days left, is there a solution for it? thanks

  16. Uncle Lemmy still it not showing with LAN it just say Connected to network success what is way out

  17. Lemmy pls I tried to connect my qsat with tp-link router through LAN using 3g modem with etisalat the decoder refuse to connect to internet, I try all thru but not succeed but the router work well on my laptop pls help me.

  18. Pls help me attatch the qsat software version 6.52 or 6.06.8 on ma mail. Tanks and God bless u 4 ur gerouse wrk. Wale

  19. @lemmy is the tv1.dns2.us account working, the server is saying online but my dstv channels are still scrambled. What satelite/tranponder should i use, currently am using eutelsat 36a.

  20. Hi Lemmy,

    I tried connecting my Q23G decoder using a lan internet cable connected to my SWIFT 4G modem… But it didnt work although it showed network connection success… Any ideas?

  21. Guru, please give me directions on how to access youporn,redtue ,youtube, yahoo weather and iptv etcin my Q SAT 23G.

  22. I found one on this page with Egypt on the screen, I tried it but didn’t connect. I tried to configure etisalat but I can’t save the DNS after changing to 8888. Pls help

    • @ola, you don’t need to manually modify anything on qsat for you to successfully established any internet connection on qsat. You are mixing things up for yourself

  23. Hi Mr. Lemmy.

    I’ve tried using a 3g dongle on my qsat q23g with code 45**** but all the dst* channels scrambled. I’ve tried both GPRS & 3g. In xcam setup > sharing, does the status have to show connected after pressing blue button to reconnect successfully?

    Could it be a problem with account though it doesn’t expire till next year.


  24. Good evening Sir Lemmy Morgan,

    I tried using LAN from my Spectranet 4G Lte for my Q23G but it did not work.
    What can I do Sir?
    Your advise will be appreciated.

  25. LM…..God bless you for ur gud wrks… I wanna ask does hauwi E1550 wrks on cccam on 4922A??

  26. LM, I have tp link dual router with 2 usb port, and I have been trying to connect my USB modem to supply Internet without success. What do I do to achieve this step. Again the step is from my USB MODEM> ROUTER > COMPUTER LAN cable.

  27. Nchinda Terrence says:

    Good evening mr LIMMY. I succeeded to connect my qsat 13 to the internet by using etwork cable but the brobleme that i have is the qsat gos off any time that i swich from IPV channels to the numal DSTV channels, and i also wan to ask if this LAN INTERNET can open DSTV channels because i succeeded but with the IPV channels. THANKS

  28. kabiru abdul says:

    hi lemmy recently my q11g refuses to connect to the internet does not show connection success so i cannot watch anything, i checked all the settings which are correct i tried using modem thru3g it connects and show could it be a problem with the sim slot cos it seem not to sense sims i tried different networks but it failed

    • @Kabirus, please there is no ambiguity about this, your decoder will dictate the internet protocol to be used in a given location. If you move to another location, it maybe possible for you to use a sim card.But as it stands, in your current location, you can only use a 3g modem

      • kabiru abdul says:

        hi lemmy , pls i cannot watch iptv and youtube on my Q11G with my modem using 3g, it always shows data error after loading for sometime but i can watch dstv with out any interruption what could possibly be the problem

  29. pls mr lemmy morgan, how can i pay for data bundle on my modem to use for my qsat

  30. you’ve been most very helpful, Lem.
    thank you so very much.

  31. okay…
    and this ypir databundles are what exactly??
    I’m a complete ‘idiot’; please help me understand.
    … can they solve my ‘probkem’ with connectivity?

    • @Tizwiz that is you will subscribe to the internet bundle of either MTN Nigeria, etisalat, glo or airtel. Then you will follow the link here on how to use your data bundle to watch satellite tv on qsat or similar decoder. However if you talking about using a decoder to browse the internet free of charge, then it is not possible currently

  32. Hi Lemmy,
    I am an avid fan and reader if your blog; more grease to your elbows.
    I have some ‘issues’ and I wonder if you can help me out.
    foremost, it is with internet connectivity as regards great band with and service reception. I am often frustrated with the speed and quality of the data services of airtel and MTN. Glo is good but usually unstable. Etisalat is great but expensive. I’ve tried using VPN apps like yourfreedom and droidvpn but they do no help since they too rely on the network providers.
    I am curious about this ‘satellite TV to internet’ stuff. could you help me, please?
    I use the web for downloads, heavy downloads and streaming; I have a blogging passion to attend to and I sometimes chat online.
    at my disposal is a laptop, an Android phone, a space digital satellite antenna (with Strong decoder), a cracked glo modem, and my brains.
    what do you think is in this satellite Internet stuff?

  33. Nchinda Terrence says:

    Mr Limmy good day Sir. Please i need your help Sir. I have been trying to connect my Qsat to the LAN internet connection that i have but there is some problems that am facing. I have connected my Qsat and my compute with a network cable and i do not know if it can work with this network cable because i do not have a router. and if it can work then Sir help me with how i can shear the connection from my computer to the Qsat. Thanks Sir am waiting to her from you.

    • @nchinda, you can share it through wifi but you will buy a wifi adapter for your qsat. Alternatively you need to share it from a router. Direct pc to qsat lan connection doesn’t work

  34. Dahny20 says:

    Lemmy, I need help in unlocking my Glo Bolt modem. Have been sieving thro ur site but could not locate any. Kindly assist.

  35. pls any update on.azsky?

  36. Mr Brave says:

    I know Lemmy, its future purpose. I plan using d Azsky wif qsat once Azsky comes up and my cccam account expires and that’s still next year! i just want to buy the cable now.

  37. Mr Brave says:

    Hello Lemmy, please what is the name of the cord used in connecting an azsky dongle [rs232] to a Qsat decoder? I want to order it online but I don’t know the name! Thanks bro.

  38. Abdul-wahab says:

    Pls help me unlock this Airtel ZTE modem

    model no:- MF190U
    IMEI no:- 863164010806594.

    Thanks I will be waiting for the unlock code , God bless you all

  39. Tayo Origade says:

    Hi Lemmy,
    you listed “Strong” as one of the decoders to be covered in this post but alas there is no subtitle to that effect.
    I am interested in this post for an SRT-4930L. Thanks.

  40. pls Lemmy what is update on azasky? guys any latest change to the fast red blinking.

  41. Boss TV1 account with port 13000 or the new server

  42. Sir Spice says:

    Pls Oga, is it possible to use part of ur sd card in ur phone as ur phones’ ram?

  43. boss is TV1 account on the server back?

  44. LM, I read about this software{connectify}and I find it very interesting but what bothers me is that I will need an wireless adapter attached to my pc before it can work effectively.pls if am wrong correct me.

  45. treasure says:

    What cable can I use to connect qsat 13g to laptop

  46. Thanx Lemmy for the clarification.

  47. Hello I just want to ask is the Biss key 4 Tv3 working right now sir?

  48. Pls Oga, is Azsky working now ?

  49. bros i gret tnks 4 ur tutoria my qestion is that i can’t watch utube on my qsat dec.i inserted etist line directly on my decoder{other channels ok}pls help

  50. pls sir, is g3 router available now? I need it asap. thanks

  51. I greet you sir. Please I want a clarification on how Speed HD S1 works pertaining to software upgrades. What happens to the system when there is a software upgrade for avatar cam? Won’t it affect the operations of the Speed cam account? Does that mean that one needs to upgrade the two accounts after an upgrade of the avatar account? Please help me out. It seems a bit confusing. Won’t the the two accounts be conflicting each other during or after upgrade? Thank you. Have blessed day

    • @eric it’s so obvious you don’t own a speed hd s1 decoder. If you own one, you will know that the interface / protocol for speedcam is different from that of avatarcam. And secondly you will realise that a qsat software cannot be used on speed hd s1. So where is the confusion?

  52. LM.thanks for your assistance am now convince your really a genius in the making. Thanks once again for the wireless and wireup issue I have.

  53. Mine too, it’s a general problem. Code 40xxxxxxx is offline

  54. @lemmy is qsat code 41 working

  55. hi, bwana lemmy?my qsat with code 40***** has stoped. is this a general problem or other codes are working?

  56. olumide oyewole says:

    my oga,qsat code 40 *******working mine is down since yesterday evening thank u

  57. @lemmy good day sir is qsat code 40 *******working mine is down since yesterday evening thank u

  58. Hi lemmy can i use a airtel morden to watch dstv can i fix it at the usb port will it work

  59. LM, I tried wifi connection through my q5 hotspot but it did not work. I know that wireless hotspot connect through one of this channels,Bluetooth or Tethering . And qsat doesn’t have Bluetooth to connect. Don’t you think that’s the problem?

  60. Please ogah Lemmy,my q 23g keeps freezing all the time,meanwhile I am using mtn latest modem,secondary my q23 does not support IPTV,when ever I try to watch IPTV it doesn’t work.so please does it mean my doesnt suport iptv?it always says failure, please kindly teach me what to do.thank u very much sir.

  61. Tnx Lemmy for your concern but my laptop has only 15 pin serial port, it doesn’t have 9 pin port.

  62. Hi lemmy i have a airtel morden with az sky G1 can it work when i connect it at the usa port am using strong decoder

    • @raferl azsky dongles doesn’t use 3g modems, they use direct sim card. Only azsky g6 uses 3g modem because it’s has the capability to use a cccam account as well as iptv

  63. papagift says:

    sir please am planning to buy qsat I have being following ur update sir I av a Glo modem though I crack it so dat it will be compatible with all other sim sir please can it work on qsat wen I bought it since you said 3g is more better for first time activation. thanks

  64. paeffiong says:

    Thanks for this wonderful update.

    In my own case, while using airtel 3g with my qsat i had to manually confiqure by adding the following:
    country = Nigeria

    operator = Airtel

    apn = internet.ng.airtel.com

    and all other things were added like dial number and the rest.
    The same was done for all other operators in Nigeria.

    Pls as a matter of urgency, am NOW ready to get the following items from you: azsky G3 router, LAN cable and wifi adapter. Kindly send the cost and mode of delivery to my email; miracles0933@gmail.com

  65. What cable can I use to connect AZSKY g1 super to laptop and where will I get some?

    • @kwado, use the rs232 cable that came with your azsky Dongle to your desktop computer. You will plug this cable directly into the 9pin serial port of your computer

  66. Oga Lemmy thank you for dis wondaful tutorial, pls am not familiar with dat router i only know modem. Pls where can i buy the router if i want to.

  67. pls mr lemmy , can I also use other cccam account to watch DST* channels with Azsky super g1?

    • @ismail cccam only works on supported decoders, not on dongles like g1+, g1 super or a+. G6 is a full hd decoder with Dongle capabilities and that is y a cccam works on it

  68. CHARISMA says:

    Thanks very at first I was finding it difficult to connect my 3g modem but now with the help of yur tweak I been able to connect my 3g modem to my qsat 23g and is working fine and am now relive that I can use a cccam account in my 2g area. Thanks once again bro.

  69. I am having issues on connecting to the internet. pls help out

  70. @Israel, search the site “www.lemmymorgan.com” for how to connect qsat to internet


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