A+ Gprs Router Vs Azsky Gprs Dongle(Who is the Winner and Which Should you Buy)

To start this objective discourse, i will use this medium to tell all those who have renewed their azsky dongles with a genuine service account not to panic. Yes i know that as at yesterday, 14-07-2013 around 11:00pm Nigerian Time all azsky products like G1, G1+ G2 and Xman went off completely while products from other manufacturers like liberty, A+ Tlink, eclink, srt5000 and the likes are working. The reasons it went offline is because i. They need to fix the issue of mytv channels not showing, ii. they need to fix the issue of some channels not showing on dstv so their is no way they can do all this if don’t temporally shutdown their servers. However as i speak, in Nigeria here, azsky has started working however, you may need to use etisalat sim to power it in Nigeria for the main time till all is resolved.

g1 vs a+ which is better


Now back to the topic of discussion, well there are dongles and their are dongles. infact we have different dongles promising different functions, features and performance. But i just want to compare the two best gprs dongles that we currently have in africa and for africa talking about A+ GPRS Router and Azsky G1+ GPRS Adapter . The fight for supremacy is like that of lion and leopard, iOS and Android e.t.c… It is simply different tales for different folks and its two side of the same coin. I will be objective about this because none of the company paid me do do anything.


If you are a mobile phone geek like me, you must have known that before the arrival of Android phones, iOS was already overshadowing symbian and windows mobile. But when android arrives, it corrected the mistakes of iOS(e.g bluetooth) and improve on the OS error of symbian(e.g laggness) to make a unique mobile operating system.

Liberty star decoders arrived earlier than other manufacturers but they couldn’t sustain the competition due to their lack of support and upgrade. when Azsky came in it performed wonderfully well and even save us during the last football season when most products where offline. However they become to relaxed and their performance dropped people started haveing problems like sim not working, annoying freezing e.t.c. A+ took advantage of this and launch its oen product with the following edge over azsky;

  • A+ Came by default with a sticker on their product specifying the expiry date.
  • Right from launch till the present moment A+ opens more channels than Azsky
  • Sim issues is minimal it supports and works with all simcard as promised
  • A+ freezes less than Azsky
  • When A+ is down, it is restored quicker than G1+


  • Though this is being address, but as i speak , their is no support yet for A+ and no tools for renewing an expired account meaning use it while it last. But as soon as there is a way out, i will keep you updated. you don’t need to worry over this because, as at the time of writing this, no A+ dongle out there has expired.
  • A+ Doesn’t work with 2g nework, it only work with 3g


  • G1+ is always there when others are out it may be showing only a few channels, but those few channels are the very important once in times of trouble. they will never totally let you down
  • Azsky Supports is outstanding, they always act on time and as at when due they have a listening ears.
  • Theirs is a project they are launching now with the sales of their new service account which will make their product to be the best. it will make it open more channels, and be more stable.
  • G1+ Works with 2g and 3g networks


  • Some azsky products like g1 and xman still struggles with simcard i mean they still kind of select some simcards.


If you have the money you can buy both, if you are daring and ambitious with little cash to throw around buy A+, If you want to be in the middle and be neutral, then buy azsky G1+.

If all of a sudden your A+ dongle just net off, and other A+ dongles around you are showing, don’t panick your a+ has not expired yet, all you need is my special trick to revive it you don’t need a service account now, you only need a service account for a+ starting from next year

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  1. Clinton young says:

    My A+ having been working 4 about A month nw.So pls what a my going 2 do nw,bcus de world cup is coming.

  2. my A+ gold has not been working for 4 days, pls what can I do?

  3. hi, can someone please tell me where to upgrade my A+ router and Azsky in Abuja cos they have not been working for a while.

  4. daniel tetteh says:

    a+ have not be stable for the past week. is there any problem

  5. Hi is there a software for upgrading the A+ and can i connect it as an internet modem for my pc

  6. how much is the azsky G1+ and where can i get it.

  7. my A+ stopped working for about a week now, is there any news on whats happening to it.
    and is the G+ working now for Dstv.

  8. daniel tetteh says:

    Hi Lemmy, I’m from ghana my a+ has stop working since friday 30th August. is there any problem with the a+ dongle.

  9. Hi, Lemmy.i’m from Ghana .So glad to finally find a blog like this. I had my A+ installed 4 days ago. It went off yesterday evening and hasn’t come back. I deleted da D*Tv channels and scanned again, that hasn’t helped either…. Any idea whats going on. Wat should I do.pls help……….

  10. Nana Kweku says:

    I have the A+ but for about 2 weeks now it is not working. Does it need an upgrade? Secondly i tried upgrading the G1 Azsky dongle with my laptop which uses WIN7 OS but couldn’t get the command lines in cmd prompt for the install.bat, any guidelines? thanks

  11. godfredgdd says:

    Tell me, how can I upgrade my g1+ decoder

  12. my boss my azsky my mtn sim card is working with it but airtel is not working with my azsky G1 WHAT IS THE Problem

  13. my AZSKY is not stable always blinking red.it will show then it will go off.
    what else to do? is it an account thing?

  14. which was orange 3g but since I have it buy it n not work with, now what solution you propose?

  15. Hello Doctor I am NIGER I have purchased a nail A + and works only with airtel for three weeks and its not working, how else to Résaux

  16. Abiola Sunday says:

    My A+ has stopped working since two weeks ago, I thought it was the software in my decoder SRT 4663X. I loaded d one recommended by a friend that uses d same srt with me, but still could not work. I just bought it last March ending. Pls what can I do. – See more at: http://lemmymorgan.com/a-gprs-router-vs-azsky-gprs-donglewho-is-the-winner-and-which-should-you-buy/#comment-18419

  17. Holla Lemme
    Must we just use etisalat b4 G1+ works?
    Etisalat signal is very low in my place here
    How about other networks.

  18. Yea but i think its because of the open weekend by dstv to open up their premium channels for free, who knows if it may go off wen this promo is over

  19. penopere says:

    The canalsat… do i have to change the direction of the dish again

  20. leopold says:

    bonjour docteur, dis est ce que tu ne peux pas me vendre un bon appareil et le parametrer pour que je l installe chez mes parents ?( douala) merci et a bientot.

  21. But it was not like this with the old account, the issue of power never arose, na wa for them o

  22. What really is the cause of the ireegularity

  23. Goodday lemmy, what the hell is wrong with azsky, i would like to know which one is more stable, am tired of this G1

    • A+ is more stable for now. but g1 is blazing really hot on canalsat as i speak. am afraid this irregularities of dstv with azsky will continue for the next 14days but canalsat will be working fine till then. so sports and movie lovers, move to canalsat now.

  24. Pls Mr lem my a+ is not working since I bought it a day b4 yesterday wat could b d problem. Cos I’m confused

  25. My g1+ green light is permanently on.what is the problem sir

    • change the channel now

    • if the green LED keep on without any blink,it means the RS232 port Y4 communication between your receiver and G1+ have problem. normally idea your receiver did not activate Y4 function or the RS232 port have hardware problem.

      when server connection OK and RS232 twin protocol works OK,the Green LED should keep blinking.

  26. Hi mr morgan pls my box worked few hours dis mornin and nw is off wat could be d problem tnx bro

  27. I like to know because my G1 AZSKY stop working and sometime the Green light cme and sometime but i dont know what is the problem, am from Gh

  28. gud day,does the powa failure also affect A plus.and also does A plus surport Glo sim

  29. I have AZsky g1 it blink only orange light after it shows red,when g1+ was not working yesterday my g1 work and i did not load a new accont on it but it did not open ss select while g1+ open it,what might be d cause?.

  30. Ok thanks for the response, that means its general right?

  31. My azsky stopped working this afternoon, what could be wrong, it blinks normal orange but does not open any channel

  32. Yes, the best is to have the two, A+, and Azsky. so that ( the dstv ) will not lost to you.

  33. nalucha says:

    Can G2 open Dstv channels picked using intelsat 68.5 degrees east?

  34. Please Lemmy, is it working for only those with the new service account or all those that went off but have not expired are also working now? I want to know this bcos I am not at home to check but Im following ur updates. Thanx.

  35. Thanks for your reply, i have an azsky G1 but considering buying A+ bcos my G1 doesnt open the big brother second channel, any fear for expiration for A+ yet

  36. Is azsky gonna work again or they will ask us to buy another account

  37. weldone Bros, you av improve my skill through this teaching.keep it up,can dxxv be capable to struck again

  38. Ben Igwe says:

    How can a beginner get A1+ gprs router?

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