7 Ways Of Identifying Original Samsu Oil From the fake/Clone

If you have been following this brand, you must have known by know what it does and how it works. Am also using this medium to tell my Ghanian readers that the product will be back on the shelves this week. Ghana turnout was so amazing that the agent there ran out of stock within a short period of time.

Fake samsu oil

Without mincing words, i will like to go straight to the point.As we all know that once a good product is doing well commercially, some people will want to hijack it and produce its fake. The main unfortunate thing about this is that a life may be lost or an organ damaged with every fake health product that is being consumed by every unsuspecting consumer. There is indeed at least a fake samsu oil out there. Am majorly saying this because of the unsuspecting Africans out there.

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  1. The fake samsu oil is spelt differently from original samsu. The original is simply spelt as Samsu Oil” while the fake is widely known as “samsu super oil”
  2. The Original comes equipped with a detailed instruction manual
  3. When you use the original, your organ does get bruised or inflamed after some hours. You only get a tingling sensation.
  4. The price of the counterfeit is ridiculously cheaper. Your sure bet is to buy from a reputable source
  5. Look out for the NAFDAC no. Samsu Super Oil doesn’t have it.
  6. The liquid content of *Samsu Oil* does not fill the bottle to the brim
  7. The liquid content isn’t viscous. It’s in fact, effervescent and doesn’t like heat. So always keep in cool dry place
  8. There is a striking difference even with the pictures of samsu and samsu super as shown below:

original samsu oil

Fake samsu oil








It’s such a magical experience with *Samsu Oil*. Get in touch for further enquiries or clarifications. I’d be glad to resolve your queries and offer any assistance within my capability. You can contact me via email “info @ lemmymorgan.com”



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