7 qualities of a successful entrepreneur

The world around us is changing so rapidly, and every time you can not help thinking about that now both be buried on the turns – do not have time to hold the steering wheel. It is relatively easy to start up a business be it online or offline, however, it requires great efforts to keep growing and expanding.

Most recently, I wondered why someone, no matter what, continues to go forward – And someone – breaks down and stops moving.

great entrepreneurs

What separates a successful entrepreneur from the less successful?

By success, we mean the ability to overcome the challenge and continue to move forward. No matter what. The ability to grow “over an” accumulate experience and problem-solving.

Let us illustrate each quality on its history of formation.

Continuing the metaphor of the car and the race, and I will say this: the first thing that distinguishes the winners from the losers of the championship – it’s … I will use a friend as a case study. I will quote him


The ability to reflect on our experiences and draw conclusions

At the start of my business career, I did not give myself time to just be alone, to think about to make and that only want to do. When I started my first business of sales and installation of plastic windows, I worked from 7 in the morning until night. I went to construction projects and offer our services, I traveled to the objects with a construction team. And this could go on for months – without the right to rest and also work on weekends. Until I suddenly stopped selling or stopped paying customers – then the situation made me think to go back and evaluate what happened.

It was only five years later I was able to meet the great master, who said to me, “Julia, that’s your job. The same as many others. Give yourself room to analyze and think. ” And now it really work. Only work which brings pleasure, but without which success is impossible.

Everyone makes mistakes.  Our children’s education often forms we have a negative attitude to mistakes that we learn to work all our lives. This is normal. The question is not whether you are wrong or not, but rather what you do with lessons learned.

If you go over and over again to do the same steps – all in vain. But if suddenly you can not change the pattern of behavior and start doing anything differently – you’ll get a great success.

Many people do not give themselves room to stop and reflection on the mistakes. But the great masters say that it is in such moments that you need come to your “teacher” that allow your potential to open up.


Continuous development

As soon as my entrepreneurial career continued, different miracles happened to me. Universe felt my desire for strength, perhaps, easy to grow for new victories.

I fell on the financial difficulties associated with the loss-making project that I had to be financed from borrowed funds, the betrayal on the part of partners and team, conflicts with customers, the collapse of illusions about the unique business ideas. And much more. I think there is enough to say that this experience has cost me tens of millions of naira. I came to understand that the only thing that matters in all these situations is development. Moreover, continuous development, a kind of upgrade from arrival to arrival.

Before I was firmly convinced that professionalism is the highest value, but now I can say with confidence that this is not the most important thing. There are many examples where a great entrepreneur of his time did not finish even the university, and sometimes school. And while the rounds for several buildings of their peers with gold medals.

Thinking is formed in the process of meeting with another crisis. Through a set of diverse experiences.

The most unexpected discoveries in business happens in those moments when you cook the soup or hammer a nail into the wall.Or buried in the wall of despair of what is happening, you think about the eternal.

As for me, I was incredibly high, when I communicate with research staff, engineers in the showroom, professional cosmetologists and teachers. People who have reached a virtuoso level in their professions and are able to talk about the meaning of life as if the are talking about the simple things in a kindergarten. And now, I am eternally grateful to every crisis in my life for the opportunity to meet with these people.

I know a wonderful master of his craft. He is, without exaggeration, one of the best in this world. He was already 65 years old and he goes every 2-3 months for training. What for? Because he prioritises development. And I also choose to develop. Everytime. Every minute of my life.


Curiosity – or “how to behave like a child in business”

And it is better to call it quality – irresistible desire to live. Try all tastes. To understand how it works. Well, at least try to do it. Do you know how to behave like a little child, when he wants to look into some issue? And how long have you tried something to be interested as well?

I remember my feelings when I first started working in consulting and education. The first projects involved in marketing, in which I played the role of a project manager. I knew very little, but I knew how to ask the right questions and listen carefully. And it saves me very often.

The brain of a successful entrepreneur is arranged in such a way that it is constantly exploring unknown corners of the universe.

With genuine curiosity and totality, inherent only in a child. And the businessman does it because he can not do otherwise. Because this instinct discoverer lives inside him and not give him rest.


You need creativity

That’s what I thought about 3 years ago. When I began to receive something in business when orders increased and customers multiply. I suddenly ceased to be interested in doing what I was doing. Although 2 months ago I burned the idea.

I decided to look into the situation and realized: it was important to know what will be after me that I can improve in this life.

The desire to make the world better – this is one of the basic differences between a successful entrepreneur.

Create additional value, which before it was not. Improve in the best possible ways. Try to invent a new racing car, which did not see the world championships, to reduce the percentage of deaths on the racetrack.

Such people are never motivated by money as an end in itself they get motivated as a means to and end. Yes – they are a reflection of the success and the measure of the contribution to society. But no successful entrepreneur does not begin to move without a great purpose. Mission. Vision.

Think of Steve Jobs, who wanted to deliver a personal computer in every home. Or Elon Musk, who believes that we – human beings, multiplanet-person and can live on Mars and Earth at the same time.


Focus on results and your goals

2 years ago was a turning point in my career.  The team fell apart. Dreams and ego were destroyed. Not only that: there was no money, and the debt was such that I could not pay back. Partners would threaten me by the courts and I also lack food in the refrigerator.

And then it came a time when I had to ask myself do you really want to continue? Or maybe, it’s time to get a stable job?

At such moments you need uncompromising and total rigidity in the focus on your dream. I’m not talking about the fact that we need to die to achieve a particular purpose. I’m talking about the fact that, despite the difficulties, every time you need to get up and keep going to the dream if it’s worth it.


The ability to control your own energy

For me it was urgent when the number of jobs began to exceed the number of hours in a day, the number of resources was still limited. The business grew, and with it grew my needs. I wanted a family, children, a good figure, communicating with family and friends … And when my favourite person uncompromisingly declared that he wants to get away from me at these points, I realised that I need to change something. And she began to look for tools to manage her own energy.

Professional responsibility of a successful entrepreneur is the need to think about how to manage their own health, relationship with spouse, children, their implementation, and many other areas of life.

The key words here – awareness and discipline,

Investing in yourself and in a control – a way of thinking businessman, able to become a champion today.



Belief in yourself, in your strength and total confidence in the life

I had to go a very long way. But now I am confident and can illuminate this light in others.


I am writing this and am asking myself –  Can I give you?

Here’s a quick checklist on the way to yourself and your success.

Ask yourself these questions every time:

  1. What a valuable experience can I learn from this situation? What she’s trying to teach me? What can I do next time in a different way?
  2. What can I do in the near future for the development of my business? Where to invest?
  3. Do I like what I’m doing, really? Am I curious?  If not, what needs to be done in order to again become interesting? What to bring or take away?
  4. Do I know this work? That I  am doing? And if you still do not know the answer, it’s time to find it. Right now.
  5. What helps me to focus on the goals? What are my tools? What is necessary to bring me into life, to continue to move forward?
  6. What tools do I use to manage my own energy?  What and where do I need to urgent change?
  7. What about my faith? What or who can help and support me in difficult times?

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