51 Best tips, tweaks & Tricks for all Mac Computer Users

I am an apple addict(even though financial constraints is preventing me from acquiring all their latest devices) In one of my previous articles, I wrote about ways by which mac os or mac computers are better than windows(this is subject to a debate though). Today am going to be unleashing some tricks that should be mastered by every mac book users.

mac book tips for Nigerians


The Mac is amazing. With the help of its shrewdly designed software, it can complete millions of tasks with ease and it’s optimized to the point where the hardware is running on almost doesn’t matter.

As such, there are many tips you’ll need in order to use your Mac more efficiently, regardless of your experience. Some of these will require recent versions of the Mac operating system (OS) such as the latest macOS Sierra – but not all of them do

  • Open certain apps when you  at log-in

  • How to throw files from your Mac to your iPhone

  • You can Talk to and listen to your Mac!

Before macOS Sierra, the Mac’s ability to listen to you as well as talk was already really impressive with its Dictation tool. But now, that’s been blown out of the water by Siri’s long-awaited arrival on Apple’s desktops and laptops. Siri is on OS Sierra

By either pressing and holding the Command and Space or clicking the icon on your Dock or Menu Bar, you can summon the same Siri you’ve grown accustomed to on your iPhone. However, this version of Siri is, in ways, much more powerful.

Siri on macOS Sierra can toggle system functions like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or even pull up individuals files stored on your system based on what you tell Siri about the file.  Just press Command+Space and get to asking.


Windows on Mac is sometimes it’s handy, I am running one on my partition currently. Whether to play the latest games or run some niche piece of software that has no Mac equivalent.

You can either run Windows alongside macOS with a virtualization app such as VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox, or partition your hard disk to install Windows on to run it full-bore on your hardware using Boot Camp Assistant (in your Utilities folder).

  • Add a Guest User account to your Mac

  • How to type exotic characters

As well as letters and symbols you see on your keyboard, you can type a bewildering array of special characters. but you’ll find there are many more. Go to the Edit menu of most apps and you’ll see Special Characters at the bottom. This panel gives you access to a huge range of symbols you can drag into your documents. Not all apps or operating systems support them, but these are mostly part of the cross-platform Unicode standard. There are probably more than you see at first, too; click the cog to reveal more.

  • Video Record your iPhone or iPad’s screen

  • Sign your documents

  • Quick searching within sites

  • How to partition external hard drives in Disk Utility

  • Automatically hide and show the menu bar


  • How to Batch rename files


  • How to use Activity Monitor which is the equivalent f windows task manager

  • Share easily with friends


  • Use Split Screen


  • Cover your tracks in Safari

  • Share your passwords and credit card details


  • How to Switch audio source/output from the menu bar

  • Annotate PDFs and images


  • Crop, resize and tweak images


  • Make a keyboard shortcut for anything


  • Change how Notifications Center groups notifications


  • You can Send and receive SMSs on your Mac (and more!)


  • View someone’s screen remotely


  • Share your purchases with your family


  • Rename, duplicate and revert files easily


  • Use Home Sharing to share your iTunes library

  • Store anything you like in iCloud Drive


    Cure an insomniac Mac Fix the problem with a mac that refuses to go to sleep mode


  • Print to the next available printer

  • Close all safari tabs left open on other devices


  • Share (some) contact details


  • How to share your iPhone connection with your Mac

    There are three ways to connect your Mac to your iPhone to share its signal: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.


  • How to Paste text without keeping its formatting

  • Get wireless audio and video with AirPlay


  • Restrict what someone can do – and when!


  • How to Email huge files on mac


  • Take control of your windows


  • How to Back up your Mac

  • How to change which app opens which file



    Source: TechRadar 


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