2017 May mark the end of Powervu available for Africa-This is why

Just like iptv, I was one of the(if not the first person) to talk about powervu openly. Today’s article is not about something hopeful or encouraging, it is all about calling a spade a spade. When we talk of powervu for Africa, we are mainly referring to sony, afn and mtnworldwide. The reason being that this are the packages receivabel with the smallest dish bearable. I am sorry to be the carrier of “a bad news”. The days of powervu encryption vis a vis its availability on auto roll decoders or via ECM keys are numbered. We were all shocked by the irrecoverable demise of mtn-worlwide sportshd 24. As if that is not enough, some channels on sony 68e/68.5e like HBO and co has been going off. We currently have AFN sports which have been giving users champions league football.

afn powervu


Sony Entertainment on 68.5E and 66.0E To Change Encryption From Powervu To Tandberg in January 2017.  Reliable information has it that on or after the current soccer season, they may switch to “Videoguard” encryption. This simply means they will ply the same route as sportshd 24. As if to add insult to injury, sony has secured, Ten sports. Thus, they have moved all important matches to Ten sports of which Ten sports is blocked with Conax.  The only way you can guarantee to continue enjoying sony ent service beyond 2017 is if you buy their official decoder from India.  Sony Network currently has rights to broadcast live matches of FA cup, Laliga, Serie A, European Competitions, and After acquiring Ten sports, they have added Champions league and Europa cup to their package.


Just like mtnworldwide and sony, AFN also have their suprises in the cooler. I will leave you with the excerpt from a website that goes by the name www.broadbandtvnews.com. If the news is anything to go by, it means AFN will disappear same way it appeared for us to enjoy.

The US Defense Media Activity (DMA) has awarded a $10+ million contract to DigitalGlue to supply a full scope of design and engineering services, software, and equipment to upgrade the American Forces Network’s (AFN) transmission systems.

AFN, part of the media outlets served by DMA, is the worldwide radio and television network serving US troops, Department of Defense employees and government civilians and their families stationed overseas, as well as US Navy ships.

The project will replace the network’s existing systems with four standalone MPEG-4 AVC multichannel compression systems with DVB-S/S2 RF modulation thus allowing standard definition channels to be upgraded to high definition. This new system is also deploying a Simulcrypt Verimatrix conditional access system with the existing PowerVu conditional access system, enabling an economical path to the latest technology as it is deployed while not interrupting the currently deployed set-top boxes. DigitalGlue is also providing several key software systems customised to DMA’s needs – subscriber management system, a monitoring and control system, and an art work server for an audio-only channel.

“DigitalGlue has long provided services to government and military organisations but we are particularly honoured to play such a significant role in designing and delivering the transmission systems to AFN,” said Sean Busby, president of DigitalGlue.

“This contract illustrates the US Government’s continued confidence in DigitalGlue’s solutions and equipment, and we are especially proud of our ability to simulcrypt both the Verimatrix and PowerVu conditional access systems providing AFN and its viewers an economical upgrade path— The news was dated April 15, 2017


The two unofficial ways of watching satellite tv for Africa and the rest of the world still remains via IPTV or pure free to air channels. While iptv has issues of legality, free to air channels are 100% free of litigation or prosecution. Free to air is vindicated to the extent that if you blind scan your strong 4922a decoder today and you receive all A magic channels without using any special tool, account or software, nobody can sue you even if it continues like that for years. The same is not the case with IPTV. In my subsequent articles, i will discuss in details the issue of legality affecting IPTV.



  1. ojo henry says:

    pls Lemmy send me ur gmail

  2. Innocent says:

    If you can be able to get your self an alphaboxx4 original decoder you will still be watching all the Sony packages on cband frequency 22222#3900 and hbo 3974#19500.

  3. what other matches on AFN sports apart from UCL champion sir.

  4. hi mr lemmy can you help me with a frequency to track adult channels

  5. Lemmy, how do expect an average African to afford iptv when even ordinary airtime is a problem? I would love to get the iptv , but how can sustain it and still remain relevant inthe community

  6. olatunde says:

    off topic, pls has max tv left joy tv platform? mine has been no audio/video for weeks. and pls what is the new frequency for kwese sport in nigeria? the one i watch on mytv direction is no more showing. pls house help.

  7. Mr. Lemmy, pls which size of dish will I get free to air football (EPL,la Liga etc) channels in Ghana?

  8. Adebayo Ibrahim says:

    Please how much is IPTV on 4922a

  9. If one gets a 3m and above dish, is there hope of watching the EPL.

  10. sani song says:

    as from yesterday all my Sony Sony package channels are working perfectly

  11. Faraday says:

    please is max TV off on multi tv

  12. good work thank

  13. IGnace says:

    Very shocking! I was starting to learn about powervu but helas, it is going to be put to an end this month!!!! But can we hope and trust that technicians in china will work hard and discover new softwares to unscramble the sony package?

    How about other channels which are not foof ball? For us who would like movies/cartoons for children and music and entertainment and news, which satellite will be useful for us, after powervu has been demolished?

    Than you

    • @Ignace: am afraid once a satellite company patches a loophole, it means everything will be patched. You may turn to other channels for your other non-football needs

  14. Hi Dr Lemmy ur a great man how about the so called Android receivers can they open conax,irdeto ….?

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