13 Ways from preventing Damages to your Vehicle’s Paint finish- Sun damage, corrosion prevention

In today’s article, I will be talking basically on how you can protect your car’s paint job/ finish from damage. It goes without saying that this has been and will continue to be a nagging problem to car owners the world over. However, the impact of a car paint damage is mostly felt in continents of the world where we have extreme it due to the sun. African is among the hottest continents of the world. Therefore, this article will benefit the whole world as it will benefit Africans the more. Your car becomes extremely unsightly immediately its paints starts to corrode or peel off.

Obviously, you’d want to keep the paint job in tip-top condition so you can admire it and to retain its resale value. While some wear and tear on your car are inevitable, you may be doing things that inadvertently ruin the paint job without even realising. We look at eight common paint problems that are easily preventable.


There are few artificial chemicals that can damage your cars paints, however, the most common culprits are from nature. I mean the sun during summer, animal activities e.g goat, dogs.., and in winter you have mud, sags…



THE SUN: The sun is the number one factor that affects your car’s paint negatively. No matter how solid your car’s paint is, continuous exposure to the sun will surely get the better of your car’s paint.  Compare this to your skin. Your car also has a skin and that is its paint finish

MUD & DUST: This is dangerously especially when dew settles on your car overnight and it got dried up with mud and dust sticking into it. Please when dust or mud got stuck to your car, do not dust it off, wash it off.

BEWARE OF USING ANY SOLUTION TO WASH YOUR CAR APART FROM CAR WASH SOLUTION: Do not use caustic soda, do not use detergent. Toilet soaps are permissible but they offer no protection. Use only car wash to wash your car and please when you are washing in a carwash, monitor them

DON’T EVER WASH YOUR CAR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT: This is the genesis of corrosion to your car’s paint. Only wash your car when it has fully cooled off and under the shade.

BEWARE OF BIRD DROPPINGS: From that gargantuan ball of fire to those pretty little tweeting birds. When you park your car under a tree or under electric poles, please be prepared to see bird droppings the following day except it rained heavily. How about when parking that car? Bird droppings are highly acidic and can erode paint and clear coat paint finishes. Fruit bats droppings, will etch the paint very quickly. Remove them as soon as possible.

STICKER: From the name, stickers are sticky and they can, in the long run, deface your car. use minimal stickers and when you are peeling them off, wash them off properly with soft liquid solutions like carwash solution

BRAKEFLUID & SIMILAR CHEMICALS: beware of brake fluid spillage on your car, when it eventually happens, please wash off thoroughly with only water. Fuel spillage can also corrode your paints.

TREES SAP: It’s easy to think about those times you’ve discovered the clear sticky blotches of tree sap. They seem like magnets for other particles of dirt, dust and grime — unless you remove them quickly (which you should do!). But more importantly, a lot of trees can drop small mist-like droplets on your car’s paint — the kind of sap that you can’t see unless you look very closely. Again, in hot sun this stealthy foe of tree sap will bake into the pores of the paint surface and can leave stains. That is why it is important

SALTY AIR MOISTURE: But I love the smell of that ocean air!” “Nice views and great weather, my people, but this salt in the air isn’t doing much for that ‘mirror-like’ sheen you expect from me!” your paint would tell you. “Especially when the sun’s out and with that ‘terrific ocean breeze’ combined with salt in the air.

OTHER ANIMALS APART FROM BIRDS: If you have a dog, a cat, a goat or free roaming poultry(as is the case with some local African communities

INSECT AND BUGS: Bugs might be tiny but can do actual damage to the paint on your car. Insects are surprisingly acidic, and if they are not properly cleaned off the surface of your car, they can actually etch into the paint.

Ash: Murky air can leave behind a layer of ash and soot on your car. Though many people would be immediately inclined to wash this away with some water, mixing water with ash can actually create powerful alkalis that can ruin your car’s finish.

STONE CHIPS: Loose stones, pebbles and stone chips are everywhere on the road. These tiny pieces are kicked up from the ground and peck at the sides your car. This can chip the top paint coat and sometimes even go all the way down to the lower layers of paint, exposing them to weathering they are not equipped to handle.

YOUR KIDS: Do not write anything on your car, warn your kids about this as well.Adults can as well be guilty of this.

We’ve all used our fingers to write a funny message or draw a goofy doodle onto a dirty car (or two) before. Little did we know that these innocent acts of jest, though oddly satisfying, can ruin the paint on a car. Dragging your fingers across the paint acts like sandpaper, grinding the dirt and debris into the paint and leaving wiry markings that will last long after the dirt is gone.


  1. All in one solution: You can buy the new highly-improved(but slightly expensive) eco-friendly car cover that can take care of sun, rains and contaminants. If you need one and you are fully ready for it, please contact me. however, its a bit on the high side(EMAIL; INFO @ LEMMYMORGAN.COM). The only downside is that you must not be lazy in using this cover when you know your car will stay in the open for extended period of time
  2. PREVENTION FROM SUN HEAT: Any time you can park your car in the shade (without that shade coming from a sappy tree) you’re contributing to longer life for your car’s paint finish. If you’re a stickler for protection and are willing to take the time to use one — a car cover made of cloth or synthetic material is a great investment, especially if you don’t have access to a garage
  3. REGULAR WASHING: The best and easiest thing car owners can do is to regularly wash their car with clean water to remove these abrasives. Water will float sand and salt off the car without rubbing against the paint
  4. avoid using a dirty cloth to wash your car: If your washing cloth or sponge drops onto the floor, just grab a new one. It’s always useful to keep a spare cloth or two beside you to avoid scratching your car with dirty accessories and having to detail or repaint it. If you can take your car to a get a touchless wash, that’s even better: A touchless wash removes any chance of microscopic pieces of dirt and grit from coming in contact with your car.
  5. CLEANING THE ASH: The easiest way to avoid this is to keep your car covered if you leave it parked outside. To get the ash off, gently dust the ash away with a car duster.
  6. For fingerprints and other writings: The easiest way to avoid this is not to do it, but it’s still bound to happen. You can use a duster to wipe down your car every day to prevent accidental sanding, or if you need to remove small scratches, you can use a little bit of polish — just remember to wash your car before polishing.
  7. For stone chips; It’s best to treat these chips as soon as possible to prevent the affected spots from rusting.
  8. For animals droppings: pray a bit of wash solution onto the affected areas and use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the droppings. Use a lifting motion to avoid dragging any grit across the paint.
  9. For fuel spillage and brake fluid spillage: To avoid leaving a brown fuel-colored blemish around the gas tank cap on your car, if you dribble gas down the side of your car, try to clean it as soon as possible with a fine microfiber cloth. It doesn’t hurt to use a little instant detailer as well





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