Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Dongle / Unofficial Sat Package

The truth hurts, but it is better to say it the way it is and in most cases, internalize it especially in some certain circumstances. There is the Yoruba adage(Yoruba people are from South western part of Nigeria in West Africa) it goes like this " Eniyan meji kii padanu iro Ti eni ti aun  paro ko bamo, Eni toun paro mo lokan re"    translation "For you to lie successfully or otherwise, you need at least a listening party. Even at that, if the … [Read more...]

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage On Your Android & Iphone

I remember in those days when i used to use 10megabyte of data for ike 5 days only for whatsapp chatting. Nowadays even 10gb is not enough for me(Note, not because i am wasteful with data, but because i do alot of download online) In this article, I will walk us through some practices we may need to cut down on or avoid altogether if we want to get real value for every dime spent on mobile data subscription. I have more complaints from android … [Read more...]

The easiest way of connecting your Smartphone To Your TV

Most of us still remember the good old nokia symbian days. Nokia still remains the first mobile phone manufacturer to introduce phone to tv connection via their "TV Out" features on some of their phones like nokia n95, n96 n97..... Currently, most modern laptops and macbook owners know how easy it is to connect you computer to your HDMI-enabled HDTV or monitors. The benefits derived from a successful connection of a phone to a tv cannot be … [Read more...]

Predetermine The Size of Dish to be used for any Satellite + Other Terms

In this article, I will unravel a misery surrounding satellite position and the right size of dish to use. In other words, i will give you hints on how you can know the right size of this to buy for a particular satellite position /package. For example, how do you know that a 60cm dish can be used for eutelsat 36e in sub-sahara Africa? How do you know that for hotbird in Nigeria, you will need at least a 3meyter (300cm dish). Before I go … [Read more...]

Gsky Monthly Promo Price For First Ten Buyers- Get yours Now

At last, I have been able to get one for the loyalist of this site and smart Nigerians who are intesrested in joing the Gsky family. We Nigerians know that since around December 2015, the value of Nigeria currency(the naira) o the value of US dollar has been falling and this has led to increase in the prices of every good or service that is not produced locally. As it stands, Nigerians are one of the fewest in africa in terms of population of … [Read more...]