[Magical] Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband Bracelet

You are welcome to¬† yet another eyeopening article on lemmy morgan. Today, am going to talk about a device that has nothing to do with satellite but that is equally very useful. This device has to do with our health and keeping track with our health is the most important. I am introducing a smart watch / bracelet that can monitor your heart rate, calories¬† among other functions.   WHY IS THIS BRACELET SPECIAL? Those who have … [Read more...]

[REVIEW] Out Soon E-sat Q19G Iks Receiver With Triple Action

Dst* are doing their own, china too are doing their stylish exploitation. Or, how do we describe this decoder that is yet to be released if any of the information am hearing is anything to go by? It is so unfortunate that most part of Africa cannot boast of godd cheap internet connection, otherwise iptv woud have totally displace dongles and watch is more, we have some very good free iptv services apart from the paid ones; WHAT IS E-SAT Q19G … [Read more...]

Buy Airtime For All Nigeria Networks For A Cheaper Rate While It Last

This kind of things comes on this site every once in a while. We have addressed that of glo data share, mtn airtime and others in the past on this site. However, in my post of today, what i shall be introducing is an expanded version of the mtn airtime share of the past. This applies to all Nigeria GSM Networks. You can now buy the airtime cheaper than what is obtainable in your locality / neighborhood as long as you are buying #2,000 worth or … [Read more...]

SUPER Esat Working Fine[Video] Plus More Updates On PowerVu Channels

I am using this medium to pass across three messages and also to clarify some issues. I will be as short as possible while going straight to the point. Without much Ado, let us get started with the business of the day. TVSAT STATUS: Some weeks back, like i always say about any cccam account that opens channels with small dish(i mean they are bound to get blocked fast). Tvsat went off. However, in the past couple of days, some tvsat cccam have … [Read more...]

Super Esat Powervu / Iks Decoder : The Unsung Powervu Auto Roll Decoder

I am one person who can be difficult to convince especially when it comes to reviewing decoders and introducing it to my valued readers on lemmy Morgan. I always do this because of the foreseeable future. Yes we all know at a point in time, all of these things or some of these things may go off, all we need to do is to at least use them while they last. It will be a major disservice therefore to buy a product that will not work while similar … [Read more...]