Revive Azsky G6 Which Failed To Boot fully After Account Recharge

azsky g6 failed to boot solution

Azsky G6 is a reciver manufactured by azsky team. Unlike, most recently manufactured iks decoders, azsky G6 like its predecessor G2 has two parts; 1. the receiver part(that is the part that deals with the hardware and software aspect of the decodr e.g the display, any every other thing). 2. we have the GPRS dongle part(this part is a small panel / board that was integrated inside the g6 receiver's motherboard and it allows g6 to act like a dongle and decrypt predefined scrambled channels. For example, an active azsky g6 currently has the capability of opening dst* channels.This is made … [Read more...]

TV1 Vs AOne Close Competion – Comparison & FAQ

tv1 vs a1 which is better

Where there is healthy compettion, there will surely be progress and price slash. For several months running, Tv1 group( I mean the team behind cccam account server administration) had imposed themselves as a monopoly in the provision of cccam accounts. However, things changed completely about a month ago when a promising team(A1 Star team) joined the race. A1 team is a new company / group that also produce and sell a cccam account just like tv1. If you still don't know what a cccam account is at this point in them, please read my article on: Dynamics of ccam account. In this article, i … [Read more...]


how to check azsky expiry

This topic is long overdue. We have several people out there who think azsky recharge tol v3.06 is incapable of querying / check the expiry dates of azsky products. They reach this conclusion because they always get timed out error whenever they attempt to check the expiry date of their dongle with v3.06 recharge tool.   REQUIREMENTS To be able to successfully check the expiry date of your azsky dongle, you need to judiciously observe the followings: You need a desktop computer Download recharge tool v3.06(to be able to run recharge tool on your computer, you must have … [Read more...]

Fix All Bluescreen / Download From TS Problems On All Qsat and Speed HD Decoders


I want to use this medium to tell you all my fans who are using qsat decoders that all qsat decoders(irrespective of the avatarcam codes preloaded on it) went off since 10th of December 2014. I was told it was as a result of attack on all dongles by dst* earlier this week. During the attack, major channels went off on azsky, tv1 and A+ started freezing annoyingly(and later tv1 went of for some hours), A1 cccam account was also freezing, however qsat went off totally and it is yet to comeback. Well, if your qsat have not been showing for weeks of before 10th, you will need to first upgrade your … [Read more...]

December 2014 Updates On Dongles & Iks Decoders

september 2014 updates on dongles

Am officially, welcoming you back after my short break. The break was majorly due to my examination. I will not waste much of our time today, as I will just raise to the point. A lot has happened in the past two weeks and i will be explaining the rationale behind all of these. NIGERIAN NAIRA DEVALUATION HAS INCREASED PRICES OF GOODS AND SERVICES PURCHASED DOLLARS   At least 90% of  Nigerians now know that the rate of Nigeria naira has dropped compared to USA Dollar. in the past couple of weeks, dollar has risen from lke 152 to 181. This have direct effect on the prices of dongles … [Read more...]

Download Software for Qsat q16 xmaster 2 & 3 – To Continue Enjoying Your channels

qsat software xmaster

I t has been a while. I want to simply use this medium to release software for users of qsat xmast 2 and 3. Xmaster is qsat series withQ16  model number and it is originally designed for the rest of africa and middle east. In west Africa especially Nigeria, we are familiar with qsat q11g, q13g, q23g. So if you own an xmaster qsat(Note: this is for xmaster not mini x4) you can go through the instructions below. The software is V6.12.05 and it was released on December 5, 2014(20141205)   REQUIRED DOWNLOADS For Xmaster 2: X master2_SDB3_Q16_XMaster2_V6.12.01_20141201.rar For … [Read more...]

Azsky Latest Scatter / Flash Files Released – A must for every new User

azsky latest software

Azsky team, ever since their comeback has always continue to make loading a new recharge code look so easy. In a latest development, they released new flashfile(you can also call it scatter files) so that they can stil make loading of accounts into various azsky devices cheaper. I will strongly adivce all new users of azsky to download this new software(if you are an installer or a reseller of accounts and you already have the old software, please delete the old software and download this latest one) WHO CAN USE THIS LATEST SOFTWARE By now, majority of azsky users now know what scatter / … [Read more...]