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This site www.lemmymorgan.com is a tech blog managed by only one person. This site has more than 600 articles that deal with mobile , pc and satellite issues. Everyday new members visit this site and as expected you may be confused about where exactly to start. I am here to make navigation on this site easier for both new users and existing users alike. I sometime search stuffs on google forgotten that it is even available om my site. So i won't blame any member who is confused about which article addresses his issue. BASIC FACTS ABOUT WWW.LEMMYMORGAN.COM It is a known fact that lemmy … [Read more...]


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Hello everybody,I am back for you again with suggestions and recommendations on the way forward in our fights against exploitation. As it is my custom, i will walk you through the available options before recommending what you should go for, based on your income. I will start with the most popular, followed by the most reliable. STATUS OF QSAT & SPEED HD DECODERS RUNNING ON AVATARCAM CODE / SPYCAM CODES For you to know the qsat decoders that runs on avatarcam code or spycam code either preloaded or as a renewal account, please read this. That being said, let me give you a brief … [Read more...]

Available Qsat Codes and The Software to Load Spycam Code into S1, Q28G, Q26G

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In this article I shall be explaining the various accounts that qsat team are currently selling and which model of qsat decoder can load them. I will also drop link for  software to load spycam code on speed hd s1, q26g and q28g. I shall rush straight to the business of the day. WHAT ARE THE VARIOUS TYPES OF CODES AVAILABLE FOR QSAT & SPEED HD Spycam Account / code: This account has six months duration just like acam / avamhd / avatarcamhd code. If you want more than a six months validity, it means you have to load two spycam account one after the other. You load spycam account using … [Read more...]

Various Data Plans That You can Use For Iptv- Codes and Price

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Am 100% sure now that by now, 90% of lemmy morgan loyalist are aware of iptv technology. We all know that iptv has its highs and lows, prons and cons in Africa, especially Nigeria. As we are also aware, internet affordability / speed is the major if not the only challenge we face in africa that has reduced the popularity of iptv especially among rural dwellers. In Today's article, I will be critically anaylysing and explaining the various data plans that can be used by any users who want to subscribe to iptv packages. This is coming ahead of August when new soccer season will commence. If more … [Read more...]

Download Latest Q28G Adds spycam (d .s .t .v and canalsat) – only For expired Qsat

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If you have a qsat q28g decoder with an expired account, You need to download this latest qsat upgrade software before you even think of buying another account. If your qsat q28g is currently working, I won't advice you to upgrade. What this upgrade does is simply to add full spycam menu with special emphasis on avatarcam account menu(avatarcam opens dst* channels) and speedcam account manager(speedcam opens canalsat 22W channels) By now, we all know how to upgrade a qsat decoder via usb storage device especially usb flash drive. Do not also forget that after the upgrade, you may … [Read more...]

Getting Started With Ancloud P5 Android Iptv Media Box – Beginners Guide

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Ancloud p5(especially) and other android iptv box generally is not a new technology worldwide. The only thing is that due to poor internet connection this technology is not very popular in africa. However with the frustration of the seemingly instability of dongles these days, some people are settling for iptv solutions to meet their sports and movies needs. Last week has been very good to me because of the problem mtn nigeria were having that made me able to get minimum of 7.5gb each on seven different sim cards each valid for 30 days each. The so called loophole has been blocked, but i still … [Read more...]

How To Install Android Apk On Ancloud P5 Iptv Media Box

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In one of my previous articles, i made mention of the fact that you can load your normal mobile apk on ancloud p5 as well as similar android boxes. We have two methods of load an app into ancloud p5 android media box; 1. by loading it through google play that comes preloaded on the box or 2. By sideloading the app. I wont talk about installation via google playstore because every android phone user is familiar with this method. I will be discussing about how to sideload(or how to load downloaded .apk android app into your ancloud) WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS Before you can load an app … [Read more...]