Now You Can Get Smartwatches, VR Headsets, and Other Gadgets Here

If you've been a follower of this blog, you've probably seen me review one or two gadgets. Unfortunately, these gadgets are not readily available for sale here in Nigeria and the cost of shipping at the moment makes it impossible to purchase from foreign sites. Also, the present exchange rate that has already hit the roof would make anyone think twice before using a Naira debit card on a foreign online store. Now, you can directly get these … [Read more...]

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage On Your Android & Iphone

I remember in those days when i used to use 10megabyte of data for ike 5 days only for whatsapp chatting. Nowadays even 10gb is not enough for me(Note, not because i am wasteful with data, but because i do alot of download online) In this article, I will walk us through some practices we may need to cut down on or avoid altogether if we want to get real value for every dime spent on mobile data subscription. I have more complaints from android … [Read more...]

Buy MTN Nigeria Airtime With 15% Discounts- min 2k No maximum

Whenever I bring news about stuffs that are outside satellite, i make sure i test thoroughly and i do not bring stuffs from guys that i cannot handle. All those who have bought some of these things from me know this. With lemmy Morgan, you will not be scammed. I will not just allowed it even if it means covering up with my money. ll that being said, lets go straight to business. I have a dealer friend who sells mtn airtime at a discounted price. … [Read more...]

Xender : The fastest App to transfer any file between Smartphones

I am here to pass an information that is not new. This is about an app that some maybe having on their smartphones already. I can't help but talk about this app because of its versatility and cross-platform support. The application am about to review here is so amazing and it goes by name "Xender" Xender App is theĀ  hottest application over the App Stores.It should be indispensable for every iOS / iPHONE that is not Jailbroken. Yeah! Now it is … [Read more...]

Ntel Unlimited 4g Network – The Cheapest & Fastest

In my previous post here , i talked extensively about the cheapest 3.75g network in Nigeria. In the article of today, I shall be introducing you to the world of the cheapest 4g network in Nigeria.We already have at least four 4g networks in Nigeria, namely; Swift, smile, cobranet, spectranet... . All these newtork make use of no sim card and they are limited to Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Benin....Some of this networks, do not qualify to be … [Read more...]