Qsat accounts

Although this article is about the dynamics of qsat accounts, this article will not be completed if I don't mention or or two things about the performance of qsat decoders. As at the time of writing this article, supersport maximo 1 and SNW are  the only super sports channels currently showing on qsat, There are some qsat that have not been working for days even when all sort of sim cards / 3g modems are been tried on them. Such codes are: Code 40******, code 41******* and code 42*****. If your code is not listed above and your qsat has not been working for more than two days, please make sure … [Read more...]

Tips & Tricks On How To Enjoy Your TV1 Cccam Account[Minimize Freezing & avoid Banning]

tv1 optimization

In this article, i will be giving tips on how you can get started, maintain and switch a cccam account. I will be concentrating my energy on tv1 cccam account because it is the most stable cccam account that opens dst* channels. To start with, i want to erase all the misconceptions about a cccam account(especially tv1 cccam account) A cccam is not the same as any per-loaded of any decoder. In other words, a cccam account is different from avatarcam code(this is the account type that comes preloaded on all qsat decoders), a cccam is different from g-share account(this is the preloaded account … [Read more...]

Latest Update On Qsat, TV1 Cccam, Tlink & Speed HD + Tips and Fixes

how to change max1 commentary to english

All the information that shall be provided here today are totally tru as at the time of writing this article. However, dongle / iks operations is like a black market, something can be positive now and becomes negative the next minute. In other words, a product that is currently performing woefully, maybe be the best the following day and vice versa. I shall be summarizing the state off affairs of the four working products and accounts that still decrypt encrypted channels.  I researched and studied the items individually before writing this report. SITUATION OF THINGS WITH QSAT … [Read more...]

How To Configure HAME 3G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router


Hame 3G/ wifi router is gradually gaining ground across Africa because of it's usefulness. In this tutorial, i will be explaining(with the help of clear pictures) how to configure your hame router for first use. This article will also benefit users of other types of wifi routers. Read along with me.  FOCUS OF THIS TUTORIAL How to secure your hame's password so that you will be free from hackers or  any unwanted persons, How to make hame use a predefined APN, How to make hame use a predefined network mode and how to rename your hame router to anything of your … [Read more...]

Now In Stock HAME A16S With Built-in 3G Wi-Fi Router,SIM Card Slot & RJ45 Adapter + Powerbank

hame_getting strarted

This is not a tutorial but an announcement. In one of my previous articles,  i highlighted the numerous advantages of having a wifi or 3g router as your companion if you are an internet user. The advantages of a mobile broadband router or a wifi router is there for all to see as long as you make use of more than one device to connect to the internet. To read about the full details  of what a router does, please read my tutorial here.Now back to the subject matter, I told you that a mobile broadband router majorly differ from a wifi router because a mobile broadband router has more … [Read more...]

10 Reasons wy you Should Buy 3G Modem For Your Decoder

the best connection

Gone are the good old days when avatar 2, microbox, fta 007 e.t.c were used in decrypting dst* channels without internet connection(This technology is called sks- satellite key sharing) Dst* made sure they terminated this technique, therefore we now have IKS-(Internet keys sharing). Internet key sharing is further sub-divided into(gprs dongles and iks decoders) From all indications, only iks used via options other than gprs or edge is working. To explain this further, at prsent we have just qsat(with avatarcam codes and tv1(with cccam accounts) as the only two accounts working on dst*. even of … [Read more...]

Qsat & Speed HD S1 Stability Saga – Status & Workaround As of 16 August

qsat stabilty

I know some of my fans will feel this article is coming a little bit too late. Let me just  say  that i do observer things before writing an article.For the past five days, qsat has been very unstable while speed hd s1 went off totally. However, as at the time of publishing this  article, both speed HD s1 and qsat(I mean all codes on qsat ) are back working. Patience is a virtue. We should all strive to  have adequate knowledge of the devices we are using  and not get carried away by the unbelievable stability that we have being enjoying on all these devices all this while.  WHAT … [Read more...]