v3.06 recharge tool success

One thing you must know is that, loading azsky account is very very easy and error free especially when you follow instructions. By the time am through with this article, you will be a guru in loading azsky accounts and interpreting azsky recharge tool errors. If you are already, a guru, then i must have made your job easier. This article is mostly dedicated to the newbies in the house who wishes to start loading the accounts themselves. Although the geeks and gurus in the house will also benefit from these. Now let us go straight to business. I will come down as low as possible in … [Read more...]

Download Latest Qsat Q23G Software for General bug fixes & Performnce

download latest speed hd s1 software

This is the overall latest software for qsat q23g decoder. Contrary to your expectations, this software does not actually fix freezing o some channels on qsat q23g. It majorly addresses problems using cccam, problems activating or reactivating your avatarcm codes and minor internet connectivity issues. As expected, by now we should all know that, the fear of crystal oscillator problem is the beginning of wisdom for all tose who don't want to permanently damaged their decoder(In other words, if your qsat q23g decoder has been showing inherent hardware problems like longer booting time, slow … [Read more...]

How To Renew Your Azsky Dongle & Where To Buy The Account

azsky revival

It is no longer news that azsky is deemed to be back. As we celebrate its revival, many out there are not able to use their own azsky dongles because it has expired. Initially, i said oi will not be involved in selling azsky service accounts until I receive official green light from azsky team. I have received a partial green light from azsky team to sell accounts, but there is a clause: you ust accept azsky performance as it is currently as work is still in progress, you should also realize that the online hours of azsky is more than its offline hours and, azsky currently strive not to freeze … [Read more...]

Updates On Satellite & IKS Decoders and Dongles 13 – 19 October 2014

weekyl donle update

It is now becoming a routine for me to update the house about latest happening in the world of satellite dongles, iks decoders, iptv and cccam accounts. This week is not going to be an exception. I will summarize, briefly the currently performance of all the currently working devices and accounts as well as possibility of getting renewals for expired boxes. Warning!! This update merel talks about current happenings. What is mentioned here may change by the next hour, positively or negatively. So please always stay tuned to this site for latest updates. AZSKY DONGLES For the pst … [Read more...]

Patched Software That Can help Resolve Ccccam Freezing on strong- Updated

strong 4922A_iptv_menu

In my earlier post here,  I dropped some links to software that can reduce or eradicate annoying freezing on strong decoders, when using a cccam account to decryt dst* channels. Notable channels that are missing or freezing include ss3 and blitz. Generally, other non-sports channels are manageable. We will keep on try all available patched firmware that can help fix this issue until we get one. We should not be oblivious of the fact that strong decoders are among the most advance and flexible decoders that you can lay your hands on. If you use a cccam on a tlink decoder, qsat decoder, … [Read more...]

Watch BeinSports & Other IPTV Channels Free On Compatible Strong Decoders

live beinsport channels

For those who have chunky / Unlimited data plans, coupled with high speed internet, you can now enjoy your live sports channels, movies , news and music on your compatible strong HD decoders through iptv technology free of charge. Yes it is free of charge because, iptv set top box and devices that comes with preloaded premium iptv channels are very expensive. The software am dropping here was gotten from crosat.us and it was tested and found to be working, as at the time of posting. However, you should know that, Only God almighty(I mean for those who believes in God Like myself) Offers free … [Read more...]

Hidden / Secret Codes For Special Funtions on Strong Decoders


It has always been a common occurrence, that people will always ask how to do this, or how to do that on a strong decoder. To use a cccam account on a compatible strong decoder, you need to dial a code(that is after installing the cccam module) in other to reveal / display the hidden cccam menu that comes with the already installed module. Similarly, if you load software that supports adult channels, you will need to use a code to display the adult channels.. To use a biss code to watch specially encrypted channels like tv3, irib... you also need these special codes.       While, i shall be … [Read more...]