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This site www.lemmymorgan.com is a tech blog managed by only one person. This site has more than 600 articles that deal with mobile , pc and satellite issues. Everyday new members visit this site and as expected you may be confused about where exactly to start. I am here to make navigation on this site easier for both new users and existing users alike. I sometime search stuffs on google forgotten that it is even available om my site. So i won't blame any member who is confused about which article addresses his issue. BASIC FACTS ABOUT WWW.LEMMYMORGAN.COM It is a known fact that lemmy … [Read more...]


4.0W channels list

I think any commercial viewing center operator who is not having a big dish(A dish that is not lesser than 3meter) is denying himself some huge profits. So many goodies are being enjoyed by users of big dish that makes me green with envy. I mean, am not having a big dish because in my current apartment, there is no where to install it. For the sake of the newbies, when i mean big dish, i mean a dish not lesser than 1meter. However, for this particular article, am talking about a dish not lesser than 2.4meter in Northern Nigeria, and not lesser than 3meter in southern and eastern … [Read more...]

European CCCAM – Opens Zap, Hipasat, Canalreunion, Hotbird ….

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This account has been available for long. Pardon me if it takes me longer than usual to share it. I was looking for a crdible source who will not scam my clients. Now We already know what cccam account is(if you do not know what a cccam account is, please read this). This account is very stable and it opens premium channels that shows almost everything on satellite like: hotbird(13.e), zaptv, canalreunion, hipasat(30w),astral 19E, and so on. The sports channels not available on this account are nova sports and beinsports. You can however get alternative sports channels like canal HD, many … [Read more...]

Newest Software For Speed HD S1 & Q26G To Fix Spycam Loading Problems

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To start with, With¬† heavy heart i regret to inform you of the below par performance of qsat of recent. However, am not fazed since qsat team may know exactly what they are doing as we all know dst* attacks are huge and thorough. Let us hope qsat restore the most important sporst channels that will enable us enjoy this weekend match. If you must know, qsat is still working currently just that not all channels are working and most of the working ones are freezing. The most stable channels currently are hiptv, scity, amurban and a few other. Whenevr ss3ni comes online, it is also … [Read more...]

Oficial Canal+ [Afrique] Receiver Now Available For Viewing Centers & private Use

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I bring to you a very fantastic news today. While dst* multichoice team is bent on wrecking Africans, we African are looking for every means possible of liberating ourselves. With the trend set by iptv technology, more legitimate and official packages are coming out day in, day out for sports and movie lovers. Today, I introduced to you canal+ afrique official decoder and the slim chance of getting it in Africa. BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT CANAL+ AFRIQUE SATELLITE PROVIDER Canal+ satellite company is located in one of the Francophone countries of Africa. They are a popular registered … [Read more...]


avatarcam code on speed

It is no longer news that qsat has teo separate codes for their decoders. Their latest decoders use spycam codes while the earlier ones use acam codes. The new thing here is that, while q26g, q28g and speed hd s1 use spycam codes, as at the time of publishing thus article, it has become extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to successfully load a spycam code into a speed hd s1 decoder. When you buy spycam code for q26g or q28g, it gets loaded instantly as long as your internet connection is good. However, with speed hd s1, you keep getting different error messages like "cannot … [Read more...]

Differences Btw Spycam and Avatarcam Codes And How To Load

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It is no longer news that qsat team has divided their iks codes into two unequal halves. Yes it is unequal because one code can open at least channels from two separate satellite position while, the other code can open channels from only one satellite position. The purpose of this article i to take you my readers through the similarities and differences in Qsat avatarcam codes and qsat spycam codes and method of loading them. Spycam decoder can open dst* and canalsat channels while acam / avatarcam codes can only open dst* channels. ¬†Must Read: available-qsat-codes-and-the-software. … [Read more...]

Tricks on How To Scan SS3Ni, SS5Ni & SS7Ni On Qsat in Supported Countries

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Like seriuosly, this is becoming a real pain in the ass. I mean you buy an account, load it and the two most important channels to you are not visible. You run to your friend or neighbor using another model of qsat decoder, and lo and behold he is watching those two channels on his. You want to start causing your luck, you are already planning to even buy another qsat decoder... Well before you take a drastic decision, read this and see how it can help you solve this headache of ss3ni, ss5ni or ss7ni missing after scanning your qsat decoder. First thing first, this problem is not native to … [Read more...]