Azsky Latest Scatter / Flash Files Released – A must for every new User

azsky latest software

Azsky team, ever since their comeback has always continue to make loading a new recharge code look so easy. In a latest development, they released new flashfile(you can also call it scatter files) so that they can stil make loading of accounts into various azsky devices cheaper. I will strongly adivce all new users of azsky to download this new software(if you are an installer or a reseller of accounts and you already have the old software, please delete the old software and download this latest one) WHO CAN USE THIS LATEST SOFTWARE By now, majority of azsky users now know what scatter / … [Read more...]

Download Latest Speed HD S1 Software – 2014111514 & Kick Your Speed Back

download latest speed hd s1 software

A couple of days back, i released latest firmware for series o qsat decoders. These software launched all the qsat decoders(irrespective of their codes) back to life after the short nap of close to two weeks. As of the time of posting this article, if your qsat decoder is still unable to decrypt any dst* channel despite you using all available good internet connection, please quickly visit my article here for solution. Now to the subject matter of this topic. If your speed hd s1 is currently not working, please follow the short guide below to download, intsall and setup your speed to … [Read more...]

Qsat Software Reloaded- Get latest working software for Q23G, Q13G, Q15G, Q11G+ & Q13G+

complete latest qst software

About two days ago, i uploaded two software for both qsat q11g and q13g decoders, Along the line, we discovered that the q13g software was buggy. in this article,  I will upload the latest software ( V6.11.20_20141120) remember the  one i uploaded last time is (V6.10.16_20141016). This package offers the latest software for the following qsat decoders: q11g, q13g, q15g, q13g+, q11g+ and q23g. The sofware was released in response to the instability and lack of coverage of the last one. I gave this one 97% while i gave the previous ones 90%. Just download the one that is designed for your … [Read more...]

Qsat Q13G & Q11G Now Back Working With New Software – V6.10.16

qsat software V6.10.16

At last the wait is over. Today I was able to get  qsat q11g and q13g to decrypt dst* channels after more than a week blackout. This would not have been possible if qsat team did not release a new software. As ususal, you are going to upgrade the software via usb flash drive. The software version is V6.10.16. If you already have this firmware version loaded on your qsat, I will advice you to change your sim card for your qsat to start opening scrambled dst* channels. In my own case, my qsat rejected my mtn Nigeria network used via a wifi router. I had to usee my Glo Nigeria sim card before … [Read more...]

How To Connect Azsky Dongles to Qsat Q13G, Q23G & Speed HD S1

pin to pin rs232 cable

I will like to familiarize us with the processes / steps involved in connecting your azsky dongle(or similar working dongles) to qsat q13g, q23g and speed hd s1. There is one unwanted feature on these sets of decoders, (I mean q23g , q13g and speed hd s1). The featires is bout the rs232 cable port which is inform of an earpiece audio jack / socket or a microphone port I mean the rs232 cable that will work with them must have a pointed mouth instead of the 9 pin serial ports that is on strong decoders, azsky g6, qsat q11g, xman g8, tlink decoders and most other decoders. Ithink the intention of … [Read more...]

How To Fix Azsky Dongles / Receivers That failed To Work After Successfully Recharge

azsky revival

To be talking about if azsky is working or not, is to be saying things in retrospect. What am here to discuss is how to workaround / troubleshoot an azsky dongle or a receiver that has been successfully renewed and yet not decrypting the necessary dst* channels. What I simply mean is that, if after you successfully loaded a new account into your azsky dongle, it refuses to decrypt any channel, then this guide will surely help you.   IMPORTANT PREREQUISITE PRIOR TO TROUBLE SHOOTING You must have successfully loaded a service account on your azsky dongle or receiver by following … [Read more...]

Updates On A+ Account Problems & Qsat Downtime

why qsat and A+ are down

To say am unhappy to share the information am about to share in this article, is to paint it mildly. I am so depressed with the happenings with A+ / A+ gold team and Qsat team in recent weeks. I belief what is worth doing, is worth doing well. With A+ and qsat team, the reverse is the case, they only do what will fetch them money even if it is not done well. We all know that downtime and freezing are characteristics of any dongle or iks decoders used in decrypting dst* channels, but when a dongle company is now purposely trying to cheat, or actually cheating its subscribers, then we have an … [Read more...]