PowerVu Software for Qsat Q26G & Mini Update

GSKY V3 HD DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver

It is time to break the ice once again. I kept quiet for a while so as to have ample time to monitor things. I will be avoiding repetition as much as i can in this article so that we can all grab the real gist. I will be giving out this update in no particular order. starting with the currently most formidable iks device in west and east africa. QSAT POWERVU SOFTWARE FOR Q26G Just in case you find it usefulfor you, here is powervu software for qsat q26g  (If you are absolutely new to the word powervu; please read this). STATUS OF QSAT AS AT 5:00PM NIGERIA TIME; 04/10/2015 To … [Read more...]


solutions to dongles problems

I roll out my updates only when it matters most. Today is another great opportunity to clear the air on certain happenings in satellite world. A lot is up for discussion iks, powervu, fta, iptv and so on. I will group this under five major sub-headings, I shall implore you to read through everything because no knowledge is a waste.   STATUS OF IKS DONGLES Without beating about the bush, qsat still remains the only dongle that still opens dst* channels on 36e, 68e and canalplus on 22w. Other iks dongles like azsky, besthd, a+ are still sleeping. Super esat recently joined for with … [Read more...]


q16c latest dongle

This article is more of clearing the air than a major review. There is one thing we Africans are very good at(myself inclusive) Bad-mouthing a phenomenon. In other words, if we cannot get to the root of a particular phenomenon, we tend to resort to bad-mouthing it. There is this bad rumour going around that a particular hacking team / hack has hacked or tapped into qsat server and is selling receivers with the decoder's hacked account.             The above picture will look kind of confusing. Well do not worry i will explain to the last … [Read more...]

Only Spycam Code Now Available For All Qsat Models – Download The Software Now

liberation_on_qsat_sim card_cccam

I believe this is one step in the right direction. Qsat team have decided that it is going to be only one uniform code for all their models. And suprisingly, they choose spycam code. This simply means that they will work on the server and stabilize the freezing on spycam server. In this artcle, i shall give you the links to download the software. Please download them as fast as possible. the version of the software is "V7.09.08"  or "V7.09.07" and the date of release is "2015/09/08". WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO EXISTING USERS OF QSAT PRODUCTS It means that henceforth when you are renewing a … [Read more...]

GSky Receivers-The most Powerful Powervu / Fta Receiver for Africa, Asia, America

GSky V6 decoder

Welcome to another wonder session of receiver review. It is now my common habbit that whenever am reviewing a wonderfully unique receiver(like ancloud p5), I always take my time. I mentioned about one dedicated powervu decoder for africa and the rest of the world, lo and behold, I present you with the Gsky series - the very first set of unofficial powervu fta recievers that can be used the world over. If you do not know anything about powervu technology, please read my article here. Without wasting much of our time, let us go to the unique features of this receivers before going into the full … [Read more...]

TELBOX T1 Full HD gprs Decoder – From Qsat Team Quick Review


Well for those who are bent on getting qsat q28g, I am afraid you may not be able to get it as brand new any longer. The reason is because qsat team has stopped producing q28g at least indefinetly and in its stead, they release another decoder under a new brand name and the name of this decoder is "Telbox T1 HD gprs receiver". But contrary to what you may be expecting, this new decoder is simply q26g redeigned it terms of capabilities. There is no T2(terrestrial channels support on this decoder). It means decrypting terrestrial channels is not qsat priority for now since we all know that we … [Read more...]


4.0W channels list

I think any commercial viewing center operator who is not having a big dish(A dish that is not lesser than 3meter) is denying himself some huge profits. So many goodies are being enjoyed by users of big dish that makes me green with envy. I mean, am not having a big dish because in my current apartment, there is no where to install it. For the sake of the newbies, when i mean big dish, i mean a dish not lesser than 1meter. However, for this particular article, am talking about a dish not lesser than 2.4meter in Northern Nigeria, and not lesser than 3meter in southern and eastern … [Read more...]