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I will first have to apologize for the delay of this article. The truth is tat i was preoccupied with how exactly to write it, i mean what to including and what to omit. Now i have resolved to simply write about various buying guides on a usb dongle as well as hints on how to unlock (a 3g / 4g modem that can be unlocked) a usb internet modem.     WHAT IS A 3G / 4G USB INTERNET MODEM? A 3G modem is a device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet via a high-speed mobile broadband connection. This means that the Internet signal is broadcast over the airwaves … [Read more...]


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To start with, i will like to tender my unreserved gratitude to all my fans across the globe. Without your visits, I will not be writing any aricle. You are my source of motivation and you make me realize that am actually communicating. To you I say thank you. Now to business, I will start today's update in a climax fashion I will itemize all the important issues in this article and by the time am through, i believe you will learn one or two things from it.     ABOUT COMMENTING ON THIS SITE & CONTACTING LEMMY MORGAN If you are very observant, you would have noticed that for the … [Read more...]


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Initially, tv1 cccam account used to work so smoothly on strong decoders. However, just of recent, two strange things started happenng when you are using a tv1 cccam account to unscramble channels on a strong 4920, 4922 or 4922a decoder. The strange things am taking about are; Sports channels freezing on strong decoders with tv1 cccam accounts SS3 and blitz and some other sports channels may be missing altogether. Why I frowned at this upleasant development is that, tv1 opens all channels including sports on tlink, qsat, azsky g6, zorrobox, skybox smoothly and nothing is missing. Why … [Read more...]

How To Load A Cccam Account Into Azsky Dongles

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To say am displeased with the apparent of monopoly currently being enjoyed by tv1 group is to be painting it mildly. It is a known fact that qsat (which was once  the major competitor of tv1) is now leaving in the Shadow of tv1. I strongly wish qsat will be back to lost glory and also wish azsky should come back to is previous best. Currently, if you must watch stable sports on dst* channels, then you can't do without a tv1 cccam account. The seemingly new entrant into the market in the name of esat e23g is nothing but an extension of tv1 hegemonic rule in Africa. Tv1 has succeeded in growing … [Read more...]


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I have been away for a while, due to the demands of my school. Am back with some updates and i will try and write at least two article today. To start with, there is this new entrant into the iks decoders world. To many people out there, it is new, but to me it isn't new. The decoder am talking about is none other than "Esat E23g full HD Receiver" . I will simply make mention of some of the specifications of this receiver and also to clarify some rumors about it. I will also let you into the world of facts and fallacies about this very decoder.   OVERVIEW OF SPECIFICATIONS OF ESAT … [Read more...]

Alternatives & Backups For Dongles and Cccam Accounts [What to fall back on when dongle is off]

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To start with, i want to say as at the time of writing this post, 7:00pm Nigerian time, both tv1 cccam account(tv1 is opening all channels including all supersports channels on dst*) and qsat(qsat still opens only few channels) are online and working with amazing stability. However, that doesn't mean they can't go off later on. Unless they have fixed the situation. Tv1 promises to fix the issue in the next couple of days. I think qsat should follow suit Many Africans(especially the new entrants and the misinformed ones) will feel so disappointed with the recent epileptic performance of … [Read more...]

Download Qsat Q23G_V6.07.83 Firmware For Better performance[ + Tips or solving 41, 41, 40 problems]

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When there is no competition, there is monopoly. While monopoly doesn't actually imply nonchalance attitude or inefficiency, A company having monopoly can do and on do. As at the time of writing this post, all sports channels are still off on qsat. So please prospective qsat buyers should beware of this. In this article, I will be dropping a software that will enable thos who bought qsat q23g on or after August 23 to be able to activate the avatarcam that came with it. I will say this is a selfish move by qsat  the reason being that while we await resolutions to the missing sports channels, … [Read more...]