A-z of how to prevent Online or Offline scam-artists from defrauding you

Scam is prevalent in our society, scam-artist exist virtually everywhere in the world and they can hit any target. For clarification purposes, I will define a scam-artist, a spammer and a hacker. I will also explain the relationship between these set of con-artists. WHO IS A SCAM ARTIST? A scammer or a person who attempts to defraud others by presenting a fraudulent offer and pretending that it is legitimate; a con artist. Since con artists … [Read more...]


Obviously, many people are conversant with the phrase "QI CHARGING" but the majority have not even experienced it. Maybe due to their phones not supporting it, or due to the nonavailability of the wireless charging pad itself. We have various means of charging our phones apart from using the original wired charger. We can charge via a desktop charger, via a USB port of a computer, via a power bank, vi a power case and so on. One of the methods of … [Read more...]

Mac Computers Vs Windows Computers-11 Reasons why Mac is Better

To some, the Mac(macintosh) is strange because they have been so used to a computer running windows operating system. I am one the very few African who is very familiar wit the two operating systems. In this article, I will try and convince you beyond reasonable doubt why you should rather buy a mac computer if the price is not a constraint for you. I switched from windows to mac in the year 2013 due to security and battery life constraints, even … [Read more...]

Universal guide on how to root/jailbreak/unlock your smartphone

Android rooting, iPhone Jailbreaking and windows phone unlocking are all describing the same processes on phones running different operating systems. For iPhone users, we call it "jailbreaking", for android users, it is called "rooting", while for Microsoft windows phone users, they call it "unlocking". All of these point to one process; You want to have more freedom and control over your phone. On a personal note, I always root my iPhone so that … [Read more...]

How your driving behaviors can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

This is a very interesting topic that cuts across the globe. We have various fallacies about what and what not in terms of fuel consumption, efficiency and economy. If you ask an average Nigerian mechanic about what consumes fuel in a vehicle, he will reply by saying "Airconditioner and Low gear". While he is not totally wrong, am telling you with all sincerity of purpose(especially with millennium cars) that we have many more factors that … [Read more...]