List Of Competent Full HD Decoders that Auto Roll PowerVU Fine

In this article, I will list some brands of decoders that actually auto roll popular powervu channels. Especially sony and mtn. I will also make my pick(s) and the reaosns. It is however left for you to make your final decision. We have two types of auto rolling for powervu. softcam roll 2. satellite roll The major differences between the auto roll via softcam and that of satellite is that the latter requires no internet connection to … [Read more...]

Gshare, Spycam , Tvsat and Q19G Performance Updates & Analysis

I want to use this mini article to explain and analyze the current performances of selected IKS accounts. I will list them one after the other and talk briefly about what they are capable of doing, what they are currently doing, their strengths and weaknesses. If you neeed full details about the accounts, you can search the site for more information.   G-Share /Gshare Accounts For Hotbird(13e  & Hipasat (30w) Those who are … [Read more...]

Download Latest Auto Roll / Iks Software for Qsat Q28G_V8.10.89 + More

There is a software that works for qsat q28g at last. The software name is: 1512Combo_Q28G_MA_M_V8.10.89.000_20160929  This software is designed to perform all the functions its two predecessors q23g and q26g are currently performing. I mean such functions as Powervu auto roll, my-tv 16e africa channels, canal 22w and as one person mentioned, it also has tandberg auto roll solutions. WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE & HOW TO LOAD? You can … [Read more...]

[October 2016]Updates On Qsat performance & Other Alternatives

In my previous post, i dropped a link to what i called qsat q23g and q26g auto roll software. I also said that the software, is capable of opening dst* channels on 68.5e which can only be received in South African countries. In today's update, I shall talk further on some other features that come per-bundled on the latest software for qsat q23g and q26g. WHAT IS THE CURRENT STATUS OF QSAT Q23G & Q26G WITH OR WITHOUT SPYCAM CODE The … [Read more...]

Download Auto Roll Powervu Software For Strong & learn about Tandberg Channels & Kwese Tv

In Today's article, I shall be providing three information. The first one is the links to downloading powervu and tandberg auto roll software for strong 4950 series and strong 4920 series(only tandberg channels for 4920). I will start by describing briefly what tandberg channels and kwese channels are before talking about how to get them. WHAT IS KWESE SPORTS? Kwese sports satellite tv company is kenyna based. Kwese sport can be viewed on … [Read more...]