Tested Android Apps that Can enable you watch live sport programs

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In my previous article here, i made mention of how you can watch live sports events/programs on your computer using only your computer browser such as mozilla firefox or internet explorer. In this article hear however, i will be focusing mainly on mobile applications that you can use to watch live satellite tv on your android devices. Such channels includes ive soccer on(skysports, beinsports, eurosports, espn), live wrestling, live boxing, tennis, cycling and so on. We also have entertainments and movies channels all for free on your android phones. HOW FREE IS THIS & WHY IS IT … [Read more...]

Websites Where you can stream Live football matches(Free and Paid)

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All fingers are not equal. This site is all about sharing of information. I know we have several people out there with good 3g internet data who waste the remainder of their data every month because they can't use up what they bought. I also knoe there are some people out there with access to unlimited internet. I know among us we have people who are having some special / magic sim cards that enable them receive free data bundle by paying peanuts or even free of charge. I know their people out their who  are using mobile network cheats to browse e.g bb plan on android mtk devices, swift 4g … [Read more...]

Download Latest Software For Speed HD S1 & Q26G For Improved Performance


Qsat team has released a software each for speed hd s1 and qsat q26g. These software are meant to make canalsat 22.0W channels to continue working on speed hd and q26g. I manage to load the software into my neighbor's speed hd and it indeed opened the channels. However, the channels were freezing badly as at the time i Checked it around 12:00pm Nigeria time. Dst* solution has not yet been arrived at as at the time of publishing this article. We hope there will be a solution for dst* shortly. The software has already been extracted so please simply copy the one for your model into a … [Read more...]

Alternative Means Of viewing Beinsports @ A Cheaper Rate – even without Internet

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It is no longer news that MBC HD channels that were previously free to air on badr 26.5E has been encrypted. Similarly, the six feeds channels(which include bein sports 1 and 2) which we were hitherto enjoying with biss keys has been blocked. Some embittered people thinks the only reason why all these things were blocked was because of  the internet presence. I will tell you today that though, the publicity given to this on the net may contribute to it been blocked, however, the main reason why it was blocked was because dst* will never allow any premium channel to broadcast within its … [Read more...]

Important Information On FTA Channels & Dongles April May 2015

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Am back again with my usual updates that summarizes all the events in satellite world. Before i proceed however, i want to use this medium to correct some wrong impressions being created by some aggrieved people across africa. The news is that, dst* agents get information majorly blogs before they can upgrade and block dongles or ask influence the blocking of any biss keys that is showing important programs in Africa. I am saying it in strict confidence that online exposure of cheats or so is not what single handedly cause them to be blocked. what causes this is some insincerity on the part of … [Read more...]

3 Satellite Companies That Offers Cheaper Quality Programs Than DSTV

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There are several happenings that indicates that dst* multichoice Africa are not ready to stop the exploitations of Africans especially Nigerians. In this article, i will be exposing us to three major satellite companies that offers better quality programs (especially with in sports channels) than Dstv. To even add some spices to this is the fact that this companies offers cheaper subscription on their full bouquets. Without wasting much of your time, I will go through the list One after the other.   1. BEINSPORTS PACKAGES AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IF YOU WANT TO GET IT OUTSIDE … [Read more...]

March 2015 Updates On Dongles, Iptv & FTA Channels

update on satellite dongles march 15

I wish to give you my followers two thought provoking articles before i proceed to writing my examination. In this article, i will give you basic tips on how to perform specific troubleshooting on cetain decoders and accounts, I shall aslo be acquainting you will the status of dongles and similar products. Let me go straight to the business. CURRENT STATUS OF QSAT AVATARCAM ACCOUNTS Qsat as at the evening of Saturday April 4 2015 has been completely offline. However, as at the time of publishing this article, only two channels ss3ni and ss5ni are currently showing on qsat. Prior to … [Read more...]