How To Configure Qsat Q26G and Activate It’s Preloaded Accounts

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This article is inspired by the fact that, some set of people(even those who are used to qsat decoders) find it difficult to configure their qsat q26g for first use. In this article I will guide you through how you can scan your channels on qsat q26g and also how you can activate your preloaded double accounts( i mean the canalsat account and the dstv avatrcam code). Before I proceed, let give some hints about the user-interface / the two servers of q26g: Qsat q26g comes with double servers(1 for dstv and the other for canalsat) that are not directly accessible to users at this … [Read more...]

Download Xcam Setup /Spycam menu Software For Qsat Q26G

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Qsat team are full of several tricks. Their latest receiver, qsat q26g tends to set some existing users of qsat decoders off balance. If you buy the very first batch of q26g, you will be puzzled and frustrated with the absence of xcam setup under setting. even if you press the traditional " menu>>setting>>ok button>> then dial 1512"  , the xcam setup will still not appear. I don't know if this will apply toall q26g, but am certain about the first batch of qsat q26g that it didn't come bundled with the xcam setu and the xcam setup can only be restored unto it when you download … [Read more...]

Updates On Current Status Of Dongles & IKS Decoders – Jan / Feb 2015[A must Read]

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Today's updates shall be trendy as usual with more focus on removing certain ambiguities about the connection and usage of some working devices. I shall also be hinting you about upcoming azsky dongles / receivers as well as the one that has just been produced. All working accounts / devices shall be mentioned here with particular emphasis on popular ones.  If you are in the habbit of missing my regular updates, then you are missing a lot. It is also so unfortunate that Nigeria currency has further devalue as a result of faall in the price of petroleum worldwide. This make anything that is … [Read more...]

Currently Working Iks Decoders – Their Accounts & Packages

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In this article, I will be listing and of course explaining briefly, the various iks decoders / dongles that are currently working, their renewal accounts, and  the packages they support. This will help new entrants to uderstand, once and for all, the distinction between one product and the other, and one account and the other.. DEFINITION OF TERMS By dongle i mean a computer device that can only work when attacked to another comouter device. however within this context, we narrow our reseaech to "gprs dongle" which means a device that is used via a sim card to open scrambled channels … [Read more...]

Why It Is Difficult To Recharge Azsky G1& Xman Dongle & Possible solution

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I want to use this medium to bring to the notice of the house about a particular recharge problem that has been plaguing azsky xman and azsky G1 for sometime now. The problem is that; after successfully flashing your Xman or G1 with the appropriate flash file, you tend to get stuck on using recharge tool v3.06. I mean whenever you set your valid account in other to get your azsky G1  / Xman loade, you get either of the following errors: " Account error, ask server to check(this happend when you are using a valid account in g1) or get username and password failed". You may keep getting this … [Read more...]

Dynamics Of New Qsat Avatarcam code with Six Months Validity Period


In this article, i will clarify some misconceptions about the new qsat avatarcam code that was produced on 1st January 2015.  It is no longer news that qsat stopped the production of one year accounts on 31st of December 2014. Yes qsat team joined azsky and tv1 in the production of six months accounts as against the one year account that they were selling. They also made sure the price of their six amount account was reduced. In other words, no more 1 year single qsat avatarcam code however, if you want to have a 365 days validity period on your expired qsat, you need to buy two six months … [Read more...]

Qsat Q26g Decoder Comes With Two Server For Dst* & Canal – Now Available

qsat q26g for canalsat

Welcome to another iks decoder review. In this article i shall be walking you through what to expect when you buy the newly released qsat decoder code-named qsat q26g. On the lighter-side, qsat is currently working smoothly with amazing stability and it has started opening super sports channels as against ssn channels it was opening some weeks back. You can ask yur local satellite installer for the price. And if you would rather get one through me, you can always contact me through my email info @ lemmymorgan.com then we will mutually reach an agreement on how to go about it.  Let me quickly … [Read more...]