Browsing The Internet With An IKS Decoder Is Not Possible Yet[Reasons & Explanation]


There is this rumor here and there about using a satellite receiver to browse the internet free of charge, in my article of today, i want to clear the air on this notion with adequate proof and analysis on my stance. Am sorry to disappoint all internet enthusiast, including myself that as of today (27-07-2014) There is nothing like browsing the web using your decoder as a modem free of charge. It is true that with every lie / rumor, there is some element of truth;   HOW DID THIS RUMOR OF BROWSING THE INTERNET WITH A DECODER STARTED? Around 2008 to 2011, there was a loophole in … [Read more...]



Are you a lover of good music, movies and lifestyle? Do you care for quality entertainment and information? Is it cartoon or sport that catches your fancy? Now you are in for a swell time. A homegrown company, Continental Satellite Limited (CONSAT),¬†has put all these and more in a bouquet. And it is affordable! Their maximum ubscription is #4000 CONSAT(Continental Satellite) is a new Nigeria pay TV which offers subscriber more interesting world class channel, with foreign and local content on a superb picture quality, with the aim of reducing the high pay to enjoy satellite programs. … [Read more...]

About Smart Watches / Watch Phones – Usefulness & Buying Guide

samsung watch

If you are a fan of Jamesbond 007, you will always marvel at what he does with his watch. Well this age brings a better watch than that of 007 and it is not happening in the movies as am a living witness of this wearable wonder.Today, I am going to discuss extensively, about smart watches. I will talk about the various types of smart watches as well ast its categories, features, specifications and usefulness. To start with, i will start by describing what a smart watch is.: WHAT IS A SMART WATCH A smartwatch¬† is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond just … [Read more...]

About 3G Wireless Routers – Uses, Importance & Where to Buy

Azasky G3 router + dongle combo

In this tutorial, you will leaen almost everything you need to know about a 3g / wifi router. You will also learn the reason why almost every individual needs a router. As long as you own an electronic device such as a computer, a smartphone, an iks / internet decoder, a game console... you need a router. I will be breaking this down into sub topics. Many people believes that only those who want to grant internet access to their decoders, or computers requires a router. Well, by the time i finish this article, you must have learnt that even a school boy needs a router as long as you own at … [Read more...]

A-Z Tutorials On How To Connect Your Decoder / Dongle To Internet [ Solve internt connectivity issues on Decoders]


This article will be as lengthy as it will be comprehensive. I am basically writing this post based on popular demand. The rate at which i receive complains about internet connection malfunctioning on iks decoders and dongles. This article is well researched and the delivery will lay to rest any confusion or worries about why your decoder is not detecting your internet connection. Apart from this, i will give you a most comprehensive guide on how to configure your internet to work with your decoder as well as choosing the best network for your decoder.   THE LIST OF DECODERS THAT … [Read more...]


pd-proxy with mtn

Earlier this month, i posted a simple (but somehow inconvenient )way of using your mtn 3gb night bundle in the day time by not disconnecting your connection. You can read up the post here.In this post however i will tell you in simple details, how you can merge your original 3gb night bundle with the 1.5gb to make it 4.5gb and use it anytime anyday on your compute via 3g modem using pd-proxy vpn. Normally when you subscribe to mtn night plan by dialling *102#, You will receive a total of(but distinct) 4.5gb.However, 3.gb can only be used in the night around 9:00pm to 6:00am. This automatically … [Read more...]

Clarifications On Misconceptions About Qsat Q23G, Azsky and speed hd s1


Very late on Friday on Friday 11th of July 2014, This site www.lemmymorgan.com developed a problem that prevented it from being accessible to visitors. The actual problem was with my domain name. The domain name was flagged and subsequently suspended because of failure to submit documents for re-verification in record time. I bought both hosting account and my domain name from one company so they ought to have contacted me with the needed documents during the 15 days of grace. However they did nothing until my domain was suspended by the ICANN domain registrar. Thank God all was finally … [Read more...]