dstv attacked dongles

This is a sad news to everyone across Africa using any means other than official dstv decoder to decrypt dstv channels. I have confirmed that every decoder / dongle / account used in decrypting dstv channels has stopped working as at today 25TH of February 2015. Prior to the total offline, all sports channels have stopped opening since 20th of February. WHY DID EVERYTHING STOPPED ALMOST AT THE SAME TIME Even though by now, everyone ought to know that there is always the risk of blocking of channels by dst on unofficial devices, I will still repeat it that anytime you observe that … [Read more...]

My Hands ON G6 Lite HD MPEG-4 DV3 + GPRS COMBO RECEIVER – Feel the power of Ist Class Acct

g6 lite front view

Just as promised, azsky team has delivered a jaw dropping full HD receiver with vivid images using the sunpluns chipstet(same chipset used by qsat). The receiver will be available for all to savor after Chinese holidays in march. Meanwhile I already received my sample of the receiver which i want to review with you. Azsky did a thorough research and came out with something almost perfect in terms of design and performance. I have been shouting and praising azsky service accounts that is currently loaded in azsky dongles, nothing compared to "azsky 1st class account" which is loaded into azsky … [Read more...]


best account for dstv

Welcome to another factual updates on what has been happening over the past few weeks on our major players in the world of iks accounts and dongles. Personally, I think for hardcore sports lovers and dye in the wool fans of foreign movies and music, the only major solution to watching premium channels will be through IPTV/ WebTV Technology.  Our Major channelge till date in Africa is poor  or and expensive internet connections. Internet connection is also very high in Nigeria especially because of unstable electricity which compel mobile mobile operators to depends more on generating sets. If … [Read more...]

Azsky Releases New Recharge Tool V3.08 & v1.02 For G1 Golden

new azsky tool

One thing azsky team does brilliantly well is support. They have listened to the outcries of some of their subscribers who are complaining about problems recharging some azsky dongles especially G1. Azsky has now released recharge tool to correct this issue. Azsky is not treating their clients with disdain or contempt. Despite the fact that they are making money, they are also spending their resources to seeing that their subscribers are satisfied. I am now strictly recommending that everyone who is still using azsky recharge tool v3.06, should stop using it and download this new recharge tool … [Read more...]

Trendy Updates On Iks Decoders & Accounts – February 2015

iks decoder feb 2015

I am here today again to give you tips of what has been happening as well as what you are to expect in February. To start with, you should expect the availability of even more decoders and cccam accounts. we already have many decoders that was produced after qsat like, ssat, esat, besthd 4u, Aone, azsfox and loads of other. I won't discourage anybody from buying any particular decoder, however I will always advice you to buy wisely. For anybody using other not too popular decoders like Aone, besthd, e.tc if you have any reason to upgrade your decoder, you may get the software for your decoder … [Read more...]

How To Configure Qsat Q26G and Activate It’s Preloaded Accounts

q26g welcome to server

This article is inspired by the fact that, some set of people(even those who are used to qsat decoders) find it difficult to configure their qsat q26g for first use. In this article I will guide you through how you can scan your channels on qsat q26g and also how you can activate your preloaded double accounts( i mean the canalsat account and the dstv avatrcam code). Before I proceed, let give some hints about the user-interface / the two servers of q26g: Qsat q26g comes with double servers(1 for dstv and the other for canalsat) that are not directly accessible to users at this … [Read more...]

Download Xcam Setup /Spycam menu Software For Qsat Q26G

qsat q26g for canalsat

Qsat team are full of several tricks. Their latest receiver, qsat q26g tends to set some existing users of qsat decoders off balance. If you buy the very first batch of q26g, you will be puzzled and frustrated with the absence of xcam setup under setting. even if you press the traditional " menu>>setting>>ok button>> then dial 1512"  , the xcam setup will still not appear. I don't know if this will apply toall q26g, but am certain about the first batch of qsat q26g that it didn't come bundled with the xcam setu and the xcam setup can only be restored unto it when you download … [Read more...]